Riot !n Paris made "Attack of the 5 ft. Hipster" an interactive music video

So @aramique from @syrupnyc tells me "I made a music vid shot in first-person on ipod nano and used youtube annotations for interactive story", and before I know it, I'm watching Mercy from Riot in Paris about to get his freak on with his girl. Ah, but there's a choice at the end of the clip - since I'm not interested in watching that I send him to meet Pete on the train, and witness them steal a subway musicians black guitar before they run into trouble in the form of a gang of fashion disasters attempting to rob an old lady. Trying to set the guys karma right, I tell them to save the lady, and it turns out she can rap. You'll have to explore the other avenues yourself.


Lets (not) rap with Ciclóne

On the website, there's a helpful 1950's style radio-voice that will give you words that rhyme with Ciclóne, so that you can dope up your raps, yo. I've been listening to it for a few minutes and am pretty sure that my brain is trying to escape through my ears. Maybe a really big drink will help. *glurg* No? Maybe ten, then... Oh wait I see what you did there guys. Sneaky.


Sly Stallone blows up youtube

Click on over to to see "an explosive interview with Sly Stallone". It's a youtube page that looks very much like a regular youtube page, complete with comments where someone misspells Stallone's name as "Sylvertser". But like the Goth Army beach cleaning film of last year, Sly doesn't stay within his youtube box, instead breaks out and bazookas the entire page.


The BP brand is so fucked after this fucking commercial

Yeah, NSFW if you don't work in advertising or are a prostitute. Here's a new take on the classic talking head cause advert, with added F-bombs. You can get the T-shirt at Now tweet the fuck out of this.


The failed attempt of making the McDonald's "BK King" bun film viral....

So the "miracle bun" is making email rounds to ad bloggers. Yep, I too have received an email, July 2nd, with the subject "seen this? possibly for BK?". Since I get a lot of legit emails, that tell me the credits of creators and that sort of thing that I'd rather spend my time on, and I have spent many years (14 but who's counting?) yawning at these types of fake-viral kickstarts, I don't even bother with these types of emails any more. Most of the time, I don't even click the link.

Ben Kunz did though, and he muses at brandflakes "can you trust the Burger King miracle bun?" You see, both him and Where's My jetpack got that same email. "Where's my jetpack" had some time to kill, so he picked apart the attempt of viral-launching and the many reasons why it is a #fail. It has forced acting, it's being tipped with mystery-mail, it has no views.....

It is uploaded by a guy who, SURPRISE, has only ever uploaded one video - and it's this one.
And the people who think Jake's video is awesome, their profiles have ZERO uploads. These are what's known in the business as "fake plants pretending to like your faked stupid video." One of them comments on Jake's video that "Damn dude! This BK thing is blowin' up!" Uh, not really.

I didn't post it. You see, secrecy is not the key to viral. Check out the recent BYU study like a scholar, scholar (look at the amount of FB "likes" on that one), and January's big hit here The Coke Happiness Machine and you can plainly see that they went viral just fine with their credits attached. Oh yes, that's right... It was because they're good. You might have to work on that.

Edit Ben Kunz added on twitter another #fail-point: "Don't those McDonald's buns usually have ketchup and mustard spread inside? Just sayin ;)"

If you must look at the Miracle bun, here ya go.


Covert Affairs promo from USA Network and Ralph helps fans hone espionage skills

Ralph Develops Online Interactive CIA Training Camp for USA Network Original Series COVERT AFFAIRS - The Farm

Fans Hone Espionage Skills for Free Prizes in New Interactive Casual Game


Come hunt for trolls in Sweden

Visit Skåne (the southern part of Sweden that I now call home) has decided to lure in tourists with the promise of trolls. In reality, it's just me on a bad hairday.


Kokokaka Cannes Winners are back with another Wrangler site to play with

Kokokaka who won Gold in Cannes Lions Cyber just a week ago for their previous Wrangler site featuring Tony Ward are back, with another Wrangler site featuring Tony Ward. Once again you can click, drag and toss Tony around as you strip him of his clothing and randomly slap him around - hehe, I'm enjoying this far too much. The music is quite good as well.


Hong Kong Students with big dreams spoof "Write the future"

As Welcome to Optimism points out, here's a funny spoof of Nike's Write The Future ad. (We even had a little chat with Mark Bernath about creating this epic ad). In the end they're selling dreams too, ones that can be fulfilled if you go to school at, but he funniest detail in this lovingly crafted spoof is lost on people who don't speak Swedish. (Those who do, note what their Ronney's name is)


Robyn is killing me

Robyn ditched her label and went from ho-hum to supercool seemingly overnight (which speaks volumes about music management). Now Robyn launches the first ever interactive, 3D video with Twitter integration for her song “Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do”.

Listen to the track and try out the video here: . Super-geeky, it's all in code, and you can tweet what is killing you with the hashtag #killingme to add to the video. Your username will appear in lights in the video, as well as the killing bit. At least that's the idea, I didn't see my tweets appear.

The video has the potential to become the infinite video as users can continue to add on to the endless stream of #killingme comments.