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Adland is in Dagens Industri today.

The article about Adland in Dagens Industri (a.k.a Sweden's pink paper) today focuses on the "Chinagate" affair. "Death threats from angry readers commonplace for Ad-blogger" reads the headline.

For those of you who missed it, the posts about the Swedish Red Cross Youth human rights campaign drew a lot of attention. One adgrunt, whole9yards, spotted that some photographs in the campaign depict police in Nepal rather than China - see Red Cross (Youth) pulls "Olympic" human rights campaign in Sweden - and voiced his concerns about this. Other commentators attracted to the posts weren't anywhere near as decent and well articulated as he was, and soon the comments became a regular flame-fest. What you see on here the site is not everything that was posted, since most of the comments were flagged as spam by the automatic spamtrap, but it will give you a general idea of what was being said. Emails directed to me personally were a hundred times worse, and it culminated in late night phone calls and even death threats if I did not remove the campaign and apologize for its existence. Not to mention the DOS-attacks, spambombings and google-bombings attempting to link Adland with the word prostitute. The Swedish Youth Red cross have had to endure the same, and several facebook groups were started rallying people to join in the hate for them.

For the record, I never remove campaigns submitted unless the creators of said campaign asks me to.

Links on anti-cnn regarding that campaign can be seen here: 瑞典青年红十字会借西藏炮制辱奥广告 and Unbelievable: The Red Cross——Hypocritical and misleading !. also had an article a few weeks ago about the threats I've received for publishing that campaign (and the note that the campaign was pulled). See : Adlands grundare hotas för OS-kritisk reklam. The anti-cnn sajt is created by students to expose what they call "Western Goebbels' Nazi media" - that is, Western media's biased coverage of unrest in Tibet. See Australia: Chinese students launch 'Anti-CNN' website


Resumé - July 2008. Founder of Adland threatened for OS-critical ads

Sweden's advertising tradepress ran a story the 23rd of July: Resumé: Adlands grundare hotas för OS-kritisk reklam. (Adland's founder is threatened because of a Olympic-critical campaign). This is funny to read via Googles translation service: check it out. FYI , whenever google says "soft drinks" it's mistranslating the word "läskigt" which means scary. soft drinks in Swedish is läsk.


Search server issues being fixed right now (hence the hiccups)

We're having some database & hardware issues today that I'm working on fixing, so if things appear weird it's because I jammed a screwdriver into the wrong place, spilled my coffee onto the motherboard or plain old tripped over the electric plug.


No worries though, I'll get it sorted out asap. Thanks for being patient with a lowly Art Director armed with screwdrivers, O'Reilly handbooks, swear words and a whole lot of wtf?.

And there's another shot of yours truly, are we a real blog now, since we post images of ourselves, huh huh HUH?




Could the person who keeps logging in to the press account please contact me?

You've been doing this for quite some time now, I think we should set you up with your own account. I can't email nor call you - since your number never appeared on my cellphone's caller ID. The press account is now blocked. Cheers.


Everything now goes on the front page, and the topics have been slimmed down.

Hey kids. I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning that hopefully will help people be less confused with all the choices, choices when they attempt to post something. Simplifying step#1 - everything now goes on the front page (well, except adforum posts). This is partly to make the full enchilada feed carry everything we post (it only carries front page posts), and partly to show new visitors that indeed there's new stuff here all the time.

This makes our little 'sections' in the left hand menu work a little better too. Want only the 'blog' type news and gossip? Adland it is then. Want to check if your commercial, radio ad or poster/ambient has hit the site yet? Well there you go. And even though I admit I don't post many Badlanders these days, Badland also carries recently banned ads news.

Our odd little collection of topics had grown far too organic and strange, we even had names like "marquis de sad" just because Alex thought it was funny at some point. This doesn't make much sense when you are posting something though, so we've slimmed it down to the following (for 'story' posts): Ad awards and meetups, marrying 'awards' and 'networking/datespecific', ad gossip, Adland exclusive merging 'scoop' with our interviews and spotlights on, adrants, advertising jokes - anything funny can go here. Advertising news - this one ate a bunch of other badly named topics, it might make sense to sort it into subtopics such as PR, or copywriting down the line - but right now we need a catch all term and this is it. announcement - a place where you announce stuff like mergers and new jobs. contest & games - sometimes it's our competition, other times it's a game somewhere else we want you to see. Marketing mishaps, yeah when things go wrong. Viral or youtube embedded films and other types of virals. Web & Banners, new developments on the web is advertising too.

