Target Women: Birth Control!

Sarah Haskins shares another bunch of crazy ads targeting women - why is birth control sold as period control? The women in these ads are crazy. Bonus points for the scary Sims-style swimming party - that has got to be the weirdest ad I've seen this year.


Torchrunner - avoid the waterguns, firehydrants, cabs and cop cars.

Torchrunner is a little flash game where you must carry the Olympic torch safely through the city. It's not as easy as it looks, when the firehydrants, water-pistol squirting kids and cop cars aren't out to get you even mother nature joins in with rain and thunderstorms. Perfectly boring after that to be honest.


We've secretly switched their XP to Windows Vista... Lets see if they notice.

Oh no, it's yet another hidden camera commercial. Haven't we done these by now?


Dogs and cats deliver your message.

Someone just sent me a smart-ass hat-wearing Boxer dog with a message - turns out you can have our furry friends deliver all sorts of messages via this site, and some of the voices even speak quite well. Try listening to my ginger-haired cat-clone and see. You can type but any words you want in their mouth - wonder who will be the first to use this to break up with someone.

Of course, It's an ad - for which seems like a fine site but I can't find an answer to my turtle-woes. "Dear allaboutpets, my turtle gets really angry with me when I clean his shell with a toothbrush. He won't talk to me for weeks afterward. Does the toothbrush tickle?"


Coal. Cheap, Abundant, Clean.

Ad-hacks. When comedy groups have nailed the whole execution of "real people talking about the product/lifestyle/emotional" thing - you know you have to stop using those testimonial cut-away in nice scenery ads, right? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? just quit doing this already!


The Faceless people viral campaign goes meh.

While we did have some fun the faceless people viral campaign - especially collecting all those youtube films of faceless people sightings in the comments - the end result now that you can log in to and see the "project eagle" Lotus car it advertised, is tres boring.

I swear, I had to wait two minutes for the dang site to load. Here's a shot of their pretty numbers. After that I fell asleep. There's a car in there on the site, but no faceless people followup. Watch out for virals that start more interesting than they end.


Font Conference: "C'mon, get with the times, New Roman"

Font conferance - "This video wasn't long enough, so we made it double-spaced." Tee hee hee.

warning - Comic sans is (gasp!) The Hero. This is way funnier than I thought it would be.


Virgin Mobile - What Happens Next? TVC Interactive site now launched.

Host has just designed a new online interactive campaign for Virgin Mobile (Australia) where you the punter gets to choose the ending of three commercials for Australia's Virgin Mobile. On the site - - there's pens, speech bubbles and various "ka-pow" and "ker-plunk" sound effects that you can storyboard with to draw your own ending of either on of the three scenarios. The scenarios are "Mafia Kidnapping", "UFO Abduction", and "Police Getaway" - all situated around a strange diner in the middle of a desert. You could win a road trip adventure, complete with one-way flights to Cairns, $5000 cash, a Canon HD digital video camera, a phone… and that's on top of Virgin Mobile actually making the winning ad and it going on TV. There are also tons of runner-up prizes. The flash tool is pretty neat, but all I did was add arrows to everything and dot bomb-sounds all around.


Sarah Haskins Target Women: Feeding Your F---ing Family

Sarah Haskins mocks those so worthy of mocking house-frau dinnertime crock-pot cooking, 'healthy' fast food buying bizarro ads. I especially like that ad with the slow-mo "woooooooaaaw".

Adland: (2008) US (Web Ad)

If you can ask a psychic one question, what would it be?
Where is Osama Bin Laden?
What will the stock market do?
How will LOST end?

The people at have a different question in mind.