Model goes behind the camera

Vogue UK reports Elle MacPherson has decided to act as creative director on her latest ad campaign for her new Intimates collection. The campaign includes voyeur-style posters as well as TV spots.


greetings to London from Tango

Tango posters in the London tube take the piss out of summer. With thanks to the anonymous person who submitted it, next time we'd love some dates and credit (as much as you know). Posting this anyway since it's hilarious.

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Provertising and Badvertising

Provertising vs Badvertising by Luis Castanon - a response to Adbusters First Things First manifest.

Is this double, triple or quadruple irony?
hat tip - the thread at Mefi


viral marketing for rubbers

In our webstat logs the domain has shown up as a very active referrer - a classic referral spam move. Wired wrote a piece called "When the spam hits the blogs" when the phenomenon first appeared.

A quick search showed that this is not the only media ishagged is using to get their URL out there - Anders Jacobsen photographed stickers that caught his eye on the way to work. He later discovered this is a campaign complete with webgames devised by interactive ad agency / game developer mousebreaker for Mates condoms.


Whatta Pissah! [AKA] Pee All That You Can Pee

Today's AdLand Friday Flash Fun Link (patent pending) comes via J2O.

Aim well, young Skywalker. Go now and enjoy the game.


British Honda Accord Spot


Classic video game ads / Atari and more!

Back in 1981 when you opened a Atari 2600 catalog you could read:

QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON. ATARI products are engineered to deliver top performance with lots of action, crisp colors, and realistic sound effects.

realistic sound effects? Lets see how these quality video game (adverts) we can count on look twenty odd years later shall we?


Speaking of fake ads...

A hilariously twisted ad spoof for Nokia phones
("It's not a home video, it's a phone video!") can be found here. (476 KB .mpeg)


diesel oil clash

ya'll know that you can view diesel's new film oil crash to a town where everyone pushes around their cars as they have no oil...

It was directed by Johan Kramer - from the Amsterdam agency Kesselskramer.


Requiem for an Idea

A short film, produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of The Bessies, Canada's broadcast advertising awards, follows the twists and turns in the life of an advertising idea. The tragi-comic film debuts at the gala in May, but an advance copy has been circulating on the net (see link) to rave reviews from frustrated creatives in Canada and abroad.