Can advertising change the world?


Emergency Party Button

Staples Easy Button, bow your head to the Emergency Party Button!


What if life was more like Facebook?

Thanks Darryl at brandflakesforbreakast for reminding why I loathe facebook so while giving me a laugh. :)


The 50 best commercial parodies of all time according to Nerve (Non US IP version)

Folks that have US IP numbers or feel like being clever proxy surfers may head straight to the list of "The 50 best commercial parodies of all time". Europeans, Aussies and all ye other fine adgrunts around the world hop inside where I've collected all the videos that don't say "The clip you selected isn't available from your location", "the requested video can not be displayed in your region" or "this clip is no longer available" to save some time.


PIXSTA takes on Google with image-based online advertising network

Core Facts:
London, UK-based PIXSTA emerged today to offer a new challenge to Google's dominance of search, in the form of the most sophisticated and accurate image search engine in the world.

Based on cutting-edge academic research into contextual image retrieval techniques, PIXSTA enables image-to-image search - unlike the text-to-text or text-to-image capabilities of search engines currently in widespread use.


OMG! Microsoft has a sense of humor? Spoofs Springsteen for SP1.

BEHOLD the terrible spoof of Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark video, complete with a super-cheesy Bruce Springsteen impersonator used an an internal Microsoft "Pep-talk" promotion thingie for Vista SP1. Wow. I think my jaw just shattered on the floor, will someone please wipe that up?


Digital Grunt: the glamourous life in the visual effects industry

A glorious Friday yet again, so I present to you todays eerily accurate timewaster. Post-production is always like this! (also note the client picks out that one bad pixel, arrrgh!) Do read the credits kids.


Google vs. Sonox: wa the hell?....

I found this at (so I can't exactly vouch for its provenance) but it seems to be a German viral/guerilla ad for Google Video.


Bar da Boa Tattoo

Bar da Boa beer invites you to see your name as a tattoo on a Brazilian hottie.

Can't read Portuguese? Don't worry.

1) Just fill the first line with your first name.
2) Enter your last name in the second field.
3) Click on 'Visualizar' on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.


Great scenes from TV an cinema told using only typography

Hey adgrunts. I was busy today, wallpapering my bedroom in fact, so the glittering gold walls in there are the reason I did not update today. And likely the reason for future nightmares, holy cow is it ever gold. Fit to be a King Midas bedroom. ;)

So here's my friday treat for those of you not busy getting drunk for easter, the Jewish festival of Purim, or partying down for the Persian new year of Narouz; or if you are Sunni celebrating Eid Milad an Nabi which the birth of the Prophet; or digging the Small Holi for Hindus. (in short there's a lot of partying going on around the world right now peace be with us all!*).

You can see many more Great scenes of television and film told using only typography under that link. Well worth a click. Now go!