A quick chat at the kitchen table: Bambusing about #Karen26 & Extrabladets need to shift blame

I'm not that pleased with the newspapers/media, who fell for and reported the #Karen26 story without verifying it in any way, are currently engaging in what looks like a witch hunt against VisitDenmark and seem to be asking for heads to roll (or at least somebody fired). I wonder who seeded the ad to reporters - and why didn't reporters contact fictional Karen through youtube inmail?

Links mentioned: "How you drive Extra Bladets editorial staff mad" and #Karen26.

Orange "further together"

Goth army clean up beaches in France?

This youtube film shows a bunch a Goths driving my old chevvy with my bumper-sticker still on it. Then it gets weirder. Really, you have to click the link to get the effect. We'll wait.

Since I don't know a lick of french (not true, I know exactly how to order a beer and which takes you far) @AlessandroAB was kind enough to inform me that the tagline means "Further together" - and it's for Orange. I don't know if this makes me any wiser after viewing the ad, but I do know that I like their innovative beach-cleaning methods and that scull-printed latex corset worn by the redhead. Must go shopping now, ta ta!


Quick Q&A with "Ex girlfriend" iPhone ad creator Adam Sacks.

Adam Sacks is the creator of that "ex-girlfriend" iPhone ad which has been making the rounds. There's an app for everything. My phone makes shotgun noises and can turn into a light saber, because - duh - there's apps for that. The one with the most apps at the end wins. Here's a quick Q&A with Adam regarding the "ex-girlfriend iphone ad".

Q: How did you make it? (is there an app for that?)
A: I made the graphics using a combination of Flash and Illustrator for the app icons, and photoshop for the iPhone screens.  I then inserted my images into the iPhone commercial using After Effects.  I recorded the audio in an afternoon with Matt Mayer who helped tighten up the writing as we recorded and I think really nailed the iPhone narration style. Then I spent most evenings for the next two weeks actually making the video.

Q: How did you come up with the idea, and are there any ex-girlfriends in the video? :)
A: I came up with the idea when I was killing time at an Apple store in NYC and there was a depressed sounding Apple Genius guy giving a lesson on how to use an iPhone, which made me think it'd be funny if he was depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him and he was showing ways he could still keep tabs on her.  The two main women in the video are Lauren Adams and Cody Lindquist who are performers at the UCB theater in New York, and the rest of the faces are friends who trust me enough to let me use their photos. No real ex-girlfriends were used in the making of this video.


Sarah Haskins in Target Women - You're Old

Thanks Sarah, and all of those Drug-ads, for making me feel prehistoric. This might be why everyone hates drug ads. ;) You're OLD!

Samsung Angles

Samsung launches 'Samsung Angles' interactive youtube campaign

The Viral Factory have just released this series of interactive youtube videos to promote the Samsung ST550 and TL 225 cameras which have an LCD screen at the front so you can take photos of yourself and friends.


Catching computers with your Gluteus maximus

As I said when I saw it floating by in my twitter stream (yes, I need to be spanked for talking like this, I'm sorry) : That is the most meta viral ad I've ever seen. Forget that Ray-Ban guy catches glasses with face ad, forget the guys doing backflips into jeans - these guys are catching MSI computers with their butt crack. Might that even be a reference to the girl who cracks walnuts with her gluteus maximus? And are the ridonkulous sports suits a homage to our dear 118 118 boys that were the Kings of meta to begin with, referencing David Bedford's style, then spoofing the Honda Choir and lets not forget FlashDance, which was also spoofed by Carlton Beer by the way.

Thank you Dodgygeezer at Barkingstar for your subtle way of telling me that I need to get out more.


Copycat sites interlude.

There are many many blogs and websites that deal with plagiarism in various ways out there these days. From or equally myopic pals that compare one ads visual execution to another, to those who deal with big fashion shops rip of small artists T-shirt design. Lets do a roll call, shall we?

Well, there's Badland, that's us, where even you can step up and post a pairing if you feel like it. Badland was the original twist of this site, after seeing Zeldman's ad graveyard (which both myself and claymore are in), I figured the "death on foamcore" spot was taken and decided to make a copy-cat department instead. After doing it for two years the Swedish advertising trade press took notice.

