marketing mishaps


Markee the Sad


"Undocumented Immigrant? Before You Get Deported, Get a Sugar Daddy,” billboard targets Austin's undocumented women

Arrangementfinder are as usual ensuring they get noted in the news by latching on to current topics in their outdoor advertising.


What happens when ads don't prove what you want them to?

BETC created a fake Instagram account featuring an it girl Louise Delage who was going all over Europe, having fun with drink in hand. Or bottle.


Reminder: "People are taking the piss out of you everyday" is Sean Tejaratchi not Banksy

The Cats on the tube in Clapham common have created quite a stir in the UK, with industry veterans and cat-fans alike discussing the stunt.


Planned Parenthood call women "menstruators", receive twitter backlash from their target market

Planned Parenthood, the non-profit organisation whose motto is "Care.


END CAMPUS RAPE - women are now notches on a helmet.

Baylor University has been rocked by sexual assault scandals as a law firm hired by the University has concluded that Baylor's football program and athletic department has failed to effectively respond to sexual assault complaints.


Dominos accused of "rape culture" for "no is the new yes" line.

Since the decline of cinemas, a lot of projectors seem to have found a new calling in life. On Twitter, Laura Dravland a photographer residing in Montreal remarked on the Dominos Pizza box packaging, hashtagging the headline #rapeculture, and the tweet quickly went viral.


Banjo, Sydney ad agency, apologises for alleged 'racial' incident

"What is it with advertising agencies this week?" asks Twitter down under as the news spread that Banjo Advertising had said to a candidate at an interview that "the client might be alarmed that there's three brown people o the account".


‘Hot lesbians’ facebook ad lands Canadian oil sands group in flamewar

The Canada oil Sands community had to apologise one facebook for posting a meme.


Lena Dunham wants to remove guns from film billboards


FlySafair's twitter fail and Twitter launched "Engage" - safe space for the 1%

"I was 4050 in queue now this!" says the woman on Twitter to the FlysafeAir account which is run by a social media manager who loves gifs.