Pozz Failed viral for Firefox

Remember POZZ the French viral ad agency who wanted to sell a viral campaign on Ebay last year? Someone actually bought it. Well, now they've created a campaign for Firefox over at, and these films received 300,000 views in the first day they say. The films are predicatble, boring, pointless and not very 'viral' in the sense that I wouldn't pass it on to anyone.


For the last time people, Blogebrity is not real.

Ok, you can all stop emailing me the tips about Blogebrity now. Really, it's ok. I'm not even going to link it again, when I first saw it it was via the Contagious Media Showdown competition's ranking page on Friday, and I admit that I did indeed laugh at the idea, even if I didn't have any reason to believe it was real in any way since it was a contest entry. It's funny anyway. That's the beauty of it.

Now, some people just won't let this idea be a plain old funny idea, they want it to be real. When Sean Bonner posted that Blogebrity is a Hoax (on Friday) someone protested fiercly in the comments. Naturally. How else do you spread a link? Add a little controversy and/or mystery and watch the thing snowball. So who benefits from that then? The people behind the Blogebrity idea of course, as they might win the 2000 USD if the controversy brews big enough to garner them enough links-in and traffic attention.
So everyone, you can stop emailing me that link now. Don't email me the "Paris Hilton End Hunger" thing at either. In fact, just look at this list of entries now, anything on there is not a "real" viral in the sense that a company has paid for it. If they are real in that way, they break the rules. It's a game of online gags, just enjoy them.

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Brain Freeze the 7-11 Slurpee 'viral' ranks ranks 12 in competition

Friday when I told y'all about the Contagious Media Showdown competition few checked out the Showdown Ranking Page it seems, as I have been asked by a few people if entry X or Y in said competition rea


Sega, young pups in training

As a follow-up to their swearing football manager who was really sheep-dog trainer now comes a sequel, in this "Youth Team" the confused pipe-smoking farmer is training puppies for the big league. Puppies are cute. If you just adore puppies you might want to check it out, if you remember how 'funny' the last one was this one is exactly on that level.
Sega even released a third one, this one is a long film and by long I mean eons, a mock mockumentary of sorts where Miles Jacobson the Managing Director of Sports Interactive tries to sign up the swearing farmer as pack talent. I didn't bother watching the whole thing, someone tell me if it was funny. You have Maverick Media to thank for these ads, and they promise more scenarios with the nutty farmer in the future.


Sith Sense, can you stump Darth Vader with 20 questions?

When CP&B sent us the BK link Sith Sense and it roamed adlist last Tuesday, we were highly amused by it, and a tad dissapointed that the site was so swamped that it could barely respond. Mucho popular viral from the get-go. When the "service unavailable" messages calmed down our troop of testers managed to challenge Vader. John said "For me, Darth froze on question 12, "does it have a hard outer shell?" So the evil one never guessed I was thinking of Pez dispensers." Abbey managed to go all the way through and stumped Darth with thinking of a coffee cup. Not just any old coffee cup..... Now that traffic is a bit better, you go ahead and try, see if you can outwit the evil one. For old school internet nerds, yes it's that classic twenty questions game, just dressed up in flash.


Contagious Media Showdown competition

Showdown contagius media showdown is sortof a viral award, except it doesn't suck. Entries may not be paid work, like those virals advertising a commercial product, or promoted with bots, text ads or seeded at seeding places, like Kontraband. The work has to spread on merit alone, and on the Showdown Ranking page you can see what is rising to the top.

Webhead injokes like the magazine Blogebrity is neck to neck with the apple + blogger switch AutoBlogger integrates seamlessly into your journaling software, allowing a busy writer to do things that other internet nerds only dream about. Go out on dates. Take an extended vacation. Turn off your computer for a few hours and spend a lazy weekend just sipping lemonade in your back yard. Followed by Crying While Eating

What he's eating:
Double-chocolate milano cookies

What he's crying about:
Sex will never be that good again

Go down the list, you're bound to find something that amuses you. Or not. The Grand Prize in this competition is 2000 US Dollars.

Mad Dogs mad sale.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen is closing down, sadly, but this means that for the right price you can get a Mad Injection of hip creative people who used to work there. Oh yeah!


Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral movie

Back in march viral advertisings enfant terrible Mr Asa Bailey, famous from the ogilvy hijack, was auctioning off a sure-fire viral idea on Ebay and spewing releases about it in hopes offinding a bidder. I never bothered to write about the auction, but in Sweden did, my guess was that if anyone would buy the idea it would probably be - the guys who bid on anything inane on ebay as their sole marketing strategy. Who else would bid on a poor Posh Spice imitator getting run over by a car? Or as the ebay auction read: …Victoria is then unfortunately hit by a London buss. .

Well, whaddyaknow I was right, the viral has now been sponsored by You can see the fake security-came footage here in the film called Kill Posh Asa Bailey Viral, where Asa Baileys name is as loud and large as the "clients" name Golden Palace's, because you know, being a viral advertising marketer means you have to get your name as well as your clients out there. Right.


Ad Trophies - Send an award to someone who needs it

This is a hoot! lets you build and send an award to that special someone... A suitable award like the PR Slut award, the Bold Ego award, and the ever popular most-killed-ideas-award. The spinless award is sweet too.


Unilever takes Axe to the web and wants to stay there.

Unilever, owner of Axe brand, are trying to keep their brand top of mind with young lads in the united states by sending fictional characters Evan and Gareth out to try out score-lines on unsuspecting babes. Evan and Gareth 'videoblog' their adventures and the idea is that hopefully this whole thing will go viral, alas, it hasn't yet. It's been seeded on and has a seven linkbacks according to technorati so far.

Some of the films are funny, like when Gareth tries the pick-up method he calls "love song" by singing HEY THERE BEAUTYQUEEN at the top of his lungs.
If this universe seems a little different than the recent Axe print ads in South Africa with older women predators and the Dance Club kidnap stunt, it's because it is. Even in the states Axe has been all about "one whiff drives women mad" as they launched with the commercials where a woman was ravishing a store mannequin back in 2002. (read more...)