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If you can ask a psychic one question, what would it be?
Where is Osama Bin Laden?
What will the stock market do?
How will LOST end?

The people at have a different question in mind.


iPod "BRICKED" - is this the iPocalypse?

Here's a little something from Revision3 video where they imagine a world where everything can get bricked. I'm not posting it because I found it particularly hilarious, I'm posting it because - gag - there's a Candice Michelle GoDaddy ad tacked to the end and that was hilarious.


How advertising stuff works? Use YouTube for inspiration.

When I saw this commercial on TV, I felt it had to be YouTube inspired....and it was.

Adland: probably doesn't like Tech watch after this.

Really, I should quit worrying about what ad-support might do to editorial content, it doesn't stop anyone on TV from reading bad news about their own sponsors. Or - some media buyer is getting fired over this.

Via why advertising sucks.


Nike's Freestyle Basketball youtube viral bores me like all other fake virals.

I'm getting sick of these fake stunts posted to youtube that are secret little ads, aren't you? People hopping into jeans, climbing to catch baseballs, and now making impossible dunks for Nike. Perhaps it's because all I can hear in my head when I see it is Larry Bird & Michael Jordan saying "Nothing but net"* and then I get a wild craving for a Big Mac - even though I know that special sauce ain't nothing but thousand island dressing. Must dash and gorge on fatty burger now folks.
(*from McDonald's - Larry Bird / Michael Jordan - The Showdown (1993) - 0:60 (USA))


Ad banner supported sites = titty?

So, people have long been suggesting that Adland should switch over to be fully advertising supported. Suggesting might not be the right word, more like demanding in some cases. I get it. I really do, it would be easier for all of us if this upgrade business wasn't around. Even if I think it's quite tasty ironic to not ad-support a site about ads. I have this irrational hatred for bad banner ads that I really can't explain - except perhaps by showing y'all. Sometime I feel like I'm the only straight female to ever wander out on teh intarwebs. I was reading up on British Airways advertising while a bikini-clad lady on the left (click image for larger view) exclaimed "blue and yellow has never been this hot!" I was checking out an ad with udders just to get more booby-babes shoved in my face at another site. I have all my browsers, but one, blocking all banners ads just so that I don't have to feel like I'm the only female left on earth who doesn't wear a bikini all day. (even though, quite frankly it is hot enough around here right now to warrant that fashion statement)


Ikea invites you to "come in to the closet" once again.

Ikea has launchd a new commercial and website to invite Swedes to "come in to the closet" - you can find the website at Once the flash has loaded you can see different closet/room solutions (use the left and right arrows named "byt rum") but also watch bizarre backwards dancing done by characters in each closet, and you can control their moves. Either pick a song (bottom left button), or upload your own, or why not sing into the mike of your computer? The identically dressed dudes move best to african beats. The only thing I dislike about this Ikea closet business is that I don't have an entire room that I can use as a closet! And with the sparse living space us city-dwellers have, who the hell does? I'm getting a case of Ikea closet envy.


Draft/FCB recruitment video on youtube pisses off Draft/FCB people.

Youtube user ninaaldredge (*) is in trouble for posting the Draft/FCB recruitment video to youtube. She posted it there, and tipped adscam's George, to which she soon got an email response from Draft/FCB which she also sent to George, see: DRAFT/FCB'S RECRUITMENT VIDEO REARS ITS UGLY HEAD... AGAIN!

You should understand the context of this video before sending it anywhere. it's not top secret as we show this to our clients and suppliers, as well as potential recruits, clients and even other agencies. However, you should have asked my permission before you rip it off and posted it on a public blog to be ridiculed by people without knowing the context."

Here's a tip to Kestrel Lee who (allegedly) sent that email, just flag the video at youtube as "infringes my copyright" (which it does if Nina has no rights to post it) and don't email people about it, you're just making it worse. Though maybe that's the idea? Lets see how long this stays up for, flagged and removed in 5...4...3...


Who are the faceless people? Anonymous car salesmen, that's who.

Who are the faceless people? Or rather, what on earth are they advertising? Spotted at Henley, at Wimbledon and at the start of Harrods summer sale. Might it be an ad stunt for cars? No I don't see the connection either - but whois says that is owned by Group Lotus Plc, Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom. That's Group Lotus cars. Wonder what "True Character" will be revealed in 19 days. That car better be good looking as hell after a stunt like that, ya'll.


No sweetie, this super sucking Tampax commercial is not a real ad.

I don't know why everyone insists on asking me of this ad is real. Can't you just look at the shoddy production values, the misplaced "humor" and take an educated guess? Then I saw that other blogs, such as giggle sugar for example, are posting this ad with a straight face as if it was a real ad, and understood why someone would want to confirm. No it ain't a real commercial. It's a JOKE people. Let it go. Unless of course you want to tell Tampax there's a viral video out there draining (hehe) their trademark of positive vibes. Then there's also the new cynicism, where shoddy production values are 'faked' in order to slip a risque commercial under the radar. Man, its confusing these days ain't it?