Joelapompe has beeen around doing the same thing in France for almost as long. He's now even made a book about the twin ads, which can see the review of here. The irony of two people doing the same idea for a website at around the same time back in the nineties is not lost on us. ;)

There's Copycunts a fresh contender running since May, which is a bit like a yotubefied Badland with extra swearwords. There's been quite a lot of these of the years, lets see how long they last.

You thought we wouldn't notice is an open blog where anyone (like here) can grab the megaphone and show off a pairing with a few choice words since 2006. Occasionally it falls into the trap of designers slagging other designers, but most of the time you'll find gems here and the community will keep digging to sort out how a copy happened.

Urban Counterfeiters opened in 2006 and died (?) in 2007 - another open blog that concentrated on Big Evil Corp ripping the designs of small artists. It had a great run, as people blew the whistle on infringers working at anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Abercrombie & Fitch.

We met a new pal on twitter, he runs Plagarism Today he founded it 2005 "as a way to help Webmasters going through content theft problems get accurate information and stay up to date on the rapidly-changing field." Todays top story over there is that Fav.Or.It site shuts down, an un-favourite site of many publishers.

Newsgrist likes to keep tabs on copycat and or infringing works that make the news, such as the Obama Image that Shepard Fairey filed a pre-emptive lawsuit with.

If you're keeping an eye out for our work on the web, try checking Tin eye the reverse image search and copyscape for text.


OMG I HATE MY JOB!! Facebook bitching about work will get you insta-fired.

Lee has posted social media for dummies, it has a great image from facebook where someone whines about her job and is insta-fired since her boss is on her friends list. God, the stupidity. Who thinks writing "OMG I HATE MY JOB!! My boss is a total pervvy (sic) wanker always making me do shit stuff just to piss me off!! WANKER!" on what amounts to a broadcast diary that pops up on all your friends pages won't get you in trouble? Boss sees it, boss responds: "Don't bother coming in tomorrow".

Lee adds "now it’s probably bouncing around all corners of our networked world." - and indeed it is, in fact it's doing better than that - World News Australia has it, geelogadvertiser has it, and every inbox near you has it.

Back before times of teh intarwebs, stupidity would still get you canned. It just might take longer.

HTC bus jump

Streetheroes bus jumping for HTC - don't do this at home kids.

There's a few viral videos out there showing a young man with light post climbing skills that a jungle-monkey would envy, casually hopping on to not just one double decker bus but from that onto another moving one, and then right off it to the ground again. Double deckers are high, it's a miracle of many gallons of milk that the guy didn't break his legs on the jump down.

looking at the first video one might think it's some sort of trickery - Street Hero Bus jump headcam view:
Street Heros Head Cam ~Jump

But then there's this page on myspace, with photos and another video shot by his friends on the street that show the full scenario... and by golly it does look like he is doing this for real without any sort of safety net. With a HTC taped to his head.
Street Heros Bus Jump

Note the discreet appearance of the bus ad as the second bus rolls into the picture. Is that a HTC ad? Why, yes it is. This is no accident. But copying kids might cause one, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out... and then it's just fun. Honestly I wonder how the legal department dared to agree to this.

Thanks adgrunt purplesimon & tweeter _3_ for sharing.


Crispin Porter + Bogusky Mole: A Tale Of Personal Branding

The quick story: guy tries to get a job at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, guy doesn’t get the job, guy invents a fictitious job (”the interactive mole”), resigns from his fictitious job, and gets a linked-in recommendation from Alex Bogusky. If the short story still leaves you feeling hazy on details, you can find a longer version here.

What I find amazing about the whole endeavor is that it is an incredible case study for personal branding. In fact, it’s more like a personal brand gone viral. The story has just enough mysticism and originality to capture the attention of not only the agency in question, but to get countless mentions on ad sites, blogs, and twitter. Good narrative made the story sticky, and good leverage of social media made the story gain an audience. And for me this is the big takeaway – resumes and cover letters can only get you so far, to truly stand out in today’s highly competitive world you need to have a relevant, compelling personal brand story.