Florida Shorts Outside the Box

Film Florida presents Florida Shorts
A web based sitcom about creatives, producers, directors and other species. A series of short films that poke fun at the film production process, complete with stereotypes like the fussy creative director who demands perfection from anyone around him including cabdrivers and waiters. ;) shot by Mia Films director Massimo Martinotti.


Bigfoot or Elvis? In any case he's alive!

I've found a cool movie and website at: solvedmysteries.com

click here to go to the movie page and select your language

Mystery solved ;-)


Chefs pose nude with their favorite blender.

Here's a dangerous looking visual, naked chefs hide their salami behind their blenders at chefcalender.com.

When I was asked by Vita-Mix to help convey just how awesome the Vita-Prep blender is, I knew that the best way was for one chef to look another in the eye and say "this is the blender you want."
I wanted an ad that would grab your attention and make you say "man, these chefs really do love their blender." I called Jean-Louis and told him I wanted him to do a full page ad in Food Arts for the Vita-Prep. "But," I told him, "you'll have to be completely naked."


Nokia launches TV phone

Forget wide screen commercials, think hand held telly! Only one year after unwrapping the game-boy-phone, which is a great little gamer but makes you look like you're spaeking into a taco, Nokia are now homing on on "media-obsessed consumers" who want to watch and interact with TV and access the Internet from any location.

The Nokia 7700 'media device' also has a video camera, an FM radio and calenders, email and other things you'd expect from a cool phone or PDA these days, including a touchscreen.


As I do my little turn on the catwalk...

The hilarious new push for Clarks totally parodies the fashion world by putting down to earth geezers on the catwalk, sporting their new


The power of the suit

St Luke's viral movie praises power of the suit. "...the campaign had started off with a few friends spreading the film, but within a week had already escalated to 35,000 people. "At the moment, the film has been created as a one-off," Lutwyche said. "But it's been so successful that it might turn into something else." Lutwyche said that they were currently trying to clear the ad for television broadcast with the BACC."

Click on the image to see the movie. (flash)


Gear up for Battleground Asia

A commercial showcasing groovy graphics and a catchy Jurassic 5 track sets the tone for Nike's regional campaign dubbed "BATTLEGROUND ASIA". The commercial was developed by Wieden+Kennedy Japan.


Are you ready for the Playstation Experience

Or better yet are you ready for Playstation 3?

Gamers are in for a big treat at Sony's PlayStation Experience 2003 event in London. Visitors will have a field day getting their hands on over 100 games from 13 publishers. In line with the event , Sony has released a new intriguing logo replacing the the first letter of the word Experience with 3. This logo appears on the end frame of the latest 4 thematic Playstation TV commercials. Could this be an indication that Playstation 3 is in the offing?


Lapdance island reality TV fools 20,000

When this form for Lapdance Island seeking potential men to be on the show appeared on channel 4's website last week, some people were suspicious. That didn't stop over 20,000 men from filling out the form on why they should be picked to be on the Reality TV show "Lapdance island".

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Model goes behind the camera

Vogue UK reports Elle MacPherson has decided to act as creative director on her latest ad campaign for her new Intimates collection. The campaign includes voyeur-style posters as well as TV spots.