Sony Playstation’s MLB 13: The Show - reinvent the baseball card on Vine

Looks like MLB The Show are one of the first to use Vine as an advertising media space, by creating special animations of baseball plays for their favorite "baseball influencers" as well as fans of the show. They're like animated baseball cards.

MLB The Show is currently releasing video baseball cards utilizing Vine, which is the first of its kind.

They surprised a number of individuals on Twitter with their own custom created baseball card, which features a game version of themselves sporting their favorite team. The list included a wide range of gaming and baseball influencers as well as huge advocates of MLB The Show.


Wolverine 3D releases teaser trailer on Vine

Oh hello new media being used in unexpected ways, Wolverine 3D starring Hugh Jackman just released their teaser trailer on Vine. Mangold tweeted it out too, calling it a (- *inhale* -) "tweaser". A twitter teaser. Maybe tomorrow when they release the full trailer he'll call it a twailer. Or maybe he'll realize that he sounds like Elmer Fudd and will just stop it.


U.S. Government thinks it might be time to change copyright law.

Over at The Hill comes an excellent and informative opinion piece written by Sandra Aistars, Executive Director at The Copyright Alliance .

In it, she points to the fact the head of the United States Copyright Office is thinking it might be high time to update the U.S. Copyright Law which hasn't changed since Gerald Ford was President. (For the uneducated, that would be 1976.)

Think about that for just a second. In 1976 there were no mobile phones, no mp3 players, no tablets, no real home computers except for the rich and geeky. No wifi.No Napster/Limewire/Megaupload/PirateBay. No cd's. No disks. Etc.


Flickr follows facebook's footsteps, adds Hashtags to their app

REJOICE hashtag addicts, you can now add too many hashtags to your instragram, Twitter, facebook and twitter feeds. Kidsleepy reported on Facebook latest dick move, as facebook are happy to keep walling their garden but if anyone else has a great idea, they'll adopt it. Now Flickr has added hashtags to their app, which you'll notice in the latest update. They also introduced #FlickrFriday which allows you to compete in Flickr's weekly photo challenge - all the with the help of a wee hashtag.


Ad billboard hacked, hackers awarded with iPads.

Two uni students who had the idea "Would be cool to play a video game on that" when they saw the electronic billboard across the square from their school, actually did hack that billboard to play space invaders last week. The billboard company responded by giving them free iPads.
“This has never happened before, but we appreciate the fact that these guys have, in a charming way, pointed us to this huge problem,” Slobodan Petrovic, the manager of the billboard ad company, DPC said to


ebay to Google: "We don't need you. No established online brand does"

OH MY there's a bit of a tiff erupting between the big online players, as EBay Inc one of the largest online marketplaces just released a study that questions value of Google's main ad service. Established brands such as eBay, Amazon et al don't get more customers from paid search results than they otherwise would have. They have an online following that they already sell to, and online marketing channels doesn't bring in new customers, just the one who would have searched eBay anyway.


Haters gonna hate and now they have an App for it

Captain obvious has made the app we've always wanted, and you can download it at or from the iTunes store. With Hater you can share all the things you hate with the people you love. Like waiting in line at Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney, man don't we hate that? Spread the negative vibes, show people just how first world blasé you really are about things, click "dislike" like a manic depressive. I'd not hate to make a proper review on this but I cant't and I honestly hate this; it's not available on Android yet. I hate that all new apps are iOS/iPhone first. You supposed early adopters aren't adapting very fast on the os&hardware you use, aye? Meh.


Polaroid Eyewear 75 years of expertise.

To celebrate 75 years of expertise, Polaroid Eyewear has revamped its website and kicked off a 360° campaign, courtesy of New York and Berlin based agency KKLD.

It's all very clean and simple and stylish.

PROTIP: You might check into the fact that the youtube video embedded on your site is so low-res it looks blurry. See image four. I don't think you were going for irony there, were you?


Avery Bradley photobombs YOU via Dunkin Donuts

Over at DunkinDonuts facebook page there's an app that allows you to be photobombed by Avery Bradley. You can also win celtics tickets (on 4/16), a fully loaded DD Card, an autographed basketball and more stuffs if you participate in the sweepstakes. It's simple, just pick an appropriate pic of Avery that'll work with your existing image, then Instagram-filter it and share with your friends and see how many people actually fall for it. *snicker*

Not funny? Fine. Then make Avery Bradley photobomb Beyonce at the inauguration. See if I care how cray cray you get.


Café bans use of Google Glass in their establishment.

Seattle bar "The 5 Point Cafe" bans the Google Glasses at their establishment with this nicely designed symbol an an announcement on facebook. Declaring themselves the first bar to ban the Google Glass, they bought themselves miles of press while simultaneously branding their bar as 'seedy and a little notorious'. Woo!