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Markee the Sad


x-tra read all about the x-fever

You may have noticed as of late, the deluge of X/Xtreme/eXtreme/Extreme names.
So has the Boston Globe who say all this X communication is no accident according to marketing X perts.

The Atlanta Journal has also noted that X marks what's hot.

officially all X names have been X-hausted!


MSN Launches "iLoo"

We've been laughing at this all morning - seriously believing that this is a joke.

Alas, it's not a joke, MSN Launches World's First 'Internet Loo' brags a pressrelease from Microsoft today.

Apparantly, The iLoo will be mobile and is part of MSN’s mission to allow instant logging on "anytime and any place".

Their old tag - "Where do you want to go today" could be changed to "Where do you need to go today".


Is it News or an Advert?

Aaron Brown of CNN, Walter Cronkite and some other broadcast journalists have been hired to appear in "news breaks" produced by a company called WJMK Inc. in Florida. Picking up the baton where Morley Safer left off. Is it pre-packaged news or a thinly veiled advertisment for the drug companies that pay $15,000 for the segments, and are allowed to edit and approve them?

Morley Safer of CBS, has appeared in hundreds of the videos but has concluded that the work "does not meet the standards of CBS News". Safer won't be doing any more ad-news segments for WJMK in the future.


MTV refuses to air anti-war ads

(Reuters) - Groups opposed to the U.S.-led campaign against Baghdad complain they have been blocked from airing anti-war advertisements on broadcast media increasingly dominated by giant corporations reports.

The anti-war group Not In Our Name said MTV refused to air its spots in which young Americans in New York's Times Square talk of their opposition to war. The spots were shot by acclaimed documentary maker Barbara Kopple.

However the "be all you can be" army recruit advertisments run on MTV.


adidas 'shoe bomber' ad bombs.

The advertising watchdog in the UK is investigating after receiving complaints that an adidas poster poked fun at the case of the convicted terrorist Richard Reid.

The complaints said the ad depicting a naked athlete wearing nothing but running shoes was inappropriate in the current international climate and should be taken down.

(read more to really see poster)


Viagra reaction to limp idea cans agency's parody

Auckland , NZ : An advertising agency has been forced to cancel a marketing parody of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra after squabbling with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer over whether the campaign was legal.

Nebula Marketing promoted itself with the tagline "Niagra ... the proven marketing performance enhancer". The copy in their promotion continued: "Marketing strategy a bit limp and flaccid? Brand suffering from promotional dysfunction?"

Only problem - they sent heir self promotion to Pfizer (Viagra) - and Pfizer were not amused.


Microsoft ad pulled by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority of SA (ASA) has ordered that a Microsoft ad implying that its software will bring about the extinction of the hacker is to be pulled for being "unsubstantiated and misleading".

"Microsoft's software is littered with vulnerabilities"

To see the ad - which depicts a Mammoth, a dodo, a sabre tooth tiger and the other soon to be extinct species - a hacker , just click on the read more link.


McD - what you see you don't get.

Advertising watchdogs in the uk have banned McDonald's ad campaign for their new Steak Premiere burger after viewers complained that the sandwich shown in the commercial was thicker and better filled than the real thing.


Bermuda Busted!

A special lesson to lazy hacks: If one of your accounts is an island paradise, maybe you should get your ass down there once in a while and take some damn pictures instead of relying on stock photography - Otherwise, you're gonna get burned.


advertise on your forehead

formerly a daring fashion move reserved for (bone)heads and their Union Jack Flags - Now even the posh Guardian wants you to label your forehead.