Sexism in US media.

This edit called "Sexism Sells, But We're Not Buying It" created by the The Women's Media Center is currently depressing the hell out of me. Not just because the edit shows appaling comments, but I'm also wondering what the hell I should stop buying to make these kinds of comments stop. They also have a petition. This statement by Carol Jenkins says;

“We know that media companies today are under tremendous pressure to build audiences and drive ratings, but this type of vulgar, sexist commentary is not the way to do it. Women wield tremendous financial power in the United States. Our message to media companies: if you think that sexism sells, think again, because women in America are not buying it.

“As our new video shows, the media’s sexism is not specific to a candidate or campaign. But the presence of a woman, front and center at last on the national political stage, has sent shockwaves through a media grappling with ongoing problems of diversity. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has cast a spotlight on the institutionalized sexism that The Women’s Media Center was founded in 2005 to combat, providing us with a unique moment to examine ourselves and the media we consume. This is about the inherent and unnecessary obstacles that women face every day in speaking out and participating in the national dialogue.”

(Video inside)


BK sin city style "welcome to veg city" campaign now online.

We've seen the BK veg city tray liners that depict tomatoes checking out pickles in the red light district, onions being searched at the airport and other onions being the target of assasinations, and now we've seen the commercial - but BK "veg city" isn't done until the flash website sings. Now the site is almost finished, and there's sniper games, wallpapers, ringtones and other oddness at

For example, when you're done sniping random pickles, you can go to the airport and check luggage for items that are not allowed. There are a few more games marked "coming soon" so the site is till under construction but 50% of it is done now.


Anyone care to guess what this is an ad for? Russian man goes mad beserk in office.

So this video, showing a man in a Russian office go all postal, throwing monitors and grabbing an axe to chop up the veal fattening pens seems like a viral to me. Or at the very least, faker than hell. What do you think?

Why do I think it's fake then?
The monitors don't seem to have any cords connecting them to anything. This is great for throwing them around but make them pretty useless as monitors. Or are old style monitors not attached with cables in Russia?


Bragtime: Adland on the Hawthorne Videoactive Report

I've never heard of the Hawthorne Videoactive Report (which is why I discovered this so late, I guess), so if anyone here knows more about it I'd be much obliged if you share in the comments.

Adland was in it back in December, they referenced this "nifty little list of eleven feature films about advertising" at the very end of the report. Neat.


Butler, Shine & Stern get boingboing backlash for their Lego viral

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has LucasArts games as client, there will soon be some Indiana Jones/Lego game as far as we can tell. So they dressed a giant styrofoam ball (or similar) up with Lego's, claimed that the giant Lego "boulder" was made only out of Legos (wouldn't that weigh a lot more?), and sent a guy dressed as Indiana Jones running downhill in San Francisco being chased by the giant rolling lego-deathtrap while filming it. Posted to youtube, amusing to some viewers.

So far so good, right?

Well, no. Then someone made the mistake of deleting comments outing the film as a viral and now boingboing readers are all huffy and puffy about falling for a stealth viral camapign. Yes, that's annoying, since I think stealth virals are a slippery slope into making the audience more willing to believe that hoax virals are real. But what the hell do I know, I couldn't even get Butler Shine to open my portfolio despite it rotting in their reception for two weeks.


Mythbusters tried "dynamite surfing" just like in that viral ad. tells Danish viewers to catch the Mythbusters episode "lead ballon" on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, as the mythbusters team test if one can really surf on dynamite explosions, just like in that CGI-faked viral created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen.

We're adgrunts though. We can't wait until Sunday, can we? Noooo. So Without further ado, the pirated clip from Mythbusters on youtube. Like inside ya'll


The evolution of computer commercials.

Ah, I remember most of those games and computers - and the ads too!


One man, must follow his dream, to become an orthodontist.

poykpac peeks into the daily life of a family of voice talents.


Can advertising change the world?


Emergency Party Button

Staples Easy Button, bow your head to the Emergency Party Button!