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McDonalds, Racism and Coffee

When in Australia, be careful what you call your coffee.

Bandt reports that Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan lodged a complaint about a McDonalds McCafe ad to the Advertising Standards Bureau for the ad because "it contains a culturally offensive reference to indigenous people." McDonalds responded by not airing the ad while waiting for the ad watchdogs verdict. That the McDonald's McCafe TV commercial contained racist references has been dismissed by the watchdog.


KFC, PETA, and George

Via The Washington Post , news on the departure of Jason "George from Seinfeld" Alexander as the pitchman for KFC. Was he a convert to PETA's cause? Or had the campaign just run its course?


The Czech is in the Mall

Film students Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak fooled 1,000 people into coming to a nonexistent mall.

from article:

To explore the power of advertising, Film Academy (FAMU) students Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak set out to build the largest spoof ad campaign the country has ever seen. Ad spots were broadcast on Czech Television (CT) and on the radio for Cesky Sen, and the public transportation system displayed posters. Flyers were distributed to unsuspecting passersby.


When good spuds go bad

"Simply put, they're not what a potato is supposed to be." This is how H.J. Heinz pitched Funky Fries -- the weird chocolate-flavored and blue-colored fries -- to the world last year. Simply put, consumers preferred potatoes how they used to be. "Kids already like the plain french fries," said Marilyn Raymond, director with New ProductWorks. "Why try to make them more friendly to kids?

A CNN story of the demise of Funky Fries and other food bombs.

For extra fun, discover the true meaning of Funky...


Homing pigeons to promote Tennis game?

Acclaim Entertainment who last year gathered headlines such as "death to advertising as we know it" as they advertised for 'Shadow Man: 2econd Coming' on gravestones in the UK, has done it again, this time they're advertising on pigeons.

(wanna see a pic? Read more fo' mo'!)


Coke driver fired for drinking Pepsi

SYLMAR, Calif. -- Union officials were up in arms Friday after a 12-year route driver for Coke was allegedly fired after management discovered he was drinking a Pepsi. NBC 4 reports. Rick Bronson, a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 848, was fired Thursday after someone reported him to management for drinking a Pepsi, according to the union.

Coke fired Bronson under a company rule that bars "slander".


homeless' cardboard signs serve as advertising media

Seattle times reports : In what advertising industry watchers said is a first, a Portland pizza-by-the-slice company has hired homeless people off downtown sidewalks to take part in a guerrilla marketing campaign. They are paid in pizza, soda and a few dollars.


Taj Mahal being turned into a shopping mall

A bit OT but how far will commercialization go?

NEW DELHI: Imagine a shopping mall as the backdrop of the Taj Mahal instead of the picturesque Yamuna.

Is this an architectural nightmare? No, this could soon be the ugly reality. The UP government has started the construction of the Heritage Corridor on the banks of the Yamuna, behind the monument.

The UP government has decided to fill up the river bed behind the Taj in order to build a shopping complex, the work for which has already begun. The Central and the state government have sanctioned Rs 175 crore for the construction of the Taj Heritage Corridor, even as environmental conservationists are decrying the 'scandalous' nature of the project.


fcuking 'ell.

Judge Huw Daniel has dismissed a juror at Mold Crown Court in North Wales for wearing one of French Connection's "FCUK" T-shirts in court the Telegraph reports.

FCUKs cheeky slogan was created by TBWA (the 'b' does not stand for 'Beattie') in London 1997 when Trevor Beattie by lucky coincidence spotted faxes that had been sent from the company's Hong Kong office marked "FCHK to FCUK".


Heidi looks like a stripper?

H&M have already caused their usual ruckus with their new poster campaign for summer bathing fashions - featuring model Heidi Klum.

Åke Finne, advertising professor in Sweden states "These ads are insulting to women, depicting them as hookers'.

read more to see Heidi topless.