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The game is on, super bowl commercials 2005 are up.

The game has started, the pregame is done and so the Claymore project a.k.a. Super Bowl 2005 XXXIX has begun, pre game ads are uploaded and ready to be watched by all greedy super adgrunts.


This year's banned super bowl commercials.

2005 might become known as the year of the banned superbowl commercials. Why we're they banned? Either FOX just doesn't have a sense of humor or, most likely, they're terrified to get fined for indecency..... These ads are quite tame.


XXXIX Super Bowl Ads and ads from the past.

While we wait for the yearly rush for the superbowl commercials which we - as we always do - will post a few minutes after the game is over, lets have a look at the tops and flops adverts from past superbowls. Since our superbowl commercial archive stretches 32 years, the largest super bowl ad collection in the world wide web by far, we have many ups and downs to choose from. Do you remember these commercials?


Super Bowl XXXIX Advertising Bonanza -*SPOILER ALERT*

Everyone is wondering what will air on Sunday and how soon after that will the Super Bowl XXXIX be added to the massive Claymore Project?

The answer to the latter is as soon as possible, after the game, when all the ads have aired the Super Bowl XXXIX will be added to the Super Bowl Commercial Archive, making the archive 32 years of bowls, which funnily enough is as many years as Dabitch is old. This cracks us up.

There's also buzzing about the banned by Fox ads, for the record 2 ads from have been nixed, 1 ad from Anheuser-Busch, 1 ad from Airborne and just now and ad for Ford Lincoln Mark LT was banned by focus groups.

Read more for all the ad goodness- but beware- *SPOILER ALERT*- includes plots and things you'll see. If you want to be surprised, you're better off not reading this. But do come back after the game for the ads and the ad review.

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Another year added to the Super Bowl Commercial Archive

January 16 1972 was the 6th Super Bowl, and whaddya know now we have some of the 1972 Super Bowl VI commercials in the ever-growing Claymore Project, the Super-Bowl-o-rama collection. So while we wait for Feb 6th and Super Bowl XXXIX to roll around and be added to our collection, you can walk down memory lane to back when Pabst still ran lifestyle TV commercials.
Thirty one years of Super Bowl commercials are now available in the archive - no other collection on the web is this complete, so if you are an ad-nut welcome to our one stop shopping ad archive. ;)


Super Bowl XXXIX advertisers in the lineup

Super Bowl Ads. This year all you need is $2.4 million, and you're in for 30 seconds.

So far over 90% of the ad space for Super Bowl XXXIX, on February 6th, has been bought up. We can look forward to seeing spots for Pepsi, FedEx, McDonald's, Ford, Honda (which will introduce the Ridgeline, its first pickup truck), General Motors, Volvo, Frito-Lay, AmeriQuest, Novartis,, (a video-game rental site), (will run 2 :30 spots) and Visa.

Ten of the 58 spots were bought by Anheuser-Busch- that's two more than last year. The NYPost claims Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi "account for one-quarter of the available spots".


Super Bowl XXXVIII Review

Each year the Super Bowl is lauded as the creme de la creme of the advertising we will see during the year. And in recent years that has, for the most part, not been true. Overall the ads are flat, conservative, and becoming more and more boring each year. Throughout the game there were a few that stood out amongst the muck of ads. And there were some who probably shouldn't have wasted their ad dollars. Probably more than usual.
This was another banner year for animals in the ads as well with a donkey, two ads with horses, two ads with dogs, two ads with bears, chimps, monkeys, and elephants. Plus, a man acting like a wolf, and the famous Muppet animals.


Some more Super Bowl info- by quarter

Want to know when certain spots will be airing during the Super Bowl this Sunday? We've got a short list to whet your appetite, and to help you plan those bathroom breaks.


Pizza Hut ad during superbowl: Jessica Simpson and The Muppets

Pizza Hut will be introducing the 4forALL Pizza, individual pizzas with different toppings, during the superbowl. Pizza Hut calls on the cast of the Muppets and Jessica Simpson to launch this. Kermit the Frog wants green peppers on his pizza, Animal wants meat of course, The Great Gonzo wants classic pepperoni and Miss Piