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Dabitch adland 404 image by Miklas Njor
test pattern living room

Adland interrupts this broadcast to show you our new test pattern.

Over at Design By Hümans (oh god, the stupid use of a silent umlaut) there's a test pattern "creatures" T-shirt. They look like little pink devils! I should get this shirt, I even have the soundtrack to go with it! :) Let it be the soundtrack for this post:

Seems that I'm not the only one slightly obsessed with Test Card F and test patterns in general. Come to my house and you'll wipe your feet on a test pattern door mat, I got my test pattern earrings on, I check my D&G Medicine Man Test pattern watch. No I don't, I check my test pattern wall clock. Special Sally at Deviant Art has even knitted a really nice TV-pattern pullover. Obviously there's even a test pattern TV cosy.


Announcing the domain on's developers blog.

SvD (Svenska Dagbladet) had me interviewed as part of a series where they ask web developers and site creators a handful of questions including "what's the most interesting thing on the net right now?". the interview is here on Utvecklingsbloggen "Åsk Wäppling". Here I prove that nobody looks good in wide angle lenses and that Swedish indeed sounds like bork bork bork.


Chinese dildo spammers force moderation of posts on Adland.

At 11 minutes past six p.m. my time, that Chinese love toy spammer I've been battling for the past week posted a spampost about their warez, including images of sex toys to the front page. At thirty four minutes past six I looked up from dinner-cooking and saw what had happened and could delete it.

As of right now, posts to the front page are moderated. Say thank you to the Chinese spammer for pissing in our previously open to all friendly adgrunts pool. Eight years of community moderated front page posting, which has been for the most part treated by respect by all members, was just killed by one giant dildo.


Don't worry, there is someone on it - and it's me as usual.

Greetings adgrunts, from your very tired hostmaster. The machine we run here has recently been updated to Red Hat 5.3 and since then quirky issues have been slowing the machine down to a crawl. You've probably noticed. I've been up all hours trying to peg what's been going wrong and changes things in php, mysql, and this site's CMS like nuts to try and fix things. I might have finally solved it. I'm still keeping an eye on things and if I can afford to, I will be buying more ram (don't count on that though, I'm skint.)

Meanwhile, I'm rebuilding the wonky search. 5% of the site has been indexed. There are 49775 items left to index. Since the site is large, this may take a while (read at least 2 days)


Medievärlden: Who wants to watch 37 years of old super bowl commercials?

A 15:45 I spoke to Axel Andén at Medievärlden who needed to tease me a little: Who wants to see 37 years of old super bowl commercials Åsk Wäppling?

Yeah, who would want that? You sickos! And me! That's who, so I retort: Advertising nerds, this is popular culture, lots of expressions stem from super bowl ads.

Quick translation inside.


"The worlds largest Super Bowl commercial collection.. is Swedish"

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that the small attempt at pun above does not work in US English, unless you say "American football" and then it's just not a snappy headline anymore. Oh woe headline writers. Cheers very much to Gothenburg ad agency Miami who fame-spotted us in todays Dagens Industri (Sweden's version of the Financial Times), where there's a blurb about our 37 years of Super Bowl commercials collection.

The blurb reminds readers of DI that you can already view some of this years ads in the 2009 XLIII collection here.
link to original scan


All superbowl ads available to all adgrunts.

Hey kids.

So, all superbowl commercials are now available to everyone who is logged in. It's a drastic change, and just a teensy step in the direction of an even bigger change. Come the superbowl I want to be able to set all superbowl ads free for all - the only reason I'm not flicking that switch right now is because we need to move to a faster server first which we will do in a few days (an art director doing data migration. What a nightmare.)

I wish I could be all web 2.0 supertransparent and tell you more about what I plan to do, but since I am but one single person doing all of it, I do not wish to overpromise anything... yet.

Currently ads are not downloadable due to some legal issues. I'll be sorting that out asap as well.

New user signups are closed for the moment still. Can't change that until we've moved server, I'm afraid.


It's like a hangover so bad, I lost two months of my memory.

Hello all. And a happy 2009.

Mine isn't happy. It hasn't been happy since 2 pm on the 31st of December 2008 when the adland server - named AMMO - crashed badly for the third time and took all it's backups with it.

This is not ammo that we are running on now. I do not trust ammo anymore, despite new discs (twice) new chassi (twice) and new kernel, that Dell PE2950 twin Quad Core Xeon is without a doubt the most crash-prone machine that I have ever encountered, and there still no word as to why it crashed like that. Three times. Taking three out of six RAID5 discs into never-never-bit-land. Yes, the impossible happened to me, thrice.

So here we are running on a slow previous machine with old backups and as you can see, much is lost. While I do my best to recreate all those posts, I can not recreate users through a series of wild guesses. I can not recreate user uploaded files (but will be fetching as much as I can from various caches on the web) - and all the while, I was working to fix things before the superbowl - and yes all of that work is lost too.

Pardon me if I'm a tad too depressed to elaborate further, I'm also quite busy as we will now have to move this to another machine and that takes some doing (ever seen an Art Director do data migration before? ha!) Because, as always, I am the one that will be doing everything. We don't have a crew of clever techies working for us, just this crazy Art Director here doing her very best. You may hate that your favorite video is now offline (at the moment, but I will get everything back, I'll work day and night I promise), you may curse loudly that your account was wiped, I totally understand. Just remember, my heart is broken too.

I'll give more updates as I have time to share them.

Meanwhile, just so that people don't run into bugs, the signups are off, and the upgrades are off. Luckily I have a copy of those updates in another machines as well - so those who lost upgraded accounts please forward your latest receipt to host -at - and I'll get you (and a new account) sorted as soon as I can.


Adage power 150: The number 13 has been following me around all day.

You know that strange phenomena some call synchronicity? I've had the number 13 pop up in nearly everything I've done today - from the amount of steps I've used in the stairs, to the amount of bread slices available, to strange wrong numbers calling, to email subjects and so on. Files submitted have had 13 in them. Someone even SMS:ed me "in a meeting, I'll ring back in 13 min."

Thirteen, thirteen thirteen - everywhere thirteen. What the heck?


Adland emails no longer blocked by AT&T

Quick nerd-update. Good news, AT&T has removed our IP# from their RBL. I don't know why we ended up on that blacklist in the first place, but it was pretty quick and simple to get off it after filling in a few forms with my name, email and number(s) over at

So, to anyone who has an emailaddress at an AT&T network, such as people with in their addy - you didn't get your mails. But you can get them now. So if any passwords went missing, request a new one.

The mail-server IP address(es) associated with your request will removed from the block list within 24-48 hours from the date of this notification. AT&T, Bellsouth, SBC and any affiliates do NOT intentionally block legitimate mail in the course of our anti-spam initiatives and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. If the IP that was recently blocked begins to exhibit the characteristics of a compromised network object or is compromised by an offender of Acceptable Use Policies, the IP address will be blocked again.