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Kathy Griffin poses with Trump's disembodied head, apologises, but still fired from jobs

Update: CNN statement : "we have terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year's Eve program"

How did @Sweden make the blocklist that listed Pewdiepie & the Israeli Foreign Ministry as "Nazis" ?

We reported earlier about the @Sweden Twitter account which claimed to protect freedom of speech by blocking 14,400 people from interacting with it.

SheaMoisture's growing pains as they expand market - social media backlash for ads

A funny thing happened on SheaMoisture's way to expanding their market share... They offended their core market and have been met with a hailstorm of criticism on social media, blogs and vlogs ever since.

Nivea get into trouble for “White Is Purity” ad that talks about a pure white robe

There's a lot of things that can go wrong when you translate a global or near global campaign, I've been there.

LA Times & Propublica's "We will not shut up" T-shirts

As we've snarked, since advertising can not support a newspaper alone and people no longer pay for the product they consume, newspapers will like musicians have to "adapt" and make T-shirts.

"Undocumented Immigrant? Before You Get Deported, Get a Sugar Daddy,” billboard targets Austin's undocumented women

Arrangementfinder are as usual ensuring they get noted in the news by latching on to current topics in their outdoor advertising.

What happens when ads don't prove what you want them to?

BETC created a fake Instagram account featuring an it girl Louise Delage who was going all over Europe, having fun with drink in hand. Or bottle.

Reminder: "People are taking the piss out of you everyday" is Sean Tejaratchi not Banksy

The Cats on the tube in Clapham common have created quite a stir in the UK, with industry veterans and cat-fans alike discussing the stunt.

Planned Parenthood call women "menstruators", receive twitter backlash from their target market

Planned Parenthood, the non-profit organisation whose motto is "Care.

END CAMPUS RAPE - women are now notches on a helmet.

Baylor University has been rocked by sexual assault scandals as a law firm hired by the University has concluded that Baylor's football program and athletic department has failed to effectively respond to sexual assault complaints.


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