You probably won't be posting in the following topics, Press clipping about Adland, is our scrap book of Adland's 15 megabytes of fame. Site news about Adland is where I bore y'all with posts like this. And reviews superbowl bonanza changed it's name to superbowl commercials reviews & news because that is what it is.

I'm also still working on making it possible for adgrunts to upload their own work for automagick postings - just like the one step mp3 upload and post of Radio ads that even my mother managed to figure out how to use (though that says nothing has she's had a computer-related career, heh).


Removing comments only feed.

I've removed the comments only RSS feed, as it confused the hell out of automagick scraper do-dahs such as Technorati and Snap. Since nobody was really using it anyway, I don't think it will be missed. If I'm wrong correct me under this post. (Do y'all miss the ability to get RSS feeds of your comments, the comments under each post and so on that we used to have? )

I've also removed the cute green search box to direct more attention to the block that lets you search commercials only and news posts with images and so on, since that's a more "targeted" search people seem to be overlooking. When you have a hard time finding a commercial, go straight to commercials only search, makes it so much easier.

Our feed for the whole of Adland is here and not anywhere else. Please update your feed readers.


Browse adgrunts by title - find future colleagues, friends and fans.

I was talking to Lotta last night over a few super huge Czech beers about this super cute owl tray that she's made (and sells, I'm so getting one it's adorable), and it suddenly hit me - why can't we browse adgrunts by their titles? I mean, in order to find Lottas page with that tray, you first need to find her. So I got cracking, and now there's a rigid horrible-oh-no-don't-box-me-in-please drop-down menu where you can choose a title that suits. Note the word "can", you don't have to. But is a good way that allows other adgrunts here to find you and by extension, your homepage (if listed) by title.
Art Director (etc and so on)

You'll find this drop-down menu under the tab "personal" in your account. To make things a little more rigid, the titles are genderless, "actor" instead of both actor and actress.


Random poll: I need your input on BANNER AD SUPPORT dear adgrunts

Heya, adgrunts.

It used to be that y'all hated banner as more than life itself. You told me so more than thrice.
It used to be pretty cool to just log in and not see them. It used to be that everyone reckoned it was a good idea to support a service with a coin or three to help it survive.

Now I wonder if things haven't changed. Would you think it was cool to watch ads (as in, the collected commercials of the 42000 strong commercial archive) for FREE, if only there was a twenty second ad that you didn't ask for, that you had to watch before it? And a bunch-a ads around it? Like, banners everywhere! Some even blinking? . How about if you could pay to get away from that mess and meet the serene ad-free advertising archive that you meet today when upgrading, not even a single text-ad bugging you? Would that be cool, sortof like an opt-out option?

The only reason I'm asking is because traffic and want clearly needs me to upgrade on the servers and bandwidth, but if we can't figure out a way to pay for this together. Well, it sadly won't happen. I'd much prefer to make things happen, man.

So I'd REALLY like to know what adgrunts think today about it. I'm guessing peoples minds might have changed but I'm not sure.


CAP&Design: Heaven and Hell with Åsk

Sharing "heaven or hell" the best and the worst of advertising in Sweden right now with Cap&Design magazine. The magazine has also made the article available on the web you can find it here, if you can read Swedish.


Add radio ads with one single simple upload.

Hello adgrunts.

The whole idea of adland has always been that adgrunts themselves should be able to add their own work. This requires things to be dead simple and very automatic, so I've been working on that and can now unveil the super-easy way to add radio ads. All you need to do is title it, choose what type of ad it is, add credits and then upload the mp3, wav or mid file your radio ad is in and presto, the rest is taken care of automagically for you. :) Please give it a go!