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Markee the Sad


Sweden - the worlds most democratic twitter account dissolves into pure anarchy.

WELCOME TO SWEDEN where we don't have a bikini team that randomly skydives into your fishing trips with cases of beer, where we don't drive yellow and blue scooters singing about amazing diets. In advertising "Swedish" is pretty much a mishmash of all germanic countries, including of course Switzerland. Even the Italian speaking parts. They sound so alike! We all have chocolate, skiing and cable cars, right?


Labatt threatens to sue Montreal Gazette over Magnotta Labatt Blue Beer pic - spawns hashtag twitterlanche

Over at Labatt someone in legal threatened to sue the Montreal Gazette over a photo they used where the kitty-killer and (alleged but probably hell yeah) corpse-defiling cannibal Magnotta enjoys a Labatts Blue in the picture.


H&M's posters with over-tanned Isabeli Fontana gets adbusted in Hamburg.

H&M's latest sumer bikini campaign with an übertanned Isabeli Fontana has been heavily criticized for promoting an unhealthy obsession with tanning. Even though it's obvious by looking at the entire saturated image and Isabeli Fontana's dark tan that a filter was involved in creating this look.

So a street artist in Hamburg decided to remind everyone who look at the posters that this is the case, and the photoshop tool map has been tacked on to the 48-sheet H&M posters. Witty. We get it. She be photoshopped.


Introducing Wired design - where your million dollar idea gets you zip, nada, nuthin

Wired are in hot water after coming up with the "Wired Design" idea, the comments get straight to the meat of the matter: Wired says in the TOS they own it all and you get zip.


"Fuck the diet!" ~Unilever

Finally Unilever says what most people think: "Fuck the Diet". Of course they can't be brandishing the F-word in the US, but in Germany, this is totally kosher. Or so they thought dum dum dum! But the punters aren't having any of it and writing angry posts on the FB-wall of DuDarfst:

Are there not enough smart people in the team who could find a better expression of emotion than FUCK the Diet?! The German language has so much to offer! This route is not brave, this approach possible in the bottom of the level! And it's still the will of the people contributing to want to lose weight. Dieting or not. Errors have to be there to be made. I hope that you find a better slogan to appeal to buyers.


Coke's protection of the polar bears with WWF, a tiny drop of money donated a big chunk to advertising it

"The more you text the more you can protect" says the page and directs me to check out Artic World. What is this campaign?


The red light district "Stop Traffik" stunt wasn't done in the red light district.

Is a good idea still a good idea when it falls in the woods and nobody can hear it scream? When I applauded the Stop Traffik case study I had fallen for the story it tells in the opening shot. That shot shows the Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in the red light district Amsterdam and the canal.


Actress in Stricklyviral skit sues Belvedere vodka for using her image in that "rape ad"

Tom from work that matters said "you called it" when he shared this news with me. The only thing I called was that the "Rape ad" was actually nicked from from Strickly viral's "awkward moments" skit.


The Geeklist demo on how to destroy a budding startup brand image in just a few tweets.

Earlier this week Belvedere proved that everything a Brand says in social media is an ad in the eyes of a consumer, and in a related story everything founders of a new hot startup says represents their brand in social media. The Guardian's tech editor Charles Arthur storified the exchange that still has discussions and threads going - "OH HAI SEXISM". Cliff notes: Shanley Kane, a lady in tech was using her personal twitter account to talk to the founders of Geeklist, on their personal twitter accounts, about a little video she found "fucking gross", where Geeklists logo was prominently displayed.


How to piss off your target market

Nolafemmes, a New Orleans blog, is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.

In today's epically titled post "Historic French Quarter and Faubourg Tremé defaced with graffiti advertising Coca-Cola products," the blogger takes issue with Coca-Cola's egregious graffiti stencil messaging. She goes as far as to write the mayor of New Orleans to complain about it, even citing laws against this type of behavior.

The ads were designed to coincide with The NCAA Final Four. The messaging is for Coke Zero and Powerade. They were placed in high traffic areas, natch.

The Coke Zero message, though not very legible on the blog, looks like it has some tie-in to some offer or something, if one texts the word "Hoops" to a number, something happens.