Google wants brands to police ad-funded piracy sites. Easiest way to do that is to dump Adsense

During a debate called ‘Follow the Money: Can The Business of Ad-Funded Piracy Be Throttled?’ in London last night, Google’s UK policy manager stated that Pirate Site Blocking Just Leads To a Game of Whack-a-Mole, and Google doesn't believe in it.

“It’s not Google’s job to go around the web to declare whether sites are legal or illegal, but if Coca-Cola comes to us and says here’s a list of 500 dynamic sites and we don’t want you to place ads on those, that’s a slightly different thing. It’s almost a marketing thing for the brand,” he said.


Stockholm Pride invite Russians to # GOWEST via flirty tweets

A russian court has banned all gay pride parades for one hundred years. M&C Saatchi and Stockholm Pride parade have a solution, they invite y'all to GO WEST, and the funtastic pride event in Stockholm instead. Using that website you can compose your tweet-invite for #GOWEST, which is then automatically translated into Russian. In addition, your location for this particular tweet is changed to a random location in Russia in an attempt to reach as many Russians as possible.


Mikado doesn't want you to visit its website

We all know what people would do for a Klondike Bar. But tasty treat Mikado is testing your will power Pvlov-style by showing you what may happen if you dare give in.

Results include: having to rock a crying baby to sleep. Getting stuck in a movie theatre behind a big haired due. There are 40. One for each chocolate-covered stick.

Either my wi-fi is slow, or the bandwidth is intense because the load time between each one was redonk. Fun idea, though.

Brand Management : Emilie Chambert-Kirchhoffer, Marie Bescond, Laetitia Pardessus

- Directeur de Création : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
- Directeur général : Thomas Granger
- Planneur stratégique : Renaud Berthe


MPC NY Breaks the Mold for The One Club and JWT with

This year, MPC Digital teamed up with The One Club via JWT New York to create, a stunning installation experience for The One Show’s lavish after party at NYC’s Bowery Hotel.


Tour inside offices on Google Maps Views, find man-eating toilets in Manchester don't have a website, sort of, but they did arrange a visit from Google Street maps team, so you can wander about their office and find easter eggs like that red tricycle and the man-eating toilet. The shower might be a man-eating shower too, there's blood there....


The Hemingway Hijacker will Highjack your Facebook Status

Ogilvy Chicago want you to know that unlike you and your endless stupid buzzfeed posts on Facebook, Ernest Hemingway was a real man who did real things.. But now, Hemingway can add a little bit of globe-trotting manly awesomeness to your site, thanks to The Hemingway Hijacker.

Just sign up and for one day your Facebook page will be littered with photos, check-ins and, I assume, tersely worded status updates.

While I appreciate alliteration, I'm not sure giving consent is tantamount to "hijacking," but you know. Whatevs.


Sony Playstation’s MLB 13: The Show - reinvent the baseball card on Vine

Looks like MLB The Show are one of the first to use Vine as an advertising media space, by creating special animations of baseball plays for their favorite "baseball influencers" as well as fans of the show. They're like animated baseball cards.

MLB The Show is currently releasing video baseball cards utilizing Vine, which is the first of its kind.

They surprised a number of individuals on Twitter with their own custom created baseball card, which features a game version of themselves sporting their favorite team. The list included a wide range of gaming and baseball influencers as well as huge advocates of MLB The Show.


Wolverine 3D releases teaser trailer on Vine

Oh hello new media being used in unexpected ways, Wolverine 3D starring Hugh Jackman just released their teaser trailer on Vine. Mangold tweeted it out too, calling it a (- *inhale* -) "tweaser". A twitter teaser. Maybe tomorrow when they release the full trailer he'll call it a twailer. Or maybe he'll realize that he sounds like Elmer Fudd and will just stop it.


U.S. Government thinks it might be time to change copyright law.

Over at The Hill comes an excellent and informative opinion piece written by Sandra Aistars, Executive Director at The Copyright Alliance .

In it, she points to the fact the head of the United States Copyright Office is thinking it might be high time to update the U.S. Copyright Law which hasn't changed since Gerald Ford was President. (For the uneducated, that would be 1976.)

Think about that for just a second. In 1976 there were no mobile phones, no mp3 players, no tablets, no real home computers except for the rich and geeky. No wifi.No Napster/Limewire/Megaupload/PirateBay. No cd's. No disks. Etc.


Flickr follows facebook's footsteps, adds Hashtags to their app

REJOICE hashtag addicts, you can now add too many hashtags to your instragram, Twitter, facebook and twitter feeds. Kidsleepy reported on Facebook latest dick move, as facebook are happy to keep walling their garden but if anyone else has a great idea, they'll adopt it. Now Flickr has added hashtags to their app, which you'll notice in the latest update. They also introduced #FlickrFriday which allows you to compete in Flickr's weekly photo challenge - all the with the help of a wee hashtag.