Feel the magic of Adland - Everything is simple with Adland.

I've been playing with the Sloganizer for a few minutes to see what slogans it might suggest for dear old Adland. Well:

Be alive with Adland
Endless possibilities with Adland
Adland - Now!
Adland, since 1845
generated by
Naughty little Adland
Can you feel it? Adland.
Easy Adland

Sheesh! It's getting kinkier by the minute, don't worry, your jobs are safe copywriters. That's not to say it isn't fun. Go on, you try.


Here it is, Madonna's Sunsilk ad debuting "4 minutes"

Madonna's first single from her new album debuted last night in a new Sunsilk hair products TV advert. I have nothing else to say about this, except the Sunsilk campaign has more money than brains.


Advertising is like a cult

"but not like a cult in a bad way or anything like that, like a uh, good cult." The Mentorship do their best Tom Cruise impressions talking about something that they say is different from traditional advertising internships (though they fail to explain how - I had live briefs and real clients at my ad school already, and every day on my internships, plus senior creatives watching over me specifically... and I even got paid a wee sum of money.. so what's the difference guys?)


Advertising comes to Goa - Goafest spots

"Circumstances are conspiring to create a catastrophe of colossal proportions! A Caucasian colleague of mine who was cavorting in the sea has been cloaked by the cruel convulsions of the choppy sea, and unless you make a concerted charge right now the countenance of my colleague could be clouded by the specter of calamity and it could be..."

oh bother I can't even hear all the words he's saying! How the actor managed to memorize this I'll never know.

Watch (on youtube) Societal Truths, Maria Dsouza, a slight jab at the Art Directors in Prohibited Board (although I don't interpret it as if he can't read, he's just not swimming - duh!), Soaking sand, Sand Broom, and Goan boat all created by ad agency Contract in Mumbai advertising the Ad Goa Fest.

Hat tip to our pal Anantha.


What An "Exquisite Corpse" - Little Minx shows off skills with web films

Based on the French Parlor game of the same name, this series of short films known as "Exquisite Corpse" was created by the commercial production company Little Minx, a division of RSA Films to allow their talented lineup of new directors to strut their stuff.

Assembling a roster of unique directors that work in film, television and commercial production, Little Minx chose four directors – Chris Nelson, Josh Miller, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Phillip Van to write and direct their own short films, all following two golden rules: they must respond to the last line of text from the previous director's script and they must feature the Little Minx brand in some unique way. Every played the game blogstop? Well, it's like that but with film.

What resulted is anything but ordinary. You can see the results of this hybrid of filmmaking and advertising at and you can rate the films here in the archive as well giving the guys props as you see fit.


I'm getting bored of Facebook... Sing along!

Rebelvirals have created this anti-facebook anthem and since I so utterly hate facebook, I'll make this my youtube exeption for the day. Sorry all ye who can't see youtube stuff, quit poking me!

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David Ogilvy shows off his red suspenders.

Apologies for the youtube post guys who can't see it - but this was too good to pass up. David Ogilvy shares some of his insights while showing off his trademark red suspenders. You ain't fooling me David, it's not because it's hot in India that you removed your jacket.


Mid week lunch distractions

James Avery, a.k.a Uncle Phil was on a diet, someone out there has remixed "pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes" into my favorite song of the moment. My diet consists of dancing to it instead of eating pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes. I'm even doing the running man! Groovy baby! Do the mashed potato! *wiggle*

Sarah Silverman let Jim Kimmel know that "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" . Now here's Jimmy Kimmel's F@cking Response to Matt and Sarah.


Teaching the machine.

A nice little short about text, digital text, and the future of ideas.

Hat tip to Åkestam & Holst.


Happy Days for Dabitch from Bankwest

Thanks Bannerblog for sharing the oh-so-kyoot & ridiculous gem that is the singing kittens from Bankwest. I needed that - though I don't like being called Shirley. Silly kitties!

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