Bound to happen: Hitler reacts to Hitler-meme takedown.

As we gossiped yesterday, Constantin Films' is deep-sixing all "The Downfall" (Der Untergang) Hitler parodies from youtube, and the web. Naturally, a Hitler-parody showing Hitler reacting to this news was bound to happen. "Haven't they ever heard of fair use?" Hitler yells "Title 17, U.S.C., Section 107? Parody is not an infringement of copyright." The Oscar-nominated film that raked home the awards, with 15 wins, and another 13 nominations, where Bruno Gantz brought home a well deserved "best actor" at the Bavarian Film Awards was the first German film portraying Hitler, with a German speaking actor as Hitler. It is, hands down, the most impressive, depressive and realistic film about World War II that I've ever seen with stellar acting and unapologetic gut-wrenching storytelling. The new Hitler-meme video mocks with "before people started making fun of this scene there were only a few people outside of Germany who knew about Downfall!" and it goes on to claim "the movie got international attention because of youtube users hard work". I call bullshit to that and so do the 15 international awards the film won. I saw it in the theatre. Twice. And I am not German, so speak for yourself Plankhead.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), these videos are being removed because of YouTube's automated Content I.D. system, which allows copyright owners to disable any videos that contain its content--regardless of whether the videos may be legitimate because they contain other elements. Many of the parodies are still up, as YouTube's Content I.D. system is not perfect--but it's probably only a matter of time before the filtering system hunts them down and removes them.

So, it's the ghost in the machine that's eating up the Hitler Parodies, and honestly, once you've seen ten you've seen them all so I for one am rather glad to no have to see another one. Kill this meme. Watch the real movie.


Social monkey business

Orangutan Nonja draws 80,000 facebook fans.
For one raisin each.


Uniqlo are playing with twitter. As usual, it's uniqlo-coooooool

Gosh darnit, they've done it again. The überhip geeks at Uniqlo took twitter apart and made you the star of their webad. I've already tweeted this, and reactions ranged from: Bluffant! Very Cool! Excellent! Absolument genial! to... Well that's not really a range, everyone went batshit fanboy on it instantly. See at http://www.uniqlo.com/utweet/ you can either be part of the U T dance with your red avatar and tweets, or you can choose words you like - for example fluffy kittens and the U T dance will be served up incorporating the tweets that match. You have to watch this.


iPad meets Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi)

iPad meets Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi)

Is the iPad a gizmo or could it change the world? Simple one day flash video project for iPad which is available at stores April 3rd in the states. Someone please tell me if you feel enlightened after using it for a bit.


Is Scarface School Play actually directed by Jonas Åkerlund? Nope!

"You son of a B!" "You wanna fudge with me?"

There's a rumor out that this school play is directed by none other than Jonas Åkerlund. If that's the case, is this his Bugsy Malone treatment? The youtube account that posted this is a fresh one, Cindy - mom of six kids who hails from Bartonville, IL and likes to read Sarah Palin "Going Rogue"- only opened her account yesterday, and has over 283,462 views so far on her kids play. You do the math. It might not be Åkerlund, but it is viral.

Update - nope, it's directed by Marc Klasfeld, Rock Hard films. So, there ya go.


I was just reborn: in Ivory Coast where malnutrition is at 14%

Rädda Barnen in Sweden (Save the Children) aims to show you how lucky you really are with the wheel of life at Livests Lotteri (life lottery). Type in your name, or connect with facebook, then spin the wheel to see where you will be reborn. I was born a little african girl in Ivory Coast / Côte d'Ivoire where the risk of getting married off before I hit puberty is at a shocking 35%, 13% of children die before the age of 2 and Female genital mutilation (FGM) is at 36%. Effective way of getting me to both cross my legs for the rest of the day and donate some money to Rädda Barnen.


Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop

This scary future is predicted in Keiichi Matsuda's short film, produced in his final year in Masters in Architecture as part of a larger project about the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality. The protagonist wanders through a slew of augmented reality ads to make himself a cuppa in his augmented reality kitchen. The "girl from Ipanema" playing and the tweets from a mate who wonders if anyone is up for a "RL" meeting nails this firmly in the nightmare future scenario corner.


Master Kong invents a new way of seeding their viral to adsites.

Did y'all know I've gotten cynical over the years? Nooo, say it ain't so the crowd roars in mock shock, but yep, I have.

See, when I got this email, I did immediately think "is this a trick to get me to post it?", either way the most I could be bothered doing was deny it was our viral on twitter eleven hours ago. It was the 0 connections on her linkedin page that sealed the deal for me, well, that and no response to my email. Oh, and her [email protected] email was lacking a G. I may make typos, but I'm not blind.

Hi there,
There are rumors that the 'Master Kong' TV interview

is actually a self promo for Adland. Can you confirm this? and if not- do you have a hint who is behind this?
Many thanks
Jaia Rosenberg
free-lance journalist for advertising publications and creative ad blogs

And lo and behold, looks like Steve over at adrants got the same email: Master Kong A 'Viral' For Adrants?. So fess up fellow adbloggers, who else got it?

So who, pray tell, is behind this viral? Lets file this under: who gives a toss. Honestly, virals that make me hunt for the sender have bored me for years already.

Update: Arity, over twitter I got it confirmed from @griner and a few others that practically every ad-news-gossiper got this email, how clever.

The funniest? @creativitymag got a mail from Jaia too and at that time her Linkedin page stated that she worked for them. Do'h! @creativitymag knows that she does not.


Hitler: "Everybody who has used Zapf Chancery ALL-CAPS in a headline, leave now!"

....and with this, we bid adieu to the Hitler-subtitle video meme because nobody will ever top the meta-nerdery of subtitle font Hitler.


Meet Google: the (ad) company whose motto is "Don't be evil..."

The irony of HungryBeast posting their anti-google film on their Youtube channel is killing me. Thus, I must share.