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Markee the Sad


Liseberg amusement park's ad campaign offends Greece

Oh yeah, the above ad showing crying children with the lines: "Some children will have to go to Crete / Mallorca / Italy this summer" offends the Greeks. Dagens Nyheter reports that the Swedish Embassy in Athens has received a letter of complaint. The complaint wasn't about the unoriginal Jill Greenberg style of using crying babies / kids, even if it's been done to death. The Cretan Hoteliers are unhappy with the Swedish ads, because it's saying kids would be happier in an amusement park than on a Greek island.


Coke puts the most common names in Sweden on their bottles - except "Mohammed"

Coca Cola Sweden has lent the label of their bottle to the 150 most common first names in Sweden*, to make the Coke experience a little personal, and fun. You can spot the classics Maria, Karl, Birgitta and Göran on a bottle near you soon. The names were the 150 most common from the statistic central agency list of names, and lots of Emma, Oskar and Johan's will be able to find their names on bottles in a supermarket near them.


Mountain Dew drops DeWeezy Lil Wayne for offensive lyrics

Lil Wayne has dropped by Pepsi, stating that his "offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand." Why, it's as if Mountain Dew and PepsiCo had no idea that Lil' Wayne's lyrics are usually misogynist raps about sex and drugs. See also for updates Mountain Dew and Pepsico Explain Why They Dropped Lil Wayne.


"Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY." have a billboard up in Los Angeles that was twice banned in Chicago. The billboard reads: "Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY." and depicts a cute blond girl touching up her makeup. I'm not sure how one lists sugar daddies on ones resumé, but perhaps this sort of internship is the fast track toward the stripper pole. The blond in the ad by the way, is none other than former porn star and Charlie Sheen “goddess” Bree Olson. The billboard is placed very near UCLA campus to attract young college-girls to the dating site, said Arrangementfinders marketing director AJ Perkins to


DKNY uses photographers artwork without permission & thinks $25 000 = $100 000

Classic. So DKNY approached photographer Brandon Stanton aka Humans of New York to use some of his photos in their in store visual program. Brandon says that they : ".... asked to purchase 300 of my photos to hang in their store windows “around the world.” They offered me $15,000. A friend in the industry told me that $50 per photo was not nearly enough to receive from a company with hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. So I asked for more money. They said “no.”" Good for you Brandon, never underbid. However, DKNY had already set their heart on this, and there were mockups made... and well, lets blame the intern that always works. Seems the images appeared in a DKNY store in Bangkok.


One Show bad taste tweet about "killing for a gold pencil" removed.

One show has realized that their timing and wording of their earlier tweet was rather off, considering what is dominating the news right now, and offered an apology.


Hitman is way off the mark with facebook app that "kills" your friends for being ginger

Rockpapershotgun: "Hijinks! Square Enix Say: Threaten ‘Hits’ On Your Friends!" has plenty of screendumps showing off Square Enix hit-game from facebook. You could have people "killed" for their makeup, ginger hair, small tits and all sorts. You could select to murder Galpal X for "cheating on her boyfriend" and instruct the hitman they'd recognise her via her ginger hair and small tits, and she'll receive a video watching the assassin prepare to kill her HOW FUN.

Yes, could, because they soon realized that this was past the line and have removed the game and issued a statement apologising for the app. Epic marketing fail.


Danske Bank's "New Normal" provokes punters by using Occupy imagery

Den Danske Bank has a new campaign out where they can slap their label "The new normal" on practically any controversial staged news image shot by Peter Funch. The campaign is created by the ad agency named Mensch. The entire campaign is so hypocritical it's making Danes blood boil and people are raging everywhere from forums to newspapers about it.


Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri gets into Facebook trouble for pinup girl on a Salami

Ralf Tebaay at Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri in Slöinge (I swear I'm not making any of this up) posted this picture to the sausage-makers facebook page and was inundated with negative comments immediately.

What a brainfart! A pinup girl on a salami. REALLY original guys, Why does there have to be a half-naked woman on every sellable product?

Said one commenter on the facebook page.

Yes, people didn't like the fact that there's a pinup-santa-girl on the Salami, which is named Matilda. There were even suggestions where they might stick it.


"All in" becomes "All up in my snatch" on 7News at night

Thanks a lot, Burns Auto Parts, I laughed so hard I almost had a heart attack when you posted the very serious advice from Copydesk "why you should never ever steal an image off the internet".

The folks at Denver’s ABC-affiliated 7News last night ran a story about the David Petraeus sex scandal, his “mistress,” Paula Broadwell, and her biography of Patraeus, All In.

.... except the cover they had ganked off a quick Google Image search read: "All up IN my SNATCH"

Oh dear.