Copycat sites interlude.

There are many many blogs and websites that deal with plagiarism in various ways out there these days. From or equally myopic pals that compare one ads visual execution to another, to those who deal with big fashion shops rip of small artists T-shirt design. Lets do a roll call, shall we?

Well, there's Badland, that's us, where even you can step up and post a pairing if you feel like it. Badland was the original twist of this site, after seeing Zeldman's ad graveyard (which both myself and claymore are in), I figured the "death on foamcore" spot was taken and decided to make a copy-cat department instead. After doing it for two years the Swedish advertising trade press took notice.

Joelapompe has beeen around doing the same thing in France for almost as long. He's now even made a book about the twin ads, which can see the review of here. The irony of two people doing the same idea for a website at around the same time back in the nineties is not lost on us. ;)

There's Copycunts a fresh contender running since May, which is a bit like a yotubefied Badland with extra swearwords. There's been quite a lot of these of the years, lets see how long they last.

You thought we wouldn't notice is an open blog where anyone (like here) can grab the megaphone and show off a pairing with a few choice words since 2006. Occasionally it falls into the trap of designers slagging other designers, but most of the time you'll find gems here and the community will keep digging to sort out how a copy happened.

Urban Counterfeiters opened in 2006 and died (?) in 2007 - another open blog that concentrated on Big Evil Corp ripping the designs of small artists. It had a great run, as people blew the whistle on infringers working at anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Abercrombie & Fitch.

We met a new pal on twitter, he runs Plagarism Today he founded it 2005 "as a way to help Webmasters going through content theft problems get accurate information and stay up to date on the rapidly-changing field." Todays top story over there is that Fav.Or.It site shuts down, an un-favourite site of many publishers.

Newsgrist likes to keep tabs on copycat and or infringing works that make the news, such as the Obama Image that Shepard Fairey filed a pre-emptive lawsuit with.

If you're keeping an eye out for our work on the web, try checking Tin eye the reverse image search and copyscape for text.


OMG I HATE MY JOB!! Facebook bitching about work will get you insta-fired.

Lee has posted social media for dummies, it has a great image from facebook where someone whines about her job and is insta-fired since her boss is on her friends list. God, the stupidity. Who thinks writing "OMG I HATE MY JOB!! My boss is a total pervvy (sic) wanker always making me do shit stuff just to piss me off!! WANKER!" on what amounts to a broadcast diary that pops up on all your friends pages won't get you in trouble? Boss sees it, boss responds: "Don't bother coming in tomorrow".

Lee adds "now it’s probably bouncing around all corners of our networked world." - and indeed it is, in fact it's doing better than that - World News Australia has it, geelogadvertiser has it, and every inbox near you has it.

Back before times of teh intarwebs, stupidity would still get you canned. It just might take longer.

HTC bus jump

Streetheroes bus jumping for HTC - don't do this at home kids.

There's a few viral videos out there showing a young man with light post climbing skills that a jungle-monkey would envy, casually hopping on to not just one double decker bus but from that onto another moving one, and then right off it to the ground again. Double deckers are high, it's a miracle of many gallons of milk that the guy didn't break his legs on the jump down.

looking at the first video one might think it's some sort of trickery - Street Hero Bus jump headcam view:
Street Heros Head Cam ~Jump

But then there's this page on myspace, with photos and another video shot by his friends on the street that show the full scenario... and by golly it does look like he is doing this for real without any sort of safety net. With a HTC taped to his head.
Street Heros Bus Jump

Note the discreet appearance of the bus ad as the second bus rolls into the picture. Is that a HTC ad? Why, yes it is. This is no accident. But copying kids might cause one, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out... and then it's just fun. Honestly I wonder how the legal department dared to agree to this.

Thanks adgrunt purplesimon & tweeter _3_ for sharing.


Crispin Porter + Bogusky Mole: A Tale Of Personal Branding

The quick story: guy tries to get a job at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, guy doesn’t get the job, guy invents a fictitious job (”the interactive mole”), resigns from his fictitious job, and gets a linked-in recommendation from Alex Bogusky. If the short story still leaves you feeling hazy on details, you can find a longer version here.

What I find amazing about the whole endeavor is that it is an incredible case study for personal branding. In fact, it’s more like a personal brand gone viral. The story has just enough mysticism and originality to capture the attention of not only the agency in question, but to get countless mentions on ad sites, blogs, and twitter. Good narrative made the story sticky, and good leverage of social media made the story gain an audience. And for me this is the big takeaway – resumes and cover letters can only get you so far, to truly stand out in today’s highly competitive world you need to have a relevant, compelling personal brand story.



Working as a Financial Trader is exciting and dynamic!

LAVA communications created a YouTube channel and 7 videos for Optiver Trading, one of the World's leading derivative trading companies. They are the first of a series of videos targeted at university graduates.


