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Cannes Media Lions Winners 2005

Procter and Gamble sent in more ads than ever to Cannes Lions this year, and by the looks of it, it's already paying off.

The Grand Prix winner of the Media Lions is a P&G campaign for Biomat laundry detergent in Israel. The 'ad' itself isn't really an ad, it's a happening, a way to reach the unreachable target market the Orthodox jews who not only don't read regular magazine media, and don't own TV’s or radios for religious reasons, but to top it all off have a negative attitude toward traditional advertising. The solution, relying on another religious commandment aiding the weak, a donate your used clothes truck which toured the neighbourhoods. While people qued up to sort out their used clothes at the Biomat-branded truck they could see as donated items were washed in the washing machine in the truck. Biomat helps you help the needy. The message worked. Biomat's shares in the Orthodox sector have grown by almost 50% since the campaign launched.


Copywriting goes underground

They might not be Cannes winners yet, but over at the Viacom Outdoor, Underground website there is a large collection of PDF's of ads competing in the underground writing competition. Almost all entries are there, sadly mainly made available as downloadable PDF's which can seem a tad annoying at first, but they probably did that to let the art direction be. Click on the following images to reach the PDF files of the ads.


15 Megabytes of fame, for us all just like Andy promised.

Hoi adgrunts! As y'all know, we keep our little scrap book of press clippings under the link by the same name and don't make a fuss but lately we've been all over the place like a bad rash and this is just too much fun to not write about. Even you dear adgrunts are getting press-mentions these days. :) How cool is that?


Coke threatens fan-site due to a link to Cokes homepage.

How to create bad PR - get a marketing boss who knows nothing about the web and have him surf it.


Sydsvenskan - "Every day 30.000 read her blog"

Image text above: Popular Swede blogs in Denmark.

"Every day 30000 people read her blogWhile Swedish bloggers with around 3000 visitors a day bicker about who has the biggest blog, Swedish Åsk Wäppling sits in Copenhagen counting in ten times as many visitors a day."

Oh boy, what an opening! And yikes, what a huge article, as you can see from the picture of the paper below. The article is also available online at Sydsvenskan.
For the record, that is not a beer-belly but a baby-belly. /vain


Etermedia - Sites you can not live without!

"Åtta oumbärliga sajter Eight websites you can not do without.

"Here you'll find the commercials from 32 years of Superbowls. Here you'll find 35000 memebrs hanging out, which makes this probably the worlds largest community for advertising and marketing. Adland is run by a swede, Åsk Wäppling alias Dabitch, who lives in Copenhagen. The site is a miracle of functionality and a great example that hard perserverance creates wonders on the web - Åsk Wäppling started the site already back in 1996. Here you'll find plagiators revealed, and here all aspects of commercials are discussed. The archive is enormous, at least 17000 films available for a low fee.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Sweep Kelly Awards

It's not really a total surprise that Crispin Porter + Bogusky swept at the 24th Kelly Awards today. The two campaigns for Molson and one for MINI that brought them the Grand Prize, Gold and Silver Awards were pretty strong work. Other finalists included work for
American Legacy Foundation's Seek Truth campaigns by Arnold Worldwide and CP+B, ads for Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories and Porsche Cars North America by Carmichael Lynch, Citibank's Fraud Early Warning by Fallon Minneapolis among others.

Read on for more...


2005 ADDY Awards

AAF's Addy Awards were last week. The 2005 American Advertising Federation National Conference in Nashville, Tenn., June 4 - 7, marked the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the organization. This was the first year for the ADDY Mosaic Award, honoring multicultural advertising, and for the National Student ADDY Award. In total 68 Gold ADDYs and 96 Silver ADDYs were handed out.

We've gathered some of the Gold and Silver on to check them out.