Google Doodle congratulates Norway on their bicentennial

Congratulations Norway, who just turned two hundred years! Googles doodle for the occasion is clearly inspired by the historical painting "Eidsvold 1814" which depicts the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. Norwegians all over the world are decked out in their finest bunader ready to get their dance and drink on. But first parades!


Adidas Instagram printed shoes? Sure, can it get any worse?

It seem that in an attempt to stay internet hip for the hipster crowd, Adidas may have stumbled onto how to create the ugliest shoes on earth - and we thought that's what they hired Jeremy Scott for. Well they've now raised the tacky-bar, and you can print sunsets, sushi and selfies onto Adidas shoes.... I demand to see Kanye wearing Adidas with a selfie of himself on them, or I will be disappoint, son.


Taco Bell creates a GIF comic on its tumblr site.

It's called The Spicy Adventures of Johnny DLT. And it features LA illustrator Ashkahn. Apparently it's about a guy who likes Spicy Cool Ranch Chicken Doritos Locos Tacos, and some weird things that chase him or something. I don't really know how the story ends. TL;DS*

TL;DS = Too Long, Didn't Scroll.


Reporters Without Borders lists 100 Heroes of Information

May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day. Reporters Without Borders will showcase the profiles of "100 Information Heroes" who have helped promote freedom of information.
If you want to support the cause, BETC Paris created a Facebook application allowing you to learn more about these incredible people, as well as change your profile picture to honor them.


Stop Abuse in animals, and Stop Abuse in humans, too.

It should come as no surprise that 76% of animal abusers also go on to abuse a member of their family, yet it is a shock. Especially as depicted in this campaign for the Spot Abuse project, which encourages you to say something when you see something. Dial 9-1-1 and make this percentage get smaller. If you can stomach it, check out the TV spot, too.


Tiny Rebellion creates the foodporn index for Bolthouse Farms

To help raise awareness for healthy eating for their client, Bolthouse Farms, La-based Tiny Rebellion created an interactive website -- that tracks the real time social sharing of food. Using an algorithm to track real-time mentions, they discovered the majority of posts are of junk. It is their hope that we can promote more healthy eating by pointing this out.


The US Navy launches cryptology game Project Architeuthis

Do you like Cryptology? Can you break some code? Well, the NAVY is looking for you. They've created a new game on Facebook called Project Architeuthis.

The 18-day game is a fictitious U.S. Navy top-secret weapons system project. It's also a recruitment tool, and way to increase their presence on social media. The game is simple and also complex. You have to track down a mysterious enemy who has stolen the plans for a top-secret weapon and is traveling back to their secret island lair to build their own.


Live for brunch? Job available:"Chief Brunch Officer" for Aperol

The most recent ad-prank from Mistress, you know, the Mistress worth sharing, is this series of job board postings on Craigslist offering you a better gig. They're offering "Personal Assistant to Major Celebrity", "Casting: Girls & Guys To Star in Reality Cocktail Series", and "High-End Boutique Salesperson" - to name a few.


Tipp-ex Hunter and the bear are back, now with more Pharrell Williams

You've seen the hunter (something) the bear, and the hunter and the bear timetravel, as well as the case study. Well, they're back.


Mad Men celebrate secretaries day by showing a Chief of Copy & an agency partner

Staying true to the 60s casual sexism, Mad Men AMC just tweeted a "Happy Secretaries day" from their official account, sharing an image of the always fabulous Joan Holloway and the ever ambitious Peggy Olsen. Despite the fact that Peggy Olsen is a copy chief at SC&P, and Joan Holloway is a managing partner at SC&P. I guess they'll always be secretaries in some peoples eyes.