Tool's Zada launches Cargill site with celebrity chef Alton Brown

Following a major recent campaign for Nike via Wieden+Kennedy/Portland, Tool's director Jason Zada furthers his plunge into the live action and digital realm with the launch of a fully interactive website that makes the most unlikely of products - Diamond Crystal® salt - fun, interesting and educational. The site, www.salt101.com, built in close collaboration with Carmichael Lynch and sister PR firm, Carmichael Lynch Spong, features renowned television personality and award-winning author Alton Brown dispensing cooking tips with his trademark humor and expertise.


Buyabeercompany: only 282 millions dollars short of buying Pabst Blue Ribbon

It's been a while since I tweeted about @BuyABeerCompany (in fact, so long that it no longer shows up in twitter search, how disappointing, are they cutting the search off at 2 weeks now or what?) so it's high time for an update. The brainchild of Brian Flatow ( @bwflatow ) of the Ad Store and Leah James* Michael Migliozzi, CD & Managing Partner of of Forza Migliozzi, their buyabeercompany is a crowdsourcing attempt to save a classic american brewery. They only need 282 million dollars to reach the dream of owning a piece of drinkable americana. Just in time for christmas, special gift bits are for sale now.

* Leah says that he had nothing to do with it and the blame lies with Michael Migliozzi and Brian Flatlow. They say they came up with it after joking back and forth, but, although denied, I bet there was some drinking involved.

Nonja self-portrait

Samsungs Orangutang camera idea proves to be a viral hit

Nonja is 33 year old Austrian who likes to be creative. She's done some painting but now she's found that her camera - which dispenses raisins every time to button is pushed - has made her facebook profile famous. Nonja is an orangutan.

Her facebook profile contains plenty of photographs of the orangutans in Schönbrunn Zoo, all taken by Nonja. In no time at all Nonja has gathered almost fifty thousand fans and been written up in the DailyMail, PopSci, Daily Times, Swedish tabloids like Expressen and Metro and countless more worldwide. Samsung, who created the camera with the raisin-trap have their own Austrian page dedicated to Nonja, and anyone who becomes her fan on Facebook has a chance to win the camera or entrance tickets to the zoo. The best part about this ad campaign is that nobody seems to realize it is one.

It would be far more impressive if the camera didn't give Nonja raisins every time she pushed the button. But maybe that's just me.


Procrastination is.... Making a cup of tea.


Milk Men: The Mad Men parody

Milk men: Get ready for history, style, passion and drama, all delivered right to your doorstep.
Milk Men - A Mad Men Parody

Milk Men parodies mad men to a teet. (sorry).


"Always use Lions in all of your ads" - Luke Sullivan

Hat tip to Pleasecopyme who found the class where Luke Sullivan teaches "simplicity" to the students at the Miami Ad school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He opens with the bit of always using lions in all of your ads like he did when we interviewed him when he was in Denmark. But that's just to get under your skin, where he can teach you how to be good. The man was once a standup comedian, from that he learned that nervous is good.

If you can't catch Luke Sullivan live, I promise that his book Hey Whipple is just as funny. Read a bit from it under that link and you'll see.


Host Your Own Windows 7 Torrent Party!

Funny or DIE UK has come out with a spoof of Microsoft 7 House party which is almost as funny as the censored version with all the bleeping. It's the "Hosting Your Windows 7 Torrenting Party" infomercial. Of course, someone has shamlessly pirated the skit to youtube which is triple-funny. Youtube is the torrent-party for people who can't figure out how to torrent, after all.


Kaká from all angles.

Here's some fun for the footie-fans to waste Friday moments with, Kaka (a.ka. OMG! CUTE! ) can be seen in some exclusively online footage which demonstrates the clarity and smoothness of the HD picture on Sony's BRAVIA TVs. Or at least that's the idea - you would have to see a real Sony Bravia TV to get the real deal. The unique feature of this footage is that you can control the camera angles yourself -clicking on screen when you see the icon navigates you to another clip showing a different shot of Kaka.


Lego Augmented reality kiosk shows package contents.

"Really interesting kiosk at the Lego Store in Woodfield Mall, Schaumberg, IL." says ARvertising blog, and show us the win Lego has done. This is pretty cool, I'll admit, and for kids it might even feel like magic watching themselves try out the potential airplane in that box.


Hat Etiquette Breech when Sesame Street does Mad Men.

Seems that everyone on the planet watches mad Men, including preschoolers now. Cute way of explaining emotions to the wee ones, despite the hat etiquette breech.