Quietglover talks to Max "Banned german spite commercial -BJ!!" Isaacson Director + poll

Quiet Glover has an interview with Max Isaacson - director of the "oh sorry didn't mean to be seen by anyone but my friends" Sprite blowjob ad. I can't make out if Max is incredibly naive or just blowing smoke up our arses in an effort to establish total ignorance as a legal defense or something, but at one point he says;

"I wanted to be able to get a laugh out of people while still trying to make some kind of commentary on the overuse of sexuality in advertising. I mean, how could these be real?"

So perhaps he is naive, and thought this would make us talk about sexual images in advertising rather than the fact that it was "'a banned german' ad. Seriously, something labeled "BANNED GERMAN SPRITE COMMERCIAL -BJ!!" isn't likely to be seen just 'by a few friends', everyone knows by now that "banned+commercial" is code for "kick-start a meme" and used on a daily basis by viral hacks whose ads may or may not ever reach the amount of eyeballs as this Sprite film did.

As I recall the youtube page read something like this;
BANNED GERMAN SPRITE AD - BJ!!!, and the description stated something like: "Young horny Britney Spears looking lovely performing oral sex but wishing she had a Sprite instead. Spec Commercial." - and this blurry image of the Safari cache is all I can bring back from that page since google never caches youtube, but it backs my memory up. Now, would anyone - never mind working in advertising or not - seriously think that a description containing "Britney Spears" and "oral sex" wasn't going to attract a whole bunch of people via random searches? "....hell they weren't even supposed to get popular on the internet" - then why put that description, you could have left it at "Spec ad"? Hmm?

If you fancy seeing the whole page, click here.

For stats on the sudden surge of traffic to this ad, check the viral chart. Quite the sudden spike there.

Quiteglover has a poll up: "since you've seen the banned Sprite commercial you will....?" and there's your three choices. Go clickie some buttons and pass it around. Lets see if a spec ad that goes viral helps or hinders in the selling of Soda pop.

Previous sprite ad linkies - The so called "banned commercial" itself is here if you haven't seen it yet.

Greencard Pictures does not endorse that fake "banned" "German" soda pop advertisment
Max "Banned German Sprite Blowjob commercial" Isaacson speaks.
Porn-like Sprite "banned" blow-job ad made by Brooklyn hipsters Greencard Pictures


American Apparel's Next Top Model with Dov Charney

If you have a secret addiction to the Americas Next Top Model show with Tyra Banks, and can't stand creepy sexist douchebag Dov Charney and hos porno-esque Amerian Apparel campaigns you just might find this old skit funny.


A quick surf around the worlds advertising blogs.

I just figured that our ad-pals that link us deserve a link back, and I was thinking a post would be great because then people trying to find advertising blogs and ad sites in general might have a good place to start. All of the following link other ad collecting blogs as well so you can fall deep deep into the rabbit hole here. Have fun!

First up: guys who link to - this also serves a quick trip around the world. Neat!
I'll start here simply because it brings up the unusual suspects, and you may find new people here to follow/blogroll/read. This is in no particular order (well, they're in the order that I have found them, actually).
Now, I'm positive that people will tap me on the shoulder here and say, "you missed me", so I think this will become a regular feature. I've been trying to build a new 'adlinks' section as we had before, but the ad blog list there grew so large (over 300 ad blog links alone) and it was hard to navigate and keep up to date, a monthly post like this one might be a better idea.
  • Running in circles with scisscors - this Mississippi girl is very very brave. She could get hurt!
  • Admaniac - in Hungary.
  • reklamyazilari there's a lot of presentation slides here. Also hungarian, I think. Maybe?
  • Are You a brand In India
  • Creativity Blab - Angelo is in Italy
  • Unknown Divide about the design around us (wow, sexy look).
  • Kennygvs Blog Shoutout to Chicago!
  • Santana Adworks avid ad collector, recent examples of ads includes this fantastic "what goes around comes around" poster campaign.
  • MTN Company Italy again. Nice one.
  • Boris Domain - this is all in Russian - no it isn't, Boris informs me that he's in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria - so I still can't read it but it looks hella interesting.
  • BunnehMunches - I'm not sure where Zana is, India? She's a rat race riding copywriter with a designer heart. Links to beautiful things.
  • La comunicazione d'impresa Links both to and further down, :))
  • Daswell is thinking a student at USF
  • Plakart in french, which I don't read but I still like them.
  • diabloguemarketing Dublin! Shoutout to the stoutmasters.
  • DrinkMoxie USA - and as the name implies, thinks about drink advertising specifically.
  • Easily Distracted By Shiny Objec...Oh look a bug! Julio is in Sunny Miami, Florida
  • Popping the Cultrure Cherry trendspotter, designlover, idea spreader.
  • "โลกอิ่มเอม" I can't read this, but oh god it's so purdy! Nice shots of baking bread and the design is yummy. Imaim seems to like food and taking pretty pictures.
  • Extraverted Inrospection - she reads adsites but talks about everything between heaven and earth.
  • Marketing alltop one stop shopping for the latest RSS feeds from all the big adblogs.
  • O&M (or rather Oakes and Mowat) my new heroes because they have found HELLO KITTY BEER!
  • SilverMayer - a Swedish copywriter - Annika Mayer - gossips about life at her agency which she runs with Pia Silver. (In Swedish)
  • SupaDupa Tokyo - can't read it but they find such purdy things.
  • W6MARKETING Cleveland Ohio - talks about campaigns and ideas.
  • Viralmente - Italian (I think), concentrating more on the areas of ambient and viral marketing.
  • Variasikta I won't guess which language this is, but the most recent post is showing garbage mens revenge on someone who parked in their way which made me laugh.
  • Update! I knew I missed someone Illegal Advertising have us on their friend-list. Wehey! We're buddies.

