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Press can be quoting us, using us as reference, or simply interviewing us. Adland was founded Åsk Dabitch Wäppling back in 1996. It began as a passion project, collecting recent ad campaigns, pairing up badland ads and as an outlet to adrant on recent happenings in the ad industry. As it grew, with a discussion mailing list and much mail generated daily, it became a database-driven website collecting great (and not so great) ads serving many caustic comments and editorials on the advertising industry. Some called it a blog, but we do not. The site has been used as resource or quoted by the New York Times (USA), Adweek (USA), Marketing Mag (Canada), the Library of Congress, Spiegel (DE), CNN Money (USA), Media Guardian (UK), Resumé (SE), Adformatie (NL), Campaign magazine (UK), Creativity (USA), Svenska Dagbladet (SE), Dagens Industri (SE), Brand Equity (IN), Børsen (DK) and many many more.
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"Called ads sexist - was chided for porn distrubution"

2011-03-01Metro Sweden picked up on our ban from Google. Here's a machine translation of the article.

The Swedish advertising blog Adland.tv has been banned by Google Adsense, Dagens Media. This is because Google believes that her post is too daring.
- Well, apparently Google believes we serve our readers porn. I can not help but laugh, says Åsk Wäppling, the founder behind the site, to Dagens Media.
She has posted a picture of lingerie from Sloggis advertising campaign. This has been on the blog for about seven years and she has complained that the advertising is sexist, but Google thought the picture was too daring.


Dagens media: Ad blog banned by google - is accused of spreading pornography

What a deliciously clickable headline that is. Dagens Media notes that Adland has been banned by Google, for having nudity on the site. Specifically for a Sloggi ad from 2004 campaign as Googles mail states here. We find this to be hilarious right now, especially after we posted about big brands like Interflora still advertising on Kissie's homophobic hate-speech Nazi promoting blog because she apologized. Sorta. Moral of the story: hate speech okay, writing about sexist ads and depicting them, not okay.


Give homeless banners a site to be on, and help the real world homeless in Stockholm.

Well, we can't have any google ads since we're apparently porn-peddlers anyway, which has put Google adsense in the "more trouble than they're worth" category. So we're banner-less now, and as you all know, I'm a softie at heart, so I decided to turn over our banner-spots to hemlösa banners (Homeless banners). It's a banner campaign created by Stockholms Stadsmission, and it hopes to inspire both large and small websites to help give homeless a roof over their heads.


Adland banned from google adsense, thanks to Sloggi.

You know that I've hated the Sloggi ass campaign with a passion, now it seems I have another reason to hate Sloggi. I just found this sweet message from Google adsense:


While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our policies. For instance, we found violations of AdSense policies on pages such as http://adland.tv/content/sloggi-another-bumfight. Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of your website.


Hat tip from AdAge

Seems we were the first ones to notice that groupon pulled their super bowl ads.


Dabitch interviewed in Design Weak

Design Weak, created by Plan B Studio have an interview with yours truly here in their ongoing great women series. I'm just on the heels of Carolyn Davidson, and have decided to let this go to my head 'cuz there's no beer nor chocolate in the house so this is the only high I'll get today. ;)

So, if you ever wanted to know more about who hosts this place, click on over, as I talk a lot and there's a bit of TMI in one of the answers.


Computerworld lists their top ten super bowl tech ads

We're chuffed to find that the writer Valarie Potter at Computer world: Top 10 Super Bowl tech ads, actually waded through four decades worth of super bowl ads that we have in our super bowl archive to list some of the best, and cheesiest, tech ads. Compuserve "Not Busy" is a really good example of nostalgia-tech that our kids will never understand. Well done, and thanks for using adland.

Edit - looks like the same article appears in PCWorld as well. Cool.


The Worlds largest Super Bowl commercial Archive - 38 years - now all embeddable!

Whoah, anyone who follows me ( @dabitch ) on twitter has had to cope with tweets at all hours lately and you might have been wondering why I stopped sleeping. Blame the Super Bowl Commercials archive for that. I wanted to make them all embeddable flash films instead of our old Quicktime fun, so I've been up all hours fixing things. It's now ready - for your surfing pleasure or for your personal "best of" / "Worst of" superbowlian lists in your blogs. I tweeted a "*phew*, all done" yesterday, @adfreak, @agencyspy, @GOOD and @coudal joined in, and suddenly that link was on fire.

Each page in the super bowl archive, for example the 1995 Super Bowl xxix is currently sorted by "Most visited today". Linking your favorite ad may actually send it up the list.

As you may know, we've been publishing the super bowl ads on super bowl Sunday since 1999, our archive has been the source for the New York Times, and come Sunday we'll do it again. Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie? The same procedure as every year, James!

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Twit likes House Party (censored version) and points to adland.tv

This Week in Tech in who needs this crap October 5, were discussing a few things and Windows 7. It was when they reached that "house party" talk that they tipped to the windows 7 (censored version), and all found it really really amusing. It made me smile too because they say "adland.tv" so that their listeners know where to find it. Doesn't adland teevee sound great? Thanks guys, that was awesome.


BlogHer noticed we didn't like PETA's save the whales: neither did they

So we didn't like PETA's save the whales ad, at all.