#FollowFriday : The #adpeeps who tweet

Yesterday I asked who it there works in advertising on twitter - I figure other adpeeps will also want to find friend in the field out there. It's far too easy to find all the social media experts out there, but what about the discreet designers, the quirky copywriters, the always panicky producers and other fun stereotypes. We probably have a lot in common, that's why I want to find and follow all of you lot.

As a bunch of people retweeted my tweet, I've found lot of fresh new people to follow and here they are. From my highly unscientific polling here, it looks like there are more writers on twitter than artfolk. That can't be right.

Ad people:
darrellwhitelaw, been following him for a while now, because he laughs at my jokes. ;-) Kiddin. He's an an Art Director and Visual Designer in NYC.
thegirlriot a Copywriter into strategy, content management, and branding - also in NYC.
BetaRish is "a restless copywriter and poet seeking sales and stanzas everywhere" over in jolly old London.
jasonoke is a planning director "and a virgo, in case you were wondering". I dig virgos. ;-)
garethk I'm a planning director in the wilds of Boston MA
trevorcolom is a brand consultant / thinker / former planning director.
GrantSanders a writer who is in "Nantucket, mostly"
justinmccammon copywriter in Colorado.
nsedef threw her hands up and quipped " so much for the low profile" - she describes herself as a reluctant marketer. You're so outed now girl.
BBHLabs has two people tweeting from that name, they are malbonnington in New York & Melex in London.
Caff is our own caffeinegoddess "Copywriter/ACD type in Boston"
kellimarks another writer! She tweets " I work at @cjrwadvertising with @bryanjones and @cagolden" so in that tweet we scored three people and one agency, yeay! (except @cagolden is a locked profile so I figure we'll leave her off this list)
Fountainjohn is another copywriter reporting for duty located in Henley on Thames, England
gregbond does it all in Atlanta, where Texturl defends the words as well as his missus adgrrl. I'm currently in a phase of deep lust for Atlanta so I'm very seriously considering house-swapping with those two fine folk, course that means I gotta clean up around here first, egad. ;-9
Representing Philadelphia is a copywriter named jayninedee
adtothebone is our own Claymore who reveals his ad-path: creative director (previously producer, writer, art director & freelance designer)
swissarmywife hollers "Hi, I'm an Account Supervisor, splitting my time between Philly and Milwaukee."
MeJayne invents a cool title: "I'm a planning director but much prefer curious mind meets digital enthusiast"
shazell a planner in TO with these matters on the brain
tromlov meets both #adpeeps and #productionpeeps criteria by being a commercial producer.

Want to alert us to your presence? Comment here and/or tweet to #adpeeps I've found many more agencies and ad people, I just figured that those who want to play should use the hash tag!


What is Facebook really doing with their user data? Engagement ads aren't as new as you think.

There's been a lot of chatter regarding Facebook's new "engagement ads" in the blogosphere (oh, spank me for using that word), for example ReadWriteWeb posted Facebook Plans to sell your data February 1 - and the old paper-press people have also written about this; The Telegraph Network cashes in on friends. Some posts were approriatly paranoid but the best one yet is Inside Facebook's "Could Facebook Soon Target Advertisements According to Your Mood?". That's creepy.

However the "new" Engagement Ads aren't new at all, and not active as Facebook's communications managed Matt Hicks explains here in a comment

Earlier this week, there were reports, originating from an article in the UK’s 'The Daily Telegraph' newspaper, which suggest that Facebook is doing all sorts of things that it is not doing. Let me explain what announcements and initiatives Facebook has actually undertaken:

At this years’ World Economic Forum, Facebook ran a series of polls during the many panel sessions to provide the Davos audience with real-time insight into the opinions of people outside of the conference. These polls were conducted on Facebook using internal tools. We were very pleased with the reception these polls received at Davos, whose audience is comprised of many world and business leaders. It is important to note that the polls that we ran at the World Economic Forum were not part of a commercially available product for advertisers and should not be confused with Facebook’s Engagement Ads.

Facebook’s Engagement Ads have been available since September. Early last week we separately announced that we were testing a new type of Engagement Ad, which enables advertisers to pose a question within the ad itself. Engagement Ads were not used to run the polls seen at the Davos conference.

Finally, I want to clarify that Facebook has, for many years, allowed the targeting of advertising in a non-personally identifiable way, based on profile attributes. For example, an advertiser could target an ad to male users over 30 years of age who list snowboarding among their interests. However, the advertiser does not receive any data about individual users, and only knows that their ad was shown to a certain number of users who fit the category. Further, Facebook is not selling any users’ information for market research purposes. Nothing has changed in our approach, and Facebook is committed, as always, to connecting users in a trusted environment.

Matt Hicks
Corporate Communications, Facebook

I've tried to find a way of contacting the people working for facebook without having to join facebook and I've come up short, so that comment will have to do. The irony aye? Why am I not (re)joining facebook? Unlike some people I know who gripe when advertisers get a hold of their data I don't put my data on places where it's dead obvious that the data will be chunked up and fed to advertisers in the first place. Facebook was never around just for the sheer fun of it people. If you don't like every sock-change and party-image post that you're making turn into an advertising opportunity, just opt-out from the start by not playing on facebook. Easy. I know, "everyone else is doing it", sure sure. But then five million flies eat shit. Doesn't mean you should. If all your friends jumped off a cliff....? ;-)

Note: Readwriteweb updated their facebook news with How a Facebook "Sentiment Engine" Could Be Huge.


ComputerTan spoof infomercial is for skin charity SKCin

A.k.a The dangers of going through the inbox at four in the morning. So, I read The Denver Egotists mail first and made this post last night Computertan viral makes no sense, when I should have taken a moment to you know, sleep or something. What had arrived earlier in my inbox explains the whole thing and asks me politely to join in on it if I wish. It explains who created this viral website, and why, with background info - and in my newly coffinated (hehe) state I realize that posting the email without asking if I could first would be downright rude. So I ring up Adam in London and ask if I may quote these bits. He emails me back a moment later with a yes - the cat is out of the bag at this point anyway.

Why are we doing this?
SKCin wish to highlight the dangers of skin cancer and the brutal fact that this most common form of cancer kills at least 5 people a day in the UK. We believe the site will appeal to an audience and attract visitors SKCin would never usually be able to reach.
-  -
We would love for you to pass this hoax on, it is for a very good cause after all and everyone working on it has done so for free.

So there you have it people, the sender of the viral is working to inform the public about skin cancer. Do pass the site Computertan.com on to that oompah-loompah looking girl in your office though, she might need a nudge to stop abusing the tanning bed. Skin cancer is serious stuff.


Computertan.com - the McCann Erickson viral - makes no sense.

Our pals over at The Denver Egotist sent us an email summing up their thoughts succinctly with a single huh?. They are wondering what the heck the point is since "no where in the video or in the accompanying site does McCann Erickson ever come out and take credit as the creator of the idea. What’s the point of the whole thing? " McCann did this? ORLy? Why? Is it a self-promo or a viral for some poor paying client? Is this one of those things where the point will be revealed in three weeks when I've already moved on to another shiny object? Because I promise y'all I won't be paying attention then.


ComputerTan, the worlds first online tanning service, offers a deep, long-lasting tan from the convenience of your computer. ComputerTan's revolutionary technology developed and patented in California, USA, remotely manipulates the electrical impulses delivered to the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps present in every computer monitor, which transmit different wavelengths of light, from Infra-Red to Ultra-Violet. ComputerTan can control the level, intensity and exposure times of this light according to a persons skin profile and usage history.


If I made a commercial for Trader Joe's.. it would go a little like this.

I made a commercial for Trader Joes explains Carl from Carl's Fine films and shows both a long version and a short version - iPhone ready as well - of the films on the Carlsfinefilms.com website. He shot it in secret, he says, but then some effects really don't looks like something you could just whip out and film with your Treo without anyone noticing (also, what the heck did he film the Treo with? hmm? Explain that, Carl!). Commissioned or not this catchy little diddy is a great viral.

One day I was taking a photo of a primitive but lovely hand-drawn chalk sign when a manager came running over to tell me cameras aren’t allowed in Trader Joe’s. Well, he didn’t say anything about cell phones so I decided then and there to make a commercial for TJ’s on my Treo. Up until now they haven’t done any TV advertising at all so I have no idea if this is the kind of thing they would like.

Set to the song Águas de Março. Via metafilter.


Battlestar Galactica and a rather unfortunate commercial pairing.

Remember the "Good old days" when media buying actually involved knowing what might happen in the show advertised on, and tailoring your ads content after it? Yeah, neither do I really, but they say stuff like that did happen. These days with chunk-buying and no idea when things air, random fuckups happen instead - few as amusing as the combination of this Battlestar Galactica scene and following commercial though. If you don't see the funny immediately, wait for the lyrics to kick in. Youch!


No sweetie, That "cops don't see bank robbers" viral video isn't real, it's a commercial.

This is just a note to tell y'all who might have missed it that the "INCREDIBILE!!! 100% stupid cops!!! They Don't See Criminals!" video up on youtube, which has gathered some 1,2 million views isn't what you think it is. I keep getting mails about this now, and that's rather funny in itself since it's at least a year since it was released.

Sure, you fellow adlanders probably thought "fake" but real hardcore adgrunts will also see that it is the 2007 Chevy Malibu "Bank Robbery" commercial, simply shot from a different angle. Virals are a funny beast that way. They're ads without the logo at the end most of the time.


Friday Fun: The top viral videos of 2008.

Lets start adland-Friday off a little lighter than my morning has been, shall we? The top viral videos of 2008 have been edited together by Videogum, watch out for the Obama RockRolling you've been warned. Viral in this context does not mean "advertising" but don't be surprised if a lot of viral ads do something they found in this lot next year.


Macys Thanksgiving day parade is the biggest Rickroll ever.

This is either Rickrolling jumping the shark or fantabolous cheez at its very best depending on who you ask. Pleasing to kids who love Foster's, moms who like harmless cartoons and everyone in on the rickroll joke (ie, us internet hipster folk who watch adult swim) at the same time. Plus, Rick gets to show off that he still has all that wavy hair and can belt out the notes and be cute just like in the eighties. Is it a freudian slip that the voice over guy pronounced "phenom" as feNOM?


The obvious comeback from Apple's campaign: "Microsoft spends more on ads than fixing Vista"

This idea probably formed faster than anyone can say "Vista", this comeback was practically handed to Apple on a silver platter - summation: Microsoft spends more money on advertising Vista than fixing it. Ha ha ha....