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Ad Shows coming to a screen near you

Somewhere somehow people have realized that punters do like to watch ads on occasion - provided they're the funny ones. So we've had shows like Carrot's commercial breakdown and all of it's clones for years already - now for the next step - entire channels dedicated to adverts.

The advert channel.tv is a site that much like Carrot's, brings you the funniest and silliest ads from around the globe, pure advertainment. The presenters also take you behind the scenes in the making of adverts and broadcasts on the digital satellite platform Channel number 694 - all you need to do is tune in. You can advertise on the channel of course, and with this audience the viewers might even stick around to watch your ad. ;)


Clear Channel Communications refuses anti-war ads

The group called "Project Billboard" booked their ad space way back in December of last year, on a Billboard at the Marriott Marquis Hotel at Broadway and 45th Street in NYC. Now Clear Channel Communications - one of the largest Media Companies in the US (and the world) - has nixed the ad and will not run it next month as previously planned. Morons.org has more. The Project Billboard group are accusing Clear Channel for breach of contract and are expected to file a suit today in Manhattan federal court. Read more to see the offending posters.

Hat tip to Michael modern times film @ adlist.


Stepford wives - Rice and Clinton

In a (succesful) bid to get a little extra attention around the film Stepford wives - a remake of Bryan Forbes 1975 film by the same title which is based on a book by Ira Levin - Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have been added as extra spice to the trailer. Morphing from their usual selves to a harem lady and the perfect homemaker their images flash by in a snap, but it's enough to make people notice. Birdherder exclaimed "Wtf!?" upon seeing it - click here for news at ten video detail. Shocking for attentions sake?


Sloggi is in another bumfight!

Sloggi's derriere fetish is getting tired. Recently a Sloggi spring-string ad has made appearances as a poster in the UK which was apparently located close to mosques. Did the bums do this to make sure someone complained so they could squeeze some free press out of it? Your guess is a good as mine, they got two complaints, and are now appearing all over the British press.

This isn't the first time Sloggi has gotten in the press for their
posteriors, remember when they teamed up with Daewoo to select the best bum where site visitors (females only) sent in pictures of their butts and the best behind could place their winning rump in the seat of a Daewoo car.


MTV nixes Super Size me commercial - or is it a PR-ploy?

The documentary Super Size me which got high praize at the Sundance Film Festival and doing really well at the boxoffice, is again in the news - this time for being "banned from MTV".


Cleavage exploitative of and degrading to dental nurses.

Remember the Polo Volkswagen (BMP DDB) campaign a few years back? The line said "surprisingly low prices" and the commercials were hilarious twist on this fact. In one a Dentist tries to get his patient to open wide, the patient tries but it really isn't wide enough, until the dentist shows him a Polo ad with the price listed and the patients jaw drops. Great ad.

In New Zealand an ad for Cool Charm deodorant takes place in a similar dentist office, where the dentist is having the same problem with his patient. (read more)


Busy ad-banning season in Australia - toad ad caned

A Tooheys New beer has been pulled after complaints that it was cruel to cane toads - in the ad three men were seen using the poor critters as go


TV2 says punters don't watch ads shown on TV2

What a way to diss your main income - TV2 bossman let Politiken know what their real reason for dropping all their advertising slots during the live full day coverage of the Royal wedding this Friday in Copenhagen was.

»Når der kommer reklameblokke, er der tendenser til, at seerne zapper, og det vil vi ikke risikere«, siger Lasse Bjerre.

In English: When it comes to advertising slots, there's tendencies that the viewers will 'zap' , and we don't want to risk that".


Armani in trouble over ad that "sexualized children"

Don't try and look as cool as the Hanson boys if you're an androgynous fella with long hair under the age of ten.


Best ass wins - Sloggi and Daewoo competition.

Amsterdam ad agency LaMarque has created a competition for their car client Daewoo that they hope will gain fame amoungst the younger market. Jeroen Oosterman, branddirector at LaMarque said: - "Daewoo noted that it's hard to reach the younger market on your own, this collaboration campaign together with Sloggy works as an icebreaker."

The idea is as simple as it is tasteless, at Kontest.nl women can send in images of their bums, and the one with the best "bodywork"-behind wins a Daewoo car. If you fail reaching the top ten, not to worry, there's pages of workouts and diet-tips to get into "Sloggy-shape".