marketing mishaps


Markee the Sad


Stopping advertising to save money, is like stopping your watch to save time.

Seems everywhere we look, massfirerings are happening. 10% of the danish advertising professionals have walked to their offices for the last time. W+K have slashed staff worldwide.
In Stockholm the freelancers gang is growing to critical mass. Large agencies in the u.s. calls staffers to the friday meeting ("we feel, it's better to fire on Fridays") as morality sinks to mimic the agencies golden cow account tagline, like a Rock.


Quiet Man Flames away.

Everybody wants to be a star, and in a newly reprised Freeman and Partners, MacKenzie-Cutlercampaign for Fox Sports' National Basketball Association, basketball wannabes Alan and Jerome live out a sport fan's dream thanks to Flame artist Johnnie Semerad and his teamat Quiet Man.


Agency Gets Costly Dot-Com Lesson

Though they're an e-biz flunk out, bankrupt wound up teaching former agency DeVito/Verdi a thing or two about dot commerce.

Dennis Publishing is suing the agency for $270,000 worth of unpaid ads that ran in Maxim magazine. For the agency's sake, the litigation hopefully ends here. God forbid should decide that a media plan that promoted its text book website in Maxim contributed to its demise.


The Swoosh Is In Your Court

Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom isn't allowed to play college football because he received a skiing endorsement from Nike. The NCAA doesn't like that sort of thing. Well, Bloom saw a big flaw in the NCAA's logic, so he took them to court. And you may or may not be surprised by the ammo he has in his pocket, or rather, on his pocket.


Braille Posters that can't be read by anyone.....

Clayton found this lovely article about some clever posters written in Braille with the theme of equal treatment for the blind.

Only problem - the posters had no other headline than the braille, so the seeing could not read them, also they were placed behind protective glass, so the blind could not read them. So the equal treatment message fell on deaf ears. *bada-bing-tssck!*

"Unfortunately, no one knows what it says because it has been put inside a display case with a glass front," the magazine noted in its feedback section, a regular feature about life's ironies and tidbits from around the world.


Canadian and Australian beer infused rants!

Beer and patriotism go together - that's just the way it is. But to copy the famous Canadian "rant", except down in Oz? Now, don't be silly.

Adgrunts can view the commercials here: Molson Joe I am Canadian and Fosters I Believe

Otherwise, continue to the screenshots below.


Dear PETA: "Save the wild pussy"

PETA want people to stop wearing fur trim, so they show this image of a woman with a rather thick area of pubes peeking out from underneath her lingerie. Oh, PETA, will you ever be able to make an ad that doesn't disrespect women as a springboard for your cause?

MS Magazine has a collection of readers reactions this this ad, well worth a read. My favorite:


Anna Nicole in H&M underwear distracts Norwegian drivers

This ad campaign may no longer run in Norway after several drivers have skidded off the road at the sight of the former Playboy model in a corset.

H&M are probably thrilled about the press.