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*Spoiler Alert* Super Bowl 2013 Ads - Watch them now and know what will air

Are you ready for some football? Ok, are you ready for some Super Bowl ads? Well you don't have to wait until kickoff to see many of them.

We've got lots of them already! We've got them grouped by air time too.

So pop open a drink, grab some lunch or a snack, sit back and watch them now.

Hyundai will air “Epic Play Date”, a :60 just prior to kickoff. The ad shows a family outing of skateboarding kids, dads doing donuts in the mud, family being chased by security guards, a biker gang and an ostrich. An original song by The Flaming Lips is the soundtrack and the band is featured throughout the ad.
Agency: Innocean

Watch it now:


Adland Bingo Vs Red Tettemer Bingo

Red Tettemer wants you to know they have a Super Bowl Bingo game. If you play along the right way, one person will win a 32" flat screen TV.

That kinda reminds me of, Super Bowl Ad Bingo. Created by Adland. In 2011.

Oh sure you have the fancy tv giveaway, but so what. In the Super Bowl of Super Bowl-themed games, we beat ya. Neener Neener. More importantly, you've seen all the spots in advance, so you've stacked the deck. it's a lot harder to do what we did and create stereotypes to watch out for. Seriously, you should make it a bit more sporting next time.


Updated Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVII commercial lineup for next Sunday

We’re one week away from The Big Game. We’ve got the teams who will be playing (49ers vs. Ravens, for those of you who don’t follow). And, we’ve got a lot more info on the spots that will be airing and when. This year is no different than any other with a long list of celebrities such as The Rock, PSY, The Flaming Lips, babies, supermodels, and more. So let's get on to the most complete spoiler alert on the web.

*Updated 1/28 with VW and Hyundai Sonata Turbo ads
*Updated 1/31 with Mercedes, Hyundai "Team", Kia Sorento "Space Babies", Hyundai "Epic Play Date", Taco Bell "Viva Young", and Axe "Lifeguard" ads
*Updated 2/1 with Samsung preview ad.

Hyundai will air “Epic Play Date”, a :60 just prior to kickoff. The ad shows a family outing of skateboarding kids, dads doing donuts in the mud, family being chased by security guards, a biker gang and an ostrich. An original song by The Flaming Lips is the soundtrack and the band is featured throughout the ad.
Agency: Innocean

Watch it now:

Hyundai - Genesis :30 called “Excited” shows the car going around a racetrack with sportscaster Gus Johnson.
Watch it now:


Super Bowl 2013: Piston Introduces "The Dramatizer" For

As part of a multi agency integrated campaign, Piston introduces The Dramatizer, for .

The car buying and selling site wants to add drama to the Super Bowl, because not every Super Bowl can be as awesome as this one. So with that in mind, adding drama sounds like a good idea.

Piston's ECD David Schafer explains:


Super Bowl ads are getting longer, and more expensive, in 2013

Budweiser Black Crown will be introduced during the super bowl, giving us at least one Anheuser-Busch that doesn't contain clydesdales or dog-bites-man jokes. CBS has sold some time slots for as much as $4 million, and while the majority of the ads are still 30-second spots, the trend for longer is better continues. In 2011 Chrysler and Eminem had a two minute salute to Detroit and in 2012 Clint Eastwood spent another two minutes seemingly running for President.


Mercedes Benz reveals that they are one big tease in Super Bowl 2013, with Kate Upton

"So, which brand will have the best ad?" people keep asking me as we get nearer to the super bowl, expecting me to have seen them all already. I am sworn to secrecy, gais, all I can share with you here are the teasers. Much as I hate teasers. Mercedes Benz are one giant tease this year, a title that should earn them a smack in the butt with a wet towel.

They tease with a glimpse of a car that's so stunning, people drop dishes.


Pistachios Gangnam Style for the Super Bowl

Paramount Farms nut brand has signed up for Super Bowl XLVII, and will pop their super bowl cherry with a 30 second spot starring none other than Psy, the Korean rapper from the world-hit-wonder of 2012 "Gangnam style", ensuring the ad is dated before the bowl is even over. They commercial was filmed just this week and was directed by Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory. It's the first time that Psy stars in an a American commercial, let alone on the super bowl.

Psy youtube wonder shills pistachios during Super Bowl.


Updated Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVII ads you'll see

As we hurl head first to the start of a new year, we get ever closer to the Big Game. So, whilst you’re recovering from your agency’s holiday party, production house party and advertising association party, grab some hair of the dog, some aspirin, and check out who will be in the game come February.

NEW: Ford Lincoln will have its first ad in the Super Bowl lineup. A campaign on Twitter is asking fans to tweet their thoughts on the brand using #SteerTheScript, and Jimmy Falon will then turn the tweets into a 60-second spot. The brand also has Emmitt Smith onboard as brand ambassador, so we might also see him in the spot, too. Agency: in-house agency HudsonRouge (source)

NEW: Unliever’s Axe will also have its first appearance in the Big Game this year with a 30-second ad titled “Lifeguard” that their press release claims “includes a twist at the end that aligns with a larger creative campaign scheduled for a January 2013 launch”. Agency: BBH London (source)


Super Bowl XLVII: Ads of 2013

It's about that time of year when we start our spolier alert of upcoming Super Bowl ads. Currently about 95% of Super Bowl XLVII spots for 2013 are sold. The 30-second slots are going for a record $3.7 million to $3.8 million vs. an average $3.5 million during the 2012 broadcast on NBC. GM will be sitting on the sidelines this year as they feel the cost just isn't worth it.

So far, here are the companies you'll see dropping cash for air time:
Coca-Cola with 3 30-second spots. All we know is that they won't be bringing back the polar bears this year and a spokeswoman said the beverage giant will be in the game “with a new approach.” Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (source)


Chrysler's "Halftime in America" ruffles more political feathers than Reagan's "Morning in America"

The Chrysler ad that made me think Clint Eastwood was running for President, upset Karl Rove while David Axelrod applauded it.

"'I was, frankly, offended by it,' said Karl Rove, strategist behind President George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns, told Fox News this morning. 'I'm a huge fan of Clint Eastwood, I thought it was an extremely well-done ad, but it is a sign of what happens when you have Chicago-style politics, and the president of the United States and his political minions are, in essence, using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising.'" The opposing team, of course, had an opposing view. 'Powerful spot. Did Clint shoot that, or just narrate it?' David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, wrote on Twitter.