You Thought the Subservient Chicken Was Cool

The CP+B did it again, now for the Mini cooper. Strange world, strange imagination. Check out their new viral campaign and the story behind it at»


Dentsu Advertising Museum

"Dentsu Advertising Museum presents selected advertising artifacts and works of art from the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation collection, in order to give you a taste of the historical background to Japanese advertising techniques."


Ford Ka Cat decapitation ad update.

The controversial viral cat decapitation ad for ford Ka which gathered many more complaints than their pigeon killing car last year has also gathered much more press.


The six Patron Saints for Graphic Design

W. Lynn Garrett spotted that there are no Patron Saints for Graphic Design. "everybody's covered except for graphic designers" - until now! Lynn created the Six patron saints of Graphic design. Bless!
(Turn your speakers on for full holy effect)

The Patron Saints of Graphic Design

tlevitz points out that there is a patron saint of advertising, Bernardine of Siena.


Adidas slugs jogging

Adidas shoes almost run on their own.. it seems in this viral at This was an American broadcast commercial from August 2002, you might have seen it before, but perhaps not the 60-second version?


Citrus ads fight carb stigma, Mazda tries a viral

Orange juice taks up the fight with the Aitkins diet crazed consumers with new ads that will appear in April according to Firstcoastnews.

The commercial will show a man feeding a kitchen blender rutabagas, liver, okra, brussels sprouts, a banana and four oysters as he explains that those are the foods a person would need to consume to get the equivalent vitamins and minerals found in a glass of orange juice.

Hat tip to Claymore

Mazda tries to go viral with this little commercial about a carwash that magically gives you a brand new car. then the tired couple try the mega-wash on each other... *yawn*


Scorching Girls for Virgin Mobile

Found at Revolution Magazine:
Virgin Mobile breaks a new advertising campaign spoofing "both East End gangster flicks and chicks-with-guns videos" in an effort to get people to check out their latest deals.

The ad is only available online, and is titled "Scorching Girls." Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R created the ad.


3D street chalk art used for ads.

You might have seen the 3D pavement images in emails, but did you know who the artist was?


Leg it on Leap Day

Revolution Magazine gives the low down on a new viral campaign created by Lowe for

"Leap Day is traditionally the one day every four years where it is acceptable for a woman to propose to a man.
In the viral campaign, called "Leg it" a woman goes through a series of unappealing ablutions as she prepares for her lover to come over for a romantic dinner." She adds the final touch to her dessert, a male engagement ring. The door bell rings and the spot ends with the woman opening the door to an unseen boyfriend as "February 29. Time to start running lads" supers over her.


Volvo's spoof within a spoof for the S40- Mystery of Dalarö.

A new Volvo ad , a "documentary" (rather, a mockumentary), tells about the "mystery of Dalarö" where 32 families bought the same model car, a Volvo S40, on the very same day. The mocumentary ad can be viewed here, and in cinemas in the UK.

Now the site of Carlos Soto, the "director" of the mocumentary has a film where Carlos questions the authenticity of the Dalarö-mystery.

"I have posted a personal edit of the footage here. I point out inconsistencies that occurred to me while reviewing the footage, and show an accurate and impartial view of what I saw. The original edit tells what I thought was a genuine story, that I no longer do."

The kicker is, there is no Carlos Soto............