IF insurance tries their hand at creating a viral with Elisabet Höglund. Fails.

These past two days a "viral" that really stunk to high heaven of forced spontaneity has circulated the Swedish parts of the intarwebs and "microblogs". In a clip on youtube veteran journalist Elisabet Höglund is seen pushing a biker dudes motorcycle over. The Youtube account was a virgin account, and when I first saw the film it had 500 viewings (now it's above 11000 - but since the story has appeared in Resumé, and the tabloids Expressen and Metro it's had significant traffic pull from 'old media')

For those who don't speak bork-bork, here's a translation of their "spontanious" conversation.

- Did you go home together or what?
- Yes yes, we went home, got home, she wanted me to wear my motorcycle helmet... Could you please stop filming I don't think...
- Isn't that her.. Her from "Let's Dance".. whatsit?
- What the hell is she doing?
(The Lady from Let's dance yells -"You can't park here!")
- Who's the guy? That's her from "Lets Dance". You're filming right?
- Oh no, that's gonna cost her!

Now the tagline has appeared on the youtube film: "Take it easy MC-guy, "IF" will help you."

First mistake: the director has left in all the chatter from the "friends" in an effort to set the scene - "we're just playing with the camera and then WOW, that happened" - which isn't how a real person would be doing it. If you're playing with your camera and suddenly capture something that's interesting enough to share on youtube, you edit away the rubbish.

Also, it fails to become a viral since there's no nude animal puppets - see The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Viral Advertising. Don't underestimate the power of nude animal puppets!

Update : Rumor has it that SNASK are the agency behind this. and boy was that wrong, Resumé now says it's created by Studio Total.


Red Bull Air Race Celebrates Canada Debut In Windsor Ontario

Number 1 position holder, Hannes Arch drinks Red Bull before he flies, don't you know? ;-)


GM Reinvention commercial spoofed as GM Retardation commercial.

Luke sent us a message on Fri, 5 Jun saying:

I don't know if you've seen the GM:Reinvention spot but there's a very well-produced parody at

I asked Luke if he had any more info, but no reply yet, either way, you all knew this was bound to happen the moment you laid eyes on the demo-love like General Motors - Reinvention commercial, right. It was practically gagging for it when they used the line "...fewer stronger brands, fewer stronger models..." .


Fitness First ad displays target's weight


Fonzie jumps the fail whale.

CurrentTV mock twitter again, the second installment of their twouble with twitters by Super_Josh is now up, adding a dash of Fonzie jumping the fail whale, in the same leatherjacket, yellow floater and blue shorts he wore when he jumped the shark. Nice touch.

Also, our pals at adfreak tip us that Current used twitter to ask for The Agency RFP, and found themselves deluged with RT's and @messages long after they had announced a list of agencies considered. :))


SNL: The Mom Celebrity Translator advert spoof. Get one for your mother this Mothers day.

Happy Mothers day - if you missed SNL on NBC last night, they did a great spoof of gadget commercials, shilling the Mom Celebrity Translator, a gadget that every teenager with a mom needs. It can even translate back to mom-speak!

(Apologies if Hulu makes this video impossible to view where you are located. I've tried to sneak around that.)


The Twouble with Twitters - uh-oh, here comes the failwhale!

From "SuperNews!" An animated sketch comedy series airing on Current TV.


Move over Bateman - your business card sucks!

Is it bone, eggshell or off-white? Oh my God, it even has a watermark. No! It doesn't matter it sucks anyway says this guy who spent 25 years designing a business card that won't fit in a rolodex, and who even has better hair than Bateman. Thanks The Denver Egotist

And for you guys who missed it in the cinema: Psycho: Business Card Scene.


Target women: Douchebaggery 101, embracing your inner douche.

Pull up to the drive-thru window, order your Famous Star with a side of machismo and check out “Target Women: Carl’s Jr.”. Try not too laugh your ribs off. For every mention of "douche" slam a tequila. You'll never recover.



Kickers, the classic footwear brand is launching Random Bandits, a series of short animated comedy sketches backed by an online campaign created by digital agency Holler.

In a deal with TV comedy show Modern Toss, Kickers has produced a series of three short animated comedy sketches featuring a mix of brand new and classic Modern Toss characters, oversized boots and flies mulling over some very bizarre celeb rituals.

The brand, synonymous with popular British culture, is using digital media to reaffirm itself with its target audience of 19-35 year olds.