Hey, you got my Axe in your Dove ad!

A few people have been muttering about the fact that anti-sexist Dove adverts and playing on sexism Axe ads are coming from the same company - namely Unilever. It just never came out quite right, until this guy ( r y e clifton @ gmail ) borrowed Dove and Axe's own ads to show the contrast.


Emma Thompson as a sex slave

Emma Thompson isn't your regular celebrity. She's a great actress, and when she signs her name to a commercial, she's not shilling soft drinks but using her skills for good. In the viral ad I am Elena she tells the story of two womens lives, the same woman before and after her life is stolen as she is sold as a prostitute. It should make you uncomfortable. It does.

Click on this little image to go to the ad.


It's Friday - don't forget your condom tonight.

Being the kind lass I am, I'll help you to remember - so here's an Indian musical condom advert/PSA with a refrain that'll stick to your brain like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. Sing with me baby never forget me, I am Nirodh, I am the condom friend ever useful to you.... From Nrityanjali Academy, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


The Periodic Table of Marketing Elements

Remember science class when you were a wee ad-kid? Did you ever learn the entire periodic table, or were you like me too busy dumping magnesium powder to a burning mixture of potassium chlorate and sucrose to make the pretty sparkly flash to care? Well, here's another periodic table you can not learn by heart, brought to you by the folks at I bet they never threw copper chloride & magnesium on the burner just to see if you got blue sparklies. Tsssk.

branding definitions
Built by Kolbrener, a branding company

Update! Near Badland alert, PRism Awards already did this back in 2005 and so much funnier. You can peek at a pretty pdf poster here where Sm stands for schmoozing. Oh yeah!


2007 Hatch awards - why focus groups suck.


Make your logo bigger - cream!

Does your overpaid designer insist on white space, a tasteful colour palatte and your beautiful logo that you paid your nephews classmate 50 bucks for to be needled away small in the bottom corner of your ad? You need Make my logo bigger cream.* It also comes with the flourecentsizer™, the white space eliminator™, the starburster™ and the emotionator™. Oh yeah baby, can you feel the love?

Brought to you by who needs, and don't forget to get the T-shirt.

* don't let your clients see this. Before you know it they'll be smearing all the office computer screens with icky cream and the IT guys will hate you forever. Yikes.


Banner placement of the week.

Some of our adgrunt pals are over in California, surrounded by wildfires and we all hope they are safe. What is with all the burning this year? First half of Greece burns down now half of California.

Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua of Burns Auto Parts found this gem this morning when she was surfing for information about the fires. Talk about perfect banner ad placement. "Don't like it? Getting too hot where you are? MOVE!" Well, okay then.

I don't think you could have gotten a better placement if you tried. ;)


Toom hardware store commercial - bumper

German Toom hardware store just released a new commercial starring a suburb do-it-yourselfer promoting Toom's raffle about do-it-yourself ideas you can send in. The homeowner got annoyed by speeding cars in front of his driveway and built his very own speed bumps ...


A Few Good Creative Men

This has been going around for a bit, but in case you missed it (like me) here you go.


Do you love Copperplate Gothic Bold?

Here's something for you font nerds to enjoy. gives love to Copperplate Gothic Bold.