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Pereira & O'Dell get a bronze from Mediapost, nod to our opinion on ads

Mediapost gave Pereira & O'Dell "bronze" for social agency of 2012, quotes our opinion on their Skype campaign.

“It’s Time For Skype” uses print, outdoor and Web iterations to position the Internet-based voice and video communications service as a warmer, more human way to connect than alternatives like Twitter and Facebook.

“140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch,” reads one copy line. “When did it become ok to text mom happy birthday?” asks another. The campaign’s main social thrust consists of an app on Skype’s Facebook page that lets users create and share “Humoticons” — pictures of themselves expressing emotions.


ADWEEK - 'The legendary ad blogger on Instagram creatives, brands riding the Reddit wave, and how agencies can save themselves'

So Fast Chat: Åsk Wäppling
The legendary ad blogger on Instagram creatives, brands riding the Reddit wave, and how agencies can save themselves
. Oh my, the words "legendary" and "renowned" have me suffering from "gigantic head". It'll pass.

Let's talk about agencies. Are we looking at the last days of the traditional agency? Are creatives going to stop making ads and start making products? And if so, should they get out of the ad business entirely?


Name-checked in Financial Times, nice.

As it happens, the financial times mentions us in: "Skydiver sets speed and YouTube record". Woot!

As well as the exposure for Red Bull’s energy drink, YouTube viewers were shown a “pre-roll” advertisement for Chrysler, the carmaker, according to media industry blog

Aren't you glad we noticed, Chrysler? :)


Business Insider: Meet The 22 Most Influential Advertising Bloggers (I'm one of 'em)

Been spotted in a highly flattering review "Meet The 22 Most Influential Advertising Bloggers" in Business Insider. They sum it up with:

There's a plethora of content, including a massive library of Super Bowl ads. While the content relies on submissions, host Dabitch still puts out some of the best editorials on the web.

Our cheeks are now competing with our hair in chromatic color. Thanks, man.

Meanwhile Brandrepublic puts us at #6 out of 100 choice blogs.


Creativity takes note of the @sweden twitter account #swedengate

Creativity online Jun 14 notice all the hubub around @sweden, and that I made a post about the @Sweden twitter account debacle. They spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to pronounce SKÄMSKUDDE. True story.

Meanwhile, Adland's @dabitch has some great Swedish insight on the debacle, as well as useful language lessons.


Google's left hand doesn't know what the right one does.

As you may have heard Google mistook some lingerie ads on adland for "adult content" and shut down our ad serving quite abruptly. This was very similar to last years Google freakout over the Sloggi ads I was ranting against.

Like I said then, it makes no sense if Google holds publishers to a higher standard than advertisers, and this is exactly what I told Google when I appealed. Now I have this reply:


Dabitch answers Goons & Loons loony Qs

Goons and Loons asks three questions and I do my best balancing on the line between dead serious and yanking your chain when replying. My cats new name is Lord Launch Lunch, though. That's dead serious. Oh yeah.

1. If the career you’re in now didn’t exist what would you be doing?
Inventing said career.


Once again, Google Adsense mistakes lingerie for "mature content" on Adland

We've been here before, last February Adland was banned from Google Adsense due to a seven year old post protesting the sexist Sloggi posters. The ad tradepress in Sweden, such as Dagens Media wrote about the strange ban.


AdWeek 2011 - Microsoft interviews Åsk from Adland


'tis International Talk like a gentleman o' fortune tide day. That is, talk like a pirate day.

Hello! `Tis International Talk like a sea dog tide again. Fer th' past six voyages, we`ve amused ourselves (on accoun' o' we be so easily amused) wi' changin' th' site ever' this tide ever' voyage t' talk like a sea dog. I be shoutin' like a mutinous reef monkey at my own prank. This will be the last year we pull this stunt.

It's a bit difficult to pull off, see, and this year you can only see that the words have changed to pirate-talk in the retweets & comments, but not in the posts. The site has simply grown too large for full-on pirate. Oh nay! What a shame! Ya scurvy dog who ortin' t' be keel hauled!