Beefeater 24 special introduces Studio24 an instagram mashup

The creative team Jason Moussalli and Adam Balogh at Publicis London have created this instagram/ mashup. Introducing Studio24, it's a bit like Studio54 except not legendary nor full of legends, or even a physical place. It's a mashup between your instagram photos and your playing habits that you can share with your friends as a snapshot of the soundtrack to last weekend, or rallying cry to do it all again sometime. Check it at

What does this have to do with gin? What makes Beefeater 24 special? Time. It takes 24 hours to steep its botanicals. 24 hours, Studios24, ah you see the connection now don't you?


Youtube and Google have money problems

The Guardian has an interesting article in which it explains, kind of, sort of, Google/Youtube's attempts to help record labels make money off their illicit versions of their songs.

Anyone who has ever tried to get unauthorised versions and videos of their music off YouTube knows that filing takedown notices is like playing Whac-a-Mole, as new versions pop up almost immediately. But now, with YouTube's ad partnerships, record labels are discovering a better solution: monetising them.

Note I wrote record labels, not the musicians themselves.


Click 3X’s ClickFire Media Delivers Bespoke Campaign Innovations

With a growing portfolio of clever digital projects, ClickFire Media (CFM) has quickly established itself as an authority in using the full spectrum of social media tools to engage users in inventive and unexpected ways, maximizing the efficacy of any campaign.


Tool and Help Remedies Will Keep You Flu-Free

Newly signed interactive director James Cooper is launching his first project with Tool, a Facebook app for healthcare products outfit Help Remedies. Cooper, who already had a close working relationship with the team at Help, conceived the project and worked with Tool’s in-house digital team to execute the FB app.


Instagram's new TOS is social suicide - UPDATED

By now you all have heard about Instagram's new terms of service, the one that states that much like Facebook, they can use your images in ads. We had a hunch this was coming, after all last week they pulled Twitter integration to make money off ads, and we told you that was the place to go and download all your pics in one go.


Southern Comfort spoof ad budgiewalk raises money for children's hospital

Enamored with that Southern Comfort commercial where the man who has 'gotta be me' struts his stuff along the beach in a bathing suit and leather shoes, a a group of students from the University of Sheffield suddenly had the bright idea to do their own version when Pete sort of volunteered to recreate it, as long as some money got raised for the local children's hospital (and he got a bottle of Southern Comfort).


BKWLD Finds Inspiration in Social for Drexel University

Inside all of us is a wild thing.” So reads one of the inspirational quotes in a series of 16 shareable cinemagraph-style digital videos that BKWLD developed for Drexel University and Misfit.


Auto-Graph bot collects 3,000 signatures in support of the Coalition for the Homeless - by DraftFCB

DraftFCB has set up an Auto-Graph card, and if you hit up you can sign it, then watch the sharpie-armed bot scribble your name on the wall in support for the coalition of the homeless.

The project has collected signatures from Draftfcb employees, clients, and friends in cities around the world, including Warsaw, Kuwait City, Shanghai, São Paulo, Perth, Vienna, and Chicago - it's only lacking yours now.


Verizon FiOS sets up direct line to santa, polar bears interrupt

Verizon FiOS and B-Reel have created a direct line to Santa. It works much like the subservient chicken, except with more pixels, where you can type in various replies to Santa's questions and he'll respond in a manner that's tangentially related.

Meanwhile a polar bear breaks into the wrapping paper warehouse, and santas elves keep calling to report on the escalation of this incident. When I suggested to Santa that he should install a lock on that warehouse door, he acted like an old deaf man and said "Ho ho ho, no no, we wouldn't want anyone peeking on presents, now would we?" Props for realistic touch caused by pure luck and lack of response-options.

Talk to Santa here.

Agency/Digital Production Company: B-Reel


Gevalia wants to teach Americans how to "fika"

I am highly amused by this, Gevalia, the Swedish coffee has entered the US market with success, and are now trying to teach Americans Swedish. The Banner campaign is asking people to "take a moment to enjoy your next fika". Fi-wha? Ah you see "fika" is both a Swedish verb and noun, it's pronounced "fee-ka", and it means to have a coffee-break usually eating a sweet bread or sandwich with the coffee. Simply suggesting "a fika?" can be an invitation to friends to join you at a café, while a "fikapaus" is a scheduled break in the work day where you drop everything to enjoy a cuppa and a bit of a chat.