The consumer wants a divorce - updated.

Remember the film I posted in way back in May "breaking up with advertising"? I didn't know much about it and didn't bother to do any research on it, but I've found now that it is a Microsoft effort by ad agency Openhere, via this posting here on Geert Desager's "Bring the love back" blog.

"Also, by the end of the month, I’ll be able to tell you whether I still work as a Marketing Manager at Microsoft, or whether this project finally turned itself against me"

In the interest of full credits, here is a Microsoft page detailing "The Break up" 'short film'. Seems there is a sequal in the making - so where is it?

The second film, still untitled, is in the early stages of production. At this point, Geert won’t reveal too much about the potential plot, though it seems likely our jilted lover and frustrated other half will be making a comeback.

The Break Up
Uploaded by geertdesager - more updates on this film at bringtheloveback


The Key to Reserva

JWT Spain and Freixenet wine have annually approached a great filmmaker to make a short. Past efforts have included Paul Newman, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas and Demi Moore. This year they have asked Martin Scorsese to write, direct and even start in The Key to Reserva, a mockumentary homage to Hitchcock produced by RSA Films out of NYC.

Watch the video here. Also check out the JWT Blog, "The Good Stuff" for more info.


New street art trend has Maglite marketing written all over it.

I must say it's pretty clever of maglite to get their brand name mentioned in conjunction with the new trend "light graffiti" regardless of what type of light source people use for this new fad. You could even mod a disposable camera to flash the fancy light graffitti you want if you are so inclined.

Seen quite a few places, such as trendhunter mag mention maglite with light graffitti so I suspect that maglite either got lucky or somebody smart decided to tag along on the new trend. You can see quite a few fun examples at DeviantArt a car, a firefly fake, and this slideshow from lichtfactor at Flickr is pretty awesome.

Via Matt Kelly.


Set Your Buddy Free

Not a real Buddy trapped in not a real computer makes sort of sense for a not a normal microsoft production. A low budge, nicely realised game featuring a poor sod in a BUDDY helmet trapped in a nightmarish gondry-esque analogue computer prison. He has a nice horse too.

A fun way to explain to people that now your Messenger buddy does not longer need to be enclosed inside your computer but can use his mobile to chat with you any place he or she wants .


VB Symphony

George Patterson Y&R Melbourne and Foster’s Australia have refreshed the long standing VB theme music in a departure from the current campaign. The blue singlets and stubbie shorts traditionally associated with VB were replaced by black ties and tuxedos as 95 musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria took to the stage at the Melbourne Concert Hall. Performed solely on 451 VB bottles and 6 timpani drums, the VB Symphony recreated the 40-year-old VB theme music, note for note. The ad is part of an online campaign which can be viewed at


Mac vs PC wars heat up in banner advertising

Lovely! Brandon Barr found this awesome ad banner placement of the Mac vs PC guys mocking Vista on a page reviewing Microsoft Vista. Nice one! They've surrounded the Vista review with a talking blinking ad insuniating that Vista will never work, and ask the viewer to "upgrade to Mac". Go check it out, but if the banner isn't there when you arrive Armit Gupta has posted a film of the banners actions here so we don't have to. Super.


Get your own napkin

Every Creative knows that the best ideas come from sitting in a bar or coffee shop while doodling on a napkin. Now you can buy a napkin notebook and napkin doodle where ever you go. Euro RSCG built a promotional site for this where you can buy a spiralbound napkin notebook with 20 sheets and sketch online and email your doodle to your CD or add it to their online gallery. (via threeminds)


Mike Huckabee ad is Chuck Norris approved.

Are you guys serious?


glue & Aardman make a potato parade for McCain

Glue London recently completed an interactive campaign for McCain. Potato Parade was created in collaboration with Aardman animations, the Oscar winning team behind Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. Together, glue and Aardman have created a gang of walking, talking potatoes whose job it is to deliver messages in the form of a ‘personalised potato parade’ to friends and family.

Check it out here:


Nike - Spec/To Catch A Predator (2007) 1:06 (US)

Anyone else think the actor in this spec spot looks like Seth Rogan from the movie Knocked Up?