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This is where Adland collects our fifteen megabytes of fame. If you want to check out and contact the crew, do so under that link. Press can be quoting us, using us as reference or simply interviewing us. Adland was founded Åsk Dabitch Wäppling back in 1996. It began as a passion project, collecting recent campaigns, pairing up badland ads and as an outlet to adrant on recent happenings in the ad industry. As it grew, with a discussion list and much mail generated daily, it became a databasedriven website collecting great (and not so great) ads serving many caustic comments and editorials on the advertising industry. The site has been used as resource or quoted by the New York Times, Adweek, Marketing Mag (Canada), the Library of Congress, Spiegel, CNN Money, Media Guardian, Resumé, Adformatie, Campaign magazine, Creativity, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri and many more.


Get creativity email (Adcritic) - Battle of the adblogs

The battle of the ad blogs bloody end was announced to the ad world in the Get Creativity email.


Caffeinegoddess on the The David Lawrence Show

Our very own muse the Caffeinegoddess was on the The David Lawrence Show gabbin' super bowl ads flights and flops for an hour. For only 25 cent you can download and hear that specific hour.


Caffeinegoddess speaks on the The David Lawrence Show

Our very own Caffeinegoddess was just on the The David Lawrence Show, which if you happened to miss it, will be available online soon. :)


Battle of the Ad Blogs Portuguese print fame

Thanks to the Hidden Persuader we have these scans of the Battle of the ad blogs being mentioned in Portuguese tradepress.
I can sorta make out what is says - something like "root for your countrymen hidden persuader and TBWA blog". ;) Maybe.



SETH SUTEL, from THE ASSOCIATED PRESS admits about the superbowl: "Let’s be honest: For some of us, it’s all about the commercials"


Resumé - Battle of the ad Blogs

The battle of the ad blogs was announced to the Swedish ad world on the weekly magazine Resume's website.


Get creativity email (Adcritic) - Battle begins

The battle of the ad blogs was announced to the ad world in the Get Creativity email.


30,000 and mounting


Norton Internet Security kills entire websites, but fails to hide actual ads.

Dramatic enough headline for ya? Good, because I want your attention on this matter. I've never been a fan of Norton Internet Snakeoil, Symantec's crap better known as NIS, as it's rather expensive and to me, utterly useless. The bad part of NIS is that it removes any and all URL's based on word and letter combinations within the URL rather than actual content of website. "Ad" is one of those letter combinations, killing innocent sites like this one. The even worse part is that some clear advertising content URL's are whitelisted by default, perhaps because these companies paid Norton off.

In plain English, NIS kills this website. Then the people who are using NIS email me, helpfully letting me know that "your website is broken, mate, it's like all white or sumthin', no links work." Well, it's not my fault, it's your Norton. This past week I've helped 17 (!!) people sort out their Norton issues, Symantec should fucking pay me. A lot.

One of the people who had trouble was fellow advertising gossip blogger George Parker with the sharp pen. Even his blog, located at "" has plenty of items blocked by default by Norton Internet Security, and George thinks he has a pretty good idea as to why Norton behaves this way. He insists that there is a Peter Norton/Charles Saatchi conspiracy theory! He might be right! (read more for it)


Get creativity email (Adcritic) - Small big ad

Our short blurb on the Small ad spoof of the Big ad was mentioned in Get Creativity email.