marketing mishaps


Markee the Sad


Fall off the roof failed.

In Auckland a man posing for an advert managed to scare onlookers so good they called the fire brigade. He was hung from the side of the BNZ tower in central Auckland today, appearing to have fallen from his safety cage. The fire brigade came to the rescue, the wallclimber Nigel Lennox apologized, and some ad exec is really mad this made it all the way in to the New Zealand Herald, without one mention of this high-flying ad shoot was for. hehe.


Ceasar sues McDonald's - for making him fat

An obese New Yorker is suing four leading US fast food chains, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC who he accuses of being responsible for his 123kg frame and a series of heart attacks.

Caesar Barber is testing whether the food industry can be held responsible for health problems in the same way as tobacco firms.


The cola wars get hot

The Hindu reports that an advertisement by an unknown outfit Muslim Mahaz carried the text:

"Do not drink Pepsi or Coca Cola as you would be unwittingly supporting Israel in its anti-Muslim actions the world over,''

the front page advertisement ran in local Urdu daily Srinagar Mail, today.

any comments?


You are getting sleepy....

Zippo revisits Ogilvy's hypnotist idea - with a twist .

The company said the results not only confirmed Zippo's image as the maker of a cool, hip and classic lighter, but insights that came out of the focus groups will likely shape the lighter maker's advertising campaign for the next year.

"At first we thought it was a strange idea," said Bradford-based Zippo spokesman Patrick Grandy. "But the more we talked, the more it made sense."


dumb ad ban of the week

a job advert asking for a "friendly" employee has been deemed to be "not fair to unfriendly people".

"We were told we could not have that specification because it was discrimination against people who were unfriendly." says Mr Speakman who placed the ad.


Nike gagged.

Firms can be found liable for deceptive public statements, justices decide. Critics call the decision a blow to free speech.
The California Supreme Court ruled that Nike Inc. can
be sued by a man who claims the company broke advertising laws with an ad campaign that defended the wages, treatment and safety conditions of workers at overseas factories.


Digital ads in "Spider man" have Super Sign filing suit against Sony

C|Net reports that 'Digital ads entangle "Spider-Man"' for digitally superimposing billboards in Time Square, thus eating into their revenue stream. But I thought the spider-man movie was fantasy, not a documentary....?

As computers make it easier to manipulate video images, the issue of who owns the space that appears on-screen is likely to heat up in a battle over digital advertising and product placement.
In its suit, Sherwood and Super Sign allege they've lost revenue because their Times Square billboard space becomes less desirable if the companies can't guarantee exclusive placement both on-screen and offscreen.


Teaser ads gone wrong?

Cryptic 'mLife' Theme Leave Viewers Thinking Health Insurance
February 25, 2002 By Rance Crain (Ad Age)
A column or two ago, I wrote about the great good fortune of Andersen Consulting being forced to change its name to Accenture -- just in time to avoid the Enron flap. Now, in a second stroke of luck, AT&T Wireless is giving Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. a load of free advertising.
AT&T Wireless is blanketing the media with ads for "mLife," which most people assume is another name for Met Life. Isn't it logical for the insurer's name to go from Metropolitan Life to Met Life to "mLife"?


Peeping Tomfoolery -- OR -- Close Encounters of the Ad Kind

All the big companies are doin' it: that is, sending glorified voyeurs into people's homes to analyze their interaction with various consumer products. Apparently, since traditional focus groups just aren't cutting it anymore, big brands have found the need to go a few steps further by invading the personal lives of willing guinea pig people.


New York Times - now with TV commercials

Seems the online version of the new york times will soon start running commercials amoungst their news stories. See their sales pitch here.
Do you think this is a good thing? Or bad idea?
Do you think this will work?