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Dear PR people: Mass mailings don't reach the editors

Bear with me adgrunts, as this is the best place to alert PR people to this, fast. Yes, I'm assuming that someone reads the pages they email. We have a contact email - hostmaster at adland dot tv - where we get all the news tips, press releases and other stuff sent to. These emails are then automagically forwarded to everyone here. But only if the "To:" line in the email has the above mentioned email address in it.

See, a lot of spam is "To:" someone else. A lot of mass-mailing is "To:" another addy as well.
As it turns out, a lot of PR people create a mailing list which then makes the "To:" field reflect the senders (their own) address. In all of these cases the email gets stuck on the server and it may take weeks before we see it.

Remedy: want to contact us, create an email, put our address in the "To:" field, and send. It's pretty easy, really. Do not mass email press releases to us as we simply won't see it.


Adgrunts, reccommend books & films to each other.

It's been brought to my attention that I missed more than one film in my eleven advertising films quick review, which kind of figures since I haven't seen every film out there yet. This seems to an ideal time to open up the postings of book recommendations to all adgrunts and reward you who review anything with 20 brownie points each time. It doesn't matter if you loved it or hated it - you can rate the film/book as well, in fact you might save us some money if you thought it was terrible! With the holidays coming up, lets help each other out here with gift-ideas! Inside is how to do it.


Super Adgrunt posts now with added stars!

Hello dear adgrunts. I'm constantly trying to fix things for the better and make things easier to navigate and so on. It's a little lonely however, and I could do with some feedback right now. I need your input on this!
Just recently, I've added stars to the end of the headline for each super-adgrunt article (which is basically all the commercials) so that you can spot that content easy. See images inside.

Here is what the star studded site looks like to a non-logged in person. There's google ads (yuk!) and stars on the films this adgrunt can't view. The big embedded David Spade Axe film is access for all however, and there is no star there. Easy, right?


Invite only, access for all adgrunts free weeks are now over.

Hey Adgrunts. We've had our fun these past few weeks with the signups being closed and new adgrunts could only join via invites, while all adgrunts had a blast watching all the ads in the commercial archive, I had a blast watching the sudden chains of adland buddies being formed.

As you might have figured, this little free-for-all-inside viewing party was thrown while momma fixed the upgrade module. Why? Because momma wanted to change it. And I have.

Regular adgrunts have already noticed that you now get brownie points for commenting and posting around here, as well as for inviting friends - and both you and buddy score even more points once they sign in. Here's the cute part, brownie points buys you super adgrunt upgrades. Yup, for every quip you quip you're getting closer to watching clips. (Did I just say it like that? I sound like a 69 boys wannabe.) Since you were commenting anyway, it's like you're getting paid for it now. ;)


Marketingsherpa: How to Be Seen in Adland, the Land of Edgy Video Ads

Marketingsherpa: How to Be Seen in Adland, the Land of Edgy Video Ads

Wäppling received degrees in illustration and graphic design from Parsons School of Art and Design. She has worked as an art director for companies, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Procter & Gamble. She also has written columns for design magazines, such as Resume and Cap & Design.

Circulation & Readership
Adland currently has 79,622 registered members. Wäppling says their users are: “creatives” in the ad business, tutors, professors, students, production people, planners, account executives and “quite a few people who don’t work in advertising but are big fans.” Each month, the site receives 914,436 unique monthly visitors and 4.87 million monthly visits.

About the Web Site
The site’s oldest ad is from 1958. Their content includes the largest online/offline collection of Super Bowl ads; the 35 years of commercials are accessible for a small fee. Adland has more than 39,000 spots from around the world, plus print, outdoor, interactive and any other existing media.

To read the rest you'll have to log in to Marketingsherpa.


Adland is currently invite only - and access everywhere for all adgrunts!

Well hey there, y'all are probably wondering what the heck I'm doing to the place. Well I got good news for all currently signed up adgrunts. All seventynine-odd thousand of you can watch all ads in the commercial archive for free for the next fortnight.

"Butbut", say the super adgrunts, "what about us?" Oh you have it better of course, you'll get an entire month added to your accounts, so after these two weeks you're still a month ahead!

Ok, so what's the bad news I hear you asking. Funny you should mention, it's not really that bad - but you have to have an invite from someone who is already an adgrunt if you want to create an account and watch 39000 ads for free these next two weeks. But chances are that you do know someone who has a login, there are so many signed up here already....

Adgrunts, this is where your geeky adfetish pays off, if you invite your pals they'll not only be chuffed, both of you will earn brownie points, a karma-type system I figure we can do something fun with later. You earn brownie posts for every rating and comment and post you make, as well as every invite you send.


Adding ad agencies in ad links

So I added a few agencies to the ad links, ad agencies in Europe, in Africa, in Australia & New Zealand, in Asia, South America and of course North America. But dangit, now my arm is really sore and there's plenty more, so fancy adding your ad agency or the ones that you admire? That would be cool, thanks. :)

Yes, only adgrunts who are logged in get to do that. Spammers need not apply, though knowing them right they will anyway. Le sigh.


Argh! Sorry, adland mailed everyone due to error.

Yipes! I was sorting out users earlier today since some shady folk use bots to create lots and lots (like hundreds!) of accounts just to spam your typical viagra-links in their personal info are (what a useless thing to do).
I deleted all of those fake accounts and thought I'd set a trap, any user that hasn't logged in (that is, hasn't logged in at all) is pretty much either one of those accounts or someone who misspelled their email - either way said account should be closed I reckon. So I set a widget to email and then block any user who hasn't logged in (at all), but the widget must have misunderstood me because it pretty much took my instructions to mean anyone who hasn't logged in in the past two weeks. Oh Noes!
I spotted what was happening and managed to stop it, but only after a huge chunk of those emails already had been sent out. Aaargh. So sorry - I'm turning that widget off and never looking at it again, promise! I'm really sorry about that.

As for the spammers, our new prove-you-are-human device will weed them out. ;)


Your rebellion is my marketing strategy

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that the Adland shop is back, and the cheeky "Co-opted" shirt is now available in a looser cut black tee with silver print, for all you black-clad adgrunts out there. ;)


The ultimate adlinks directory is back

Hey adgrunts, the adlinks are back - but it's not finished yet and I'm being totally indecisive today (I blame my current job where I swear we have a committee meeting before deciding if we should have lunch and then another one regarding what to have!) - so I need your help. At least your input.

1) Adlinks right now show only ten from links each category by default, then you can go to another page to see the rest.
Should we keep it that way? Or should we show only the categories first? That would allow for a better overview of available types of links before one clicks the arrows to reveal what's inside?

2) Ad agencies links were killed and moved to another page in the past as it just got really really unwieldy with the number of agencies around the planet. On the other hand, it's really nice to find every agency in one place.
So do you guys want it back? Perhaps it could be sectioned up in subsections so it's easier to get a good overview. Any suggestions?

3) Similarly, the adgrunts blogs section is getting quite long and difficult to get good view of, but again it's probably nice to find them all in one place.
Should we section these up a little, perhaps by language- or should we just link the ad blogs that bother linking us back in return? Few on that long list do. Again, we dig suggestions.

The portfolio links are very thin, add yours.