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Markee the Sad


World discovers clothing outlet in Ahmedabad named "HITLER", is shocked.

We already found one bad name of the day back in March, the eatery "Hitler's Cross" in India with the tagline "From Small Bites to Mega Joys". Now a HITLER fashion store is in the news, thanks to it's ill-considered name "Hitler". Now everyone and their auntie are reporting on this shop.


One million moms forgot how they became moms - protest Ragu commercial

May I, as a fellow woman and mother, say that I think there might be one million ladies in serious need of a date night out there? One million moms lodge their complaint about the Ragú commercial by saying it's... harmful to children. Like, WTFBBQ are they even thinking here?


Apple pulls the genius boy wonder ads from the air, one weekend after they started

The Apple Genius ads, basically telling you that you're not a genius were not very popular at all. But that's not the reason they were pulled, as TBWA/Media Arts Lab tells Business Insider that this was the plan all along.


The Usain Durex Olympic ad was never an actual ad, just FYI.

Yes, I know that I posted it too with the headline Durex win the Olympics - in the cheeky headline event, but in that very post I wrote: If this ad is for real, and Walesonline says it is..., expressing my own personal doubts to its veracity while showing the source for the image.


Silk's bukakke ad generated via ZOOPPA's crowdsource competition was stolen off Vimeo

So, Adverve was on the case with the mysterious Silk "bukakke" ad, wherein a woman gets a lot more than a perl necklace as her face is splashed in milk. Turns out, according to Silk, that this ad was a submission via a ZOOPPA contest. You know ZOOPPA, quoting myself "it's yet another place riding on the user-generated hype where people can create ads that meet a brief and if their ad is picked, they win cash prizes. Oh joy.". So this milk cumshot ad was submitted by a ZOOPPA contender.


Gatorade asks what the hardest part of being an athlete is. Gets response "wood"

Gatorade's facebook account has made the mistake of asking a serious question to their audience of... Well I'm guessing they're made up of jocks and bros... and allowing said jocks and bros to suggest answers to the serious question.


Chick-fil-A recalls totally gay Muppet toys due to "safety Issues"

It all started with a comment to the Baptist Press last week, where Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy admits he's a faithful Christian witness who goes to church on Sunday (when the Chick-fil-A's are closed) and is (gasp!) married to his first wife. That's not the comments that got him in trouble though, this is:

"We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.


Kim Dotcom propaganda song vs the Premissionless Innovation Remix - Lessig Edition

Kim Dotcom has released a video and an annoying tune stating that "The war for the Internet has begun." and "Hollywood is in control of politics". If you can't figure out which parts are supposed to be ironic it's because he's serious all the way. He honestly believes that the Megaupload empire is a movement, and sings: Keep this movement going. Keep this movement tweeting. Keep this movement moving. (so that he can buy more cars?) He wants you to join in: "It starts with you and me we will make history." How grassroots of him, and the footage is of 99% / Occupy protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks as the wall street protesters were all against... Hollywood? The Martin Luther King images do not make Kim look good.


Today's coldest tweet: "#Aurora is trending" by celebboutique to shill dresses + update, they apologized

#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;) Shop:....(link redacted), tweeted @celebboutique at 7:35 PM - 20 Jul, and people are retweeting it shocked that a brand tweeter can be that clueless. Are they though? The "Official Twitter of" might just be using spam tactics in getting as many retweets as possible in todays link economy, callously counting on the retweets to ensure being seen by as many human eyeballs as possible. The initial response is overwhelmingly negative.


Uh Oh, Kit Kat's new mascot is Pedobear

The Age reports that Kit Kat made a big boo boo on their facebook page when they put an image of a guy in a bear suit using Kit Kat's as drumsticks announcing "Drum roll please ... Kit Kat is on Instagram". Not only was that unimaginative, the bear suit looked pretty much exactly like Pedobear.

Nestle Australia & New Zealand confirmed that it had produced the image but denied any knowledge of the paedophile-linked Pedobear.
“We produced this photo – of a real guy in a bear suit - to launch Instagram through our Facebook community,” a spokeswoman for the company said. “The picture is not Pedobear.”