Mentos the Freshmaker makes Facebook news about you.

There's a new "grab your images from facebook and use it in a tailored clip ad" thingie out there, called Mentos Fresh News.
With enough wacky news stories out there to generate some surprising stories based on your facebook photographs, it's actually rather funny at times. Created by AD's Viv Yapp, Szymon Ros, CW's Ak Parker, Daniel Schaefer and the Digital Producer Paul Malecki from BBH, London, they went the extra mile to make 45 minutes of customizable footage, opening up for millions of variations.

If you use 4square, and have that attached to facebook, the news stories about you will be slightly more stalkerish, and just as sarcastic. Have fun.


Don't worry about my English: Copywriter wants a job, proves he can spell

Remember when subservient chicken was so cutting edge it was the most amazing thing? Now tossing together recordings (audio or video) and a clever script that sorts which recording will respond to what are so pedestrian, there are very few ways they can still surprise you.

However, they can be still be cheeky clever, like this self-promo site from copywriter Tal Schweiger seeking work in the USA: Don't worry about my He can spell anything, like a master spelling bee winner, with a few "uhm" and "eh" thrown in for good measure. It seems complicated, but it's in fact very simple because however you spell the word is how Tal Schweiger will spell the word. The color vs colour debate ends here.


"Dear Nike: Make your shoes for girls too" say a pair of London creatives

I was in an Adidas store the other day. The kind with a huge wall full of shoes enticing you to crosstrain, run, hike and play soccer. While my writing partner was busy trying on all the shoes he was interested in I couldn't find anything for me. I concluded after staring at the wall that I am only allowed to have shoes that are either have a pink or purple accent. And while I probably look like a hyperventilating wet shaved koala when running, I will not stoop so low as to wear pink shoes gosh darnit.


Radiohead 's Yorke and Godrich pull music from Spotify, get attacked for 'meaningless rebelllion'

You probably heard about it yesterday as both Pitchfork and The Guardian carried articles on Thom Yorke vs Spotify, as he and producer Nigel Godrich have pulled their work off of the Spotify network. Their point is that the way Spotify pays may (or may not) work out for those who have a large catalog of music, but actively hurts those who do not - read small indie labels and new bands. The Radiohead star says 'new artists get paid fuck all' on the streaming service, and producer Nigel Godrich adds 'it's bad for new music' just to be clear. What you're left with are MegaStars and hobbyists, no more sessions musicians in between who make a middleclass living just like your pedestrian office manager. "They can tour!" I hear you say, while I ponder how music producers and sound recording engineers tour, and who really wants all those t-shirts you think artists should make a living on instead. There are only so many casual fridays in our working lives.


Moones drinks a lot of beer while jamming.

Asylum films got together with the band Moones to create a video in which you could watch them play a song during various stages of inebriation.

Thanks to YouTube annotations you could skip back and forth and potentially spend an hour and fifteen minutes with the band and see if their song gets any better from different angles or different drunk states.

They drank 80 beers total. But before you get all excited, they're a five piece band. So that's like sixteen beers each. Also you don't even get to watch them drink.

The whole thing feels like it's a better ad for youtube's capabilities than for Moones.In fact, it feels more like a "We don't have a budget to do the Ok Go treadmills thing, but we have enough for a couple cases of beer."


Kia wants you to play some games.

To celebrate Kia Forte's awesomeness, Kia created the tech athlete Games. A very lo-fi, sit on your ass in front of your computer version of something hardcore. Play for fun and prizes. And hopefully spend time with Kia long enough to get off your ass and head down to the dealer and buy one. because dealers don't care if you have fun or not. They're there to move units.


Youtube's "ambush advertising" in makeup tutorial channels, been done thrice

Stealth advertising in youtube channels is popular, so popular we have badlanders happening. Maybe this type of advertising should have its own name? Ambush advertising? Kiss and sell?


Duolingo proposes to user in special exercise set up by boyfriend.

Duolingo are romantic saps. When Flavio asked them to help him do a a duolingo proposal, they did. See, Flavio knew that his girlfriend was taking Italian lessons with Duolingo so that she would be able to speak to her beau in Italian. He asked Duolingo to set up an exercise just for her that would lead to the big question. It began innocently enough, with "Lui ti ama" to translate. "He loves you". Then "Lui ti adora", he adores you.. and then it got personal: “Will you marry Flavio Esposito?”


Busted: the don't bother Cannes App

BustedApp is the not-must-have Cannes app this year, unlike that brilliantly useful Pizza after midnight spotting App that Deutsch LA made.

Busted App hangs bling-chains, leather-bondage-gear and beards on people as you snap pictures of them, a tech so old that Google perfected Rudolf-noses tracking your face live in hangouts. So that you may "expose the decadence and depravity of the worlds largest ad festival" while you're there.


KFC Romania launches its first mobile campaign

"Bite To Win," is KFC Romania's first large scale digital application. It also sounds incredibly pervy.

They wanted to play off the notion that KFC's new fillet bites are made from scratch and therefore not uniformly perfect looking. Each shape would be different. So the mobile initiative uses shape recognition technology to see if your bites look like any of the 50 suggested shapes. If you collect enough shapes you start winning prizes.

They personally lost me at "download the app," but I still think the idea is quite fun, especially because some of the shapes in the recognition software include an elephant and Elvis.

Client: KFC Romania:
Monica Eftimie – Chief Marketing Officer
Cristina Porumbel – Junior Brand Manager
Gabriel Nenciu – Junior Brand Manager