Nike viral - watch out for squirrels


Not My Type IV animation

ABC brings us the typofile animations of John Lycette, Not my Type IV tells the story of an over-gadgeted office worker and his dysfunctional relationship to machines. In plain English, it's a typical day at the office.


Dan Rollmans home rolled art fame.

Welcome to Snerko™, the online home of t-shirt designer Dan Rollman. Hailed as “a unique voice in the homemade t-shirt field”, Dan’s shirts have been worn by such icons as Beck, The White Stripes and Beyonce.. reads the intro on
By day Dan works at Goodby, by night he inks shirts with a felt-tip marker and creates a myth about his famous artist alter ego who exploits the worlds love for celebrities and cheesy t-shirt slogans.


Angus Intervention says - stop it!


Another 4 music producers interpret ABSOLUT

We all know, how the famous bottle looks, but what about the voice of Absolut?
A preview site is up at where you can use the invitation code AT2004 and get free downloads.


Lying in political ads? Who would have thunk it.....

It's political ad season again and the truthbenders are working overtime. If we are to believe the movies, everyone was either on drugs or in Vietnam in the sixties - or both. Perhaps that explains George Elliotts lack of recall, as the Smoking gun points out he recommended Kerry for a Bronze Star in 1969 and called Kerry "highly courageous in the face of enemy fire" back then. The tune is quite different now that he's appearing in ads for Bush attacking Kerry, with the ironic sounding statement "John Kerry has not been honest about what happened in Vietnam". Who's not being honest? ( mercury news ).
To keep track of the Bush-connections behind the anti-Kerry ads, The New York Times has provided us readers with this nice graph.


MoveOn does the subservient chicken dance

Subserviant president created by does just what the subservient chicken did, that is anything you tell it to. Almost.

Adland: tries to excite travelers with cleavage

In one of those "really sad ad" departments is trying to be funny ha-ha with a viral game that had some success due to it's silly content. Yesterday lastminute premiered the press and posters that go with it.


Crispin Porter & Bogusky do another website

... Complete with goofy character like that Ugoff fella.
Forget Atkins, go on the Angus Diet! Everyone now, say "Pleez-zure".


Charlie the Tuna wants your vote!

The advertising week NYC is coming up soon, and Charlie the tuna is out campaigning for Your vote. He's begging, really.

In mass-email that seems to spread around Del Monte foods mainly, Charlie begs for votes so that he can be the favorite brand icon ever, and have his likeness on posters and on the streets of Manhattan. Read more to see the mail.