marketing mishaps


Markee the Sad


Bermuda Busted!

A special lesson to lazy hacks: If one of your accounts is an island paradise, maybe you should get your ass down there once in a while and take some damn pictures instead of relying on stock photography - Otherwise, you're gonna get burned.


advertise on your forehead

formerly a daring fashion move reserved for (bone)heads and their Union Jack Flags - Now even the posh Guardian wants you to label your forehead.


beer and twins

I love football on TV,
Shots of Gina Lee,
Hanging with my friends,
And twins!

Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski - Coors new bodies - eh - spokestwins are rocking the beer-world.....


Nike won't have it.

John Smiths are in trouble with Nike for their latests adverts - depicting the star of Phoenix Nights kicking a football and shouting "'Ave it" according to BBC news online.

A letter sent to Scottish Courage, which makes John Smith's bitter, by Nike's solicitors Dickinson Dees describes Mr Kay as "an overweight and apparently unskilled footballer".


Moms outrage against Nike nudity

Onemillionmoms are encouraging mom's to send letters of complaint "urging Nike and The NFL to drop the disgusting commercial" which is currently airing.

Super adgrunts - click to view

"It is unbelievable the depths to which marketing has fallen. It's gotten so that you can't even watch a sporting event without exposing your children to nudity, sex and violence on commercials!"


Dirtier than they thought.

David LaChappelle's latest video "Dirrty" with Christina Aguilera is a lot dirtier than they initially thought.

Raunchy images of Christina Aguilera dancing isn't the scandal, neither are her exposed buttcheeks or sucking of bottles.. It's the posters in the background added by some set Art Director that doesn't read Thai.

"I had absolutely no knowledge that this poster contained such offensive words, and I sincerely regret the insult." said David LaChappelle.



Microsoft switch goes sour

Microsoft pulled a switch. To be more specific, they posted a cute ad on their sales pages supposedly written by a freelance copywriter who switched after eight years of mac-dom over to XP. It beat the same drum as the apple switch campaign but with a lot less personality. An entire personality it seems.

The slashdot community thought they recognized the woman, and found her to be a Getty images stock photo. Was this a testimonial without a testimonee?


ad translation bites.

In Stockholm 7-11 are currently running ads promoting their hot dogs. Someone should have told them what their headline means in french .........

Bite Sale! literally means dirty Cock in french.
Wonder if the girls parents knew.... I'm sure she can excuse herself with the classic: 'I was young, I needed the money'...

photo © Lars Hultman


Phwoar - says the queen over sex-ad.

An advert for Ann Summers chain of sex/lingerie shops, depicting the Queen reading a sex manual next to the line "Phwoar, must get one", has provoked a rare letter of complaint from Buckingham Palace.


"emotional bond with batteries"

Acme Idea Co just produced three new duracell ads that shall help consumers develop a personal connection to their batteries. Outrageously daring, one spot shows a boy reading by flashlight while the next scene shows the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group wearing Duracell-powered headlamps. What a twist!

Acme Idea co states: "Most consumers don't have an emotional connection to their batteries, and with this campaign we hope to change that."

You know why we don't have an emotional connection to our batteries - we have to throw them away when we're done*.