    People who link to - also buddies! This is more or less off the top of my head as my google-fu is failing today.
  • AdScam we simply adore George. He's our own whisky-swilling ad-santa and inventor of faboo cursewords.
  • Adrants - Steve & Angela keep many irons in their fire and the blogroll pretty up-to-date. Ahem. Part from the link to AdJab which shut down 2 years ago. ;) I'm so glad I never sold them my domain, which he asked for, I knew they'd stop blogging sooner than I.
  • American Copywriter what can I say, I think they're great.
  • a very caustic copywriter rants in Swedish about all angles of advertising.

  • People who link - which yaknow, still works but it's been three years since we stopped using that URL. See post: We've switched to our old domain back in 2006. Again, totally off the top of my head.
  • Adfreak
  • Advertising Design Goodness (Fredrik Samuel)
  • The Hidden Persuader
  • Adpulp always ready with commentary.

  • All of the above ad-rag / comercial-archive URL's still lead to Rome, which is Adland.TV these days. :))

    Condom ad / Football war heats up once again. Brazil vs Argentina poster fight rerun!

    I've had a little theory for a bunch of years now, that all funny ad-posts (or "viral" stuff if you will) go around the web in loops every two years or so. In rare cases you'll see a second run start before the two year period. I have a few examples posted here on Adland a gazillion years ago that keep cropping up on other websites a two-year, three-year, five-year or seven-year loop later. Yes, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, as in prime numbers. One such example are these condom ads.

    The original posting here was Too graphical? January 15 2002.

    The story is simple - "Before the Brazil v Argentina game recently, an Argentinian condom manufacturer posted the first advert" to show what they intended to do to Brazil.

    After the game, which Brazil won, Brazil responded.

    Right now they're doing the rounds again (and being dugg like crazy!), at Drivesmart, who found them via TotalProSports, who found them via funny emails. This is not the first time I've seen these ads travel the world (I bet that condom manufacturer wishes they had a bigger logo on those posters)

    In 2007 it was spotted here (with wording still stating "before recent game") Leetsoft blog - and on Metafilter who linked to it.

    Previous rounds seem to have been in 2005/2006 as a commentor on adsoftheworld says he posted it before adsoftheworld. It was sailing around the web in 2006 Kiruba has it, as well as a bunch of others.

    It clearly jumped straight to being mailed around early on, this is a posting from 2002 at Brainsluice stating that he'd gotten it in his inbox that morning.

    So this is what viral people are after, right? The constant cycle of getting emailed around much like dogs that look like their owners, the VW suicide bomber ad (which now keeps reappering on youtube as a "banned ad"), the Amnesty ads that show what's happening in other parts of the world, the Flags of the world campaign (which people still call "art" not advertising), the Toy cars 'r' us twins, the Puma ads (with cum), the i love cum... and wow, there are many more but I can't recall all of them right now.

    To bottle the email-waves it seems you'll need a) funny b) a little racy c) small images to attach to the emails and most importantly d) get to the point fast. Then when the first wave dies, all you have to do is wait two years for fresh faces to find the funny again, much like people do with countless* (advertising) jokes, sigfile taglines and email hoaxes about Microsoft paying people money for something. It's a neverending loop!

    * I'll count them anyway, these are popular: the AD, CW, AE and genie, what we say to clients, The Exec, Magic Lamp for suits, do you work in advertising or are you a prostitute? and the unspoken rules of graphic design.


    Your face used in Facebook ads - selling hot single girls to your husband. Socialmedia ads gone awry.

    In October last year we posted about the SocialMedia guys, who could use your face in facebook ads without you knowing it.. That was soon implemented and an ad campaign for Danish Politicians had people vouching for politicians they never liked, the former editor (journalist) of a newspaper was seen in ads being a fan of the conservative party, which put his journalistic integrity into question. He simply followed all political leaders on Facebook because he reports on politics.

    This ad tops them all however - Cheryl Smith of culturesmith consulting (site down at the time of posting) has her face appear in a singles ad directed at her husband.

    Not too long ago, my husband Peter had this ad appear on his Facebook page. Good thing we both have a sense of humor!