GM Reinvention commercial spoofed as GM Retardation commercial.

Luke sent us a message on Fri, 5 Jun saying:

I don't know if you've seen the GM:Reinvention spot but there's a very well-produced parody at

I asked Luke if he had any more info, but no reply yet, either way, you all knew this was bound to happen the moment you laid eyes on the demo-love like General Motors - Reinvention commercial, right. It was practically gagging for it when they used the line "...fewer stronger brands, fewer stronger models..." .


Fitness First ad displays target's weight


SNL: The Mom Celebrity Translator advert spoof. Get one for your mother this Mothers day.

Happy Mothers day - if you missed SNL on NBC last night, they did a great spoof of gadget commercials, shilling the Mom Celebrity Translator, a gadget that every teenager with a mom needs. It can even translate back to mom-speak!

(Apologies if Hulu makes this video impossible to view where you are located. I've tried to sneak around that.)


The Twouble with Twitters - uh-oh, here comes the failwhale!

From "SuperNews!" An animated sketch comedy series airing on Current TV.


Move over Bateman - your business card sucks!

Is it bone, eggshell or off-white? Oh my God, it even has a watermark. No! It doesn't matter it sucks anyway says this guy who spent 25 years designing a business card that won't fit in a rolodex, and who even has better hair than Bateman. Thanks The Denver Egotist

And for you guys who missed it in the cinema: Psycho: Business Card Scene.



Kickers, the classic footwear brand is launching Random Bandits, a series of short animated comedy sketches backed by an online campaign created by digital agency Holler.

In a deal with TV comedy show Modern Toss, Kickers has produced a series of three short animated comedy sketches featuring a mix of brand new and classic Modern Toss characters, oversized boots and flies mulling over some very bizarre celeb rituals.

The brand, synonymous with popular British culture, is using digital media to reaffirm itself with its target audience of 19-35 year olds.



Another web launch from Three's (we're not a charity but we sure have a conscience) Co.

Just pass this - www.fx4charity - on to your finance director and the next time you need to try and persuade them to sign off business travel (remember the days when you could wangle a shoot in the South of France at the drop of a bikini?) you can say - "Ah but NOW all our foreign exchange can be having a Positive Effect and generating money for good causes."

They will no doubt counter with the spurious argument that the euro exchange rate means it's cheaper to re-create fine film-friendly weather in the turbine hall of Tate Modern (it's been done, remember?) To which the correct response is - have you seen the kind of rates you can get on

Those with a protectionist tendancy might not want to mention that if you get all your animation done in the far east these days, or print your brochureware in Germany, you can use the fx4charity platform too.

Spotted by myrtle.


Thru-you - where Kutiman remixes YOU tube into song.

Thru-you is where Kutiman remixes youtube proving that with the right editing unrelated youtube videos can become grand funk and dance music. "Through-You is a venue for music and art appreciation. The videos and music is shared out of love and respect, and is only meant to help expose and promote the featured artists. - this is my soundtrack today.


Skittles today: all facebook, all the time. Skittles tomorrow : Wikipedia?

Even though I did say on Monday that "Skittles learns the hard way that social media can not be tamed", I do not subscribe to Mashable's theory which reckoned that "Skittles Swaps Homepage from Twitter Search to Facebook Page" because of the bad Skittles jokes that were filling the search stream.

No, I think Skittles are doing the full Modernista! instead of the full Monty and we can expect to see Twitter's logo float on top of any other user generated website tomorrow. Currently taking bets on Wikipedia 20:1, Youtube search 10:1.


Skittles learns the hard way that social media can not be tamed. has done a Modernista! and instead of filling a web page full of content themselves, they simply frame a twitter search of the word "skittles" and let the world tweeters with skittles on their mind fill it.
This begs to be messed with, of course. Fellow adgrunt Claymore a.k.a adtothebone has been having much fun. Examples:

Also, about nine hours ago the anti-skittles known as barftherainbow on Twitter was born. Not a friend of your brand, Skittles, but all over your brand page.