Draft/FCB recruitment video on youtube pisses off Draft/FCB people.

Youtube user ninaaldredge (*) is in trouble for posting the Draft/FCB recruitment video to youtube. She posted it there, and tipped adscam's George, to which she soon got an email response from Draft/FCB which she also sent to George, see: DRAFT/FCB'S RECRUITMENT VIDEO REARS ITS UGLY HEAD... AGAIN!

You should understand the context of this video before sending it anywhere. it's not top secret as we show this to our clients and suppliers, as well as potential recruits, clients and even other agencies. However, you should have asked my permission before you rip it off and posted it on a public blog to be ridiculed by people without knowing the context."

Here's a tip to Kestrel Lee who (allegedly) sent that email, just flag the video at youtube as "infringes my copyright" (which it does if Nina has no rights to post it) and don't email people about it, you're just making it worse. Though maybe that's the idea? Lets see how long this stays up for, flagged and removed in 5...4...3...


Who are the faceless people? Anonymous car salesmen, that's who.

Who are the faceless people? Or rather, what on earth are they advertising? Spotted at Henley, at Wimbledon and at the start of Harrods summer sale. Might it be an ad stunt for cars? No I don't see the connection either - but whois says that is owned by Group Lotus Plc, Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom. That's Group Lotus cars. Wonder what "True Character" will be revealed in 19 days. That car better be good looking as hell after a stunt like that, ya'll.


No sweetie, this super sucking Tampax commercial is not a real ad.

I don't know why everyone insists on asking me of this ad is real. Can't you just look at the shoddy production values, the misplaced "humor" and take an educated guess? Then I saw that other blogs, such as giggle sugar for example, are posting this ad with a straight face as if it was a real ad, and understood why someone would want to confirm. No it ain't a real commercial. It's a JOKE people. Let it go. Unless of course you want to tell Tampax there's a viral video out there draining (hehe) their trademark of positive vibes. Then there's also the new cynicism, where shoddy production values are 'faked' in order to slip a risque commercial under the radar. Man, its confusing these days ain't it?


BBH and Steve Harty keywords bought up at Google by SEO guru making a point.

Adfreak has a story on BBH's keywords being bought up by an SEO firm (which reminds me, just a little of Asa Baileys OgilvyHijack a few years back) - they explain:

Bartle Bogle Hegarty chairman Steve Harty dismissed the usefulness of paid search for an agency like BBH, saying, “We have a more targeted strategy than, ‘We’re open for business.’ Search is kind of indiscriminate in a way.” Reprise Media doesn’t agree, and it’s out to prove a point. It has purchased the Google keywords “BBH” and “Steve Harty,” which bring up ads that direct to a Reprise blog post laying out how dumb it is for agencies to downplay search. Copy for the BBH ad reads: “Looking for an Agency? Not Buying Their Own Branded Terms! Can You Trust Them to Manage Yours?”

While googling BBH I do find BBH on the top spot there - but no text ads? - and if you search for BBH here at Adland, you'll find that nearly every post mentioning BBH has a link to BBH in it. (How's that for poisoning the well? BBH should pay me for that google-juice!). If you search google for Steve Harty, you'll find the search marketing post explaining that they bought those keywords in the coveted top spot (right now that is) instead. No word yet on what the real Steve Harty thinks of this little stunt riding on his name.


Anti FRA-law web campaign.

Web agency Starring has joined forces with Fria Tidningen and created a website against FRA with the goal to sabotage the email traffic which the recently passed FRA-law now allows the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment to read, or as they put it: "the right to intercept all internet exchange points that exchange traffic that crosses Swedish borders". (I guess it is best described as a mini-Echelon).

Swedish bloggers have been writing about this relentlessly since the discussions began, at one point creating a "blog-quake" where nearly every blog in Sweden was listed on the blog-trendgraph site was talking about FRA.

So Starring's response is a site called HejFRA! (Hello FRA) - where Swedes can fetch a nice little .sigfile to use in their emails, with the idea to "pollute" the data that FRA catches. (Much like those echelon sigfiles years ago, remember them?). You can generate new versions by the click of a button, here's the first one that I got

Hello FRA!
There's no reason to read my mails. I have nothing to do with the ETA, Devrimci Sol or al-Qaida. I've never Ibadat (عبادة) nor built carbombs, I barely know what бомба means. But thanks for your interest!

PS. - Terrorist attacks won't likely be planned over unencrypted emails. Sabotage the FRA law at

Creative posse at Starring: Fredrik Lundgren - Creative Director, Mattias Cederfeldt - Art Director,
Mia Robertsson - Copywriter, Marlene Hernbrand - Production leader, Johan Sahlen – Techical production leader.


Dear Natwest bank, phishing spam is killing your brand.

Dear NatWest bank, I was never your customer.

Spam pretending to be from Natwest bank, rambling on with mindnumbing phrases like: "security and confidentiality are at the heart of Natwest Bankline. Your data (and your money) is protected by a number of technologies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption." then asking me to:"Please login to Natwest online banking using the link below and follow the instructions on the screen." ensures that I will never be your customer, even if I did move back to the UK.

These spams are really beginning to piss me off. Last week alone, I received exactly 467 of these stupid Natwest spams. And it hit me. Phishing spams kill brands. I could never trust a bank that allow their name to be abused in such a way.

So where is the IT-brand-brigade, whose job it is to ensure that the brand isn't sullied by internet bullies? To busy commenting on blogs and youtube I assume - I've seen so many "brand managing" tactics go that route. Stopping spam like these should be part of the online brand managing gig as well. Heck, get together with a bunch of other large banks, and form a taskforce that works on stopping all forms of phishing attempts and use that in your brand communication and I might even begin to trust banks again.


The "Ball Girl" gets on ABC mornings (or something like that)

Ha! I love this, according to ABC friendly couch buddies "news"-chat - some "college coach recruiter" tried to get a hold of the "Ball girl", a.k.a the kid that was strung up on wires "or something" to quote the news-folks describing a viral video for Gatorade. A damned discreet one as well, the only time you see Gatorade is when she returns to her seat and there's a bottle on the ground.

For some silly reason, a video that looks as fake as any other fake video is being picked up by news shows, so lets all pat the director Pat Baker Smith (no pat-pun intended) and ad agency element 79 & partners on the back for doing a good job. Pat pat pat!
The funniest thing I heard about this ad so far was someone being miffed about the fact that it was a "ball girl" that did the amazing stunt, as if "us chicks can't super-hero like jump walls whenever we fancy". Right. I didn't see the sexism in this ad, and I squinted real hard too, but I did find it really weird that there was a sudden mention of a "ball girl", something that I've never heard of outside of porn before which sent all sorts of "it's an ad" bells ringing. God, I must be old.


Lets celebrate Rampenfest!

In an idyllic Bavarian town named Oberpfaffelbachen, the villagers are preparing for Rampenfest. There will be lots of beer, pretzels and oh yeah, a big frickin' ramp. If all goes according to plan, a 135i BMW will fly Evel Knievel style from Europe to America.


Sexy sells everything, even TV shows about widows.

The other day I was surfing around unprotected (and could *gag* see banners, oh the horrors) when I stumbled upon a banner advertising Showtime's two big shows this season - Weeds and The Secret Diary of a call girl. Seems that the right thing to do in order to sell anything is pose sexy.

Silly me, of course it is, I should have tattoed Adlands URL on my chest years ago and tried to pose for Playboy to generate some buzz. I know you are all reading this because I actually have a chest, right? There can be no other reason for your interest in this here adblog.

(Banner smallified, click on it for full scale)


I love the whole world, Boom de ada gaming edition

File under: bound to happen. The best compliment your ad can get is when there's a gaming edition made, as has happened here with the Discovery Channel "boom de ada" song but set in Halo 3 and GTA IV. Cute, though I still like the Battlefield2 trailer homage to Sony Bravia balls best because that actually toook some 'directing' - though in game.

Bonus points for getting the squid in there at the right moment though. ;)