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Omg, these MODEL SLASH DESIGNERS are making me laugh. "Perfect people make perfect design". Chaz is "The original pixelfucker", Gunther has some wise words for you, Chrissy is just so cool, y'all. And when you've uploaded your own gorgeous face get the T-shirt.

Another thing that gave me a serious case of the giggles today - typographic irony: Precisely What the Author Had in Mind


Hitler needs another Art Director, schnell!

A while ago MaketheLogoBigger posted The great Art Director Escape, and I see now that adding funny subtitles to this film has become a bit of a meme like LOLcats. Der Untergang is a thoroughly impressive depressive movie where Bruno Ganz portrays Adolf Hitler so realistically you'd think it was a documentary. I saw it twice in the movie theatres, once without subtitles (and I don't speak German!).


Facebook fertile grounds for adware and phishing scams

It was bound to happen, since Facebook is so popular and so wide open to attach ones own programs onto, now there's both forced adware downloads on facebook and chinese hackers phishing scams in innocent looking "wall" scrawlings. You might want to log out of facebook now and never log back since if it's not facebook itself spying on you, someone else will. Social networking sites aren't built out of the goodness of some geeks heart but as a place where they can make lots of money from advertisers (you know this), so if you don't want all sorts of data collected about you, just delete your account.


Penelope Cruz lesbian librarian does not equal instant viral.

The gossip rags and websites are all getting their knickers in a twist about Penelop Cruz and her sister Monica sharing a "lesbian kiss" in their baby brother Eduardo Cruz' music video “Cosas Que Contar.”
See Daily Mail, The Superfish and Fox News for example.


Banner hijacking still going strong - Adrants now victim to uplothario campaign.

I've bored you with this before: Worst banner ad ever, System doctor takes over your browser and Hacking web banner networks sends banner ads from hated to feared. Well, that redirect trick is still appearing in flash banners on ad networks everywhere it seems - just a few days ago fellow adblogger had the misfortune of carrying one of those buggers.


Derren Brown dupes ad guys

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Badlanders are created, it's a simple fact that input affects the output and if you see the same old stuff everyone else sees, you'll come up with the same old stuff everyone else comes up with.


Really silly ad for the Ukranian army - Tank cruising for babes!

Please tell me this ad with its not so subtle "tank cannons are phallic!" symbolism isn't for real. It does direct viewers to at the end so it just might be though. If this is really how they lure young men to the Ukrainian army, those young men must be pretty disappointed that they aren't roaming the country in their awesomely cool tanks picking up miniskirt-clad babes in every town. I mean seriously, they're selling "Join the army" on cruising? Tank-cruising no less, which is cooler than a convertible, I must admit.


Dexter viral campaign proves to be one of the most memorable of 2007

That Dexter Viral campaign created by London agency Ralph which according to them “proved so controversial that Ralph received calls of complaint from the public and London’s Scotland Yard Police" is still quite sticky months after its release. The premise it the fun personalization trick, where you can type in a friends name and freak them the hell out used in many a viral campaign before we were even set a personal one but we didn't take it seriously since the serial killer in this video is looking for a mid-30's male with a background in media calling themselves Ad Rag, so I figured us Art Directing females of undefined age calling our site Adland and ourselves Dabitch were safe. ;) Note to Ralph, try targeting a little more correct next time. On the other hand, we love the show and especially the titles.

In other silly news, the 24-Hour Michael Bolton Station Declares Bankruptcy, gee who would have thunk it.


Glue attempts to bike to Lapland

Glue are trying to bike to Lapland. Kind of. At Lets go to lapland you can watch live as Glue co-workers take turns on the sponsored ride, and you can send words of encouragements. I asked a question and got the cyclist Raffa to reply by wiping lots of sweat off his forehead.

So far, Glue has raised 905 pounds for charity and 648.7 miles.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen parodied by PETA (badly)

Peta, angered by Mary-Kate's and Ashley's horrible sense of fashion which includes wearing a lot of fur in California, has launched a new website called "meet the Trollsen twins". On it there's even a new episode of full house which is amazingly is un-funnier than the original show. All over the world right now, lonely men and even the PECA (people for exellent creative advertising) are begging PETA to find some hot female celeb to strip naked instead.

Dress up the Trollsen Twins at!