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Lush North America wades into identity politics. It doesn't go well.

I abhor puns with a passion but I couldn't resist "wades in," when it comes to Lush, the soap brand who decided to remove products from their window displays to have a discussion about

L'Oreal UK's hijab-wearing model Amena steps down and apologises after discovery of anti-semitic tweets.

L’Oreal UK’s latest advert features "influencer" star Amena, along with other women across the UK. Amena wears a hijab, and her sole line in the advert is a comment on this; “Whether or not your hair is on display, it doesn’t affect how much you care about it.”

Man dressed as Shark mascot fined in Austria under new anti-Burka law

Warda Network, and Austrian ad agency shared on their facebook page that a man in a Shark Mascot suit they created was fined for running afoul of the new a

Twitter explains why they temporarily banned Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan

Twitter may have banned the wrong person, for once, as their arbitrary rules system kicked in on Hollywood star Rose McGowan, just as she was getting the hashtag #Rosearmy rolling.

Lola, the model in the "Racist Dove ad" defends original concept

Lola Ogunyemi is a model who has unwillingly become the face of "racist ad" after she appeared in a Dove body wash campaign.

Ford's Saudi comment on women drivers looks just like Lynx award winner from 2016

Lidl airbrushes cross from Greek food packaging

Citing the desire to remain "religiously neutral," German budget supermarket chain Lidl found itself receiving backlash after it airbrushed the symbol of Christianity, from the

Transgender former L’Oréal model Munroe Bergdorf defends "all white people are racist" comments

Model Munroe Bergdorf was part of a recent campaign created by L’Oréal that champions diversity, but after posting "all white people are racist" in a Facebook post, L’Oréal ended their partnership with Bergdorf.

Crooked and controversial flagpole art in Stockholm looks plagiarized from Icelandic artists previous project

Recently the art "du gamla du fria" ("thou ancient, thou free" which is the name for Swedish national anthem), is an art installation that consists of a crooked flagpole waving the Swedish flag upside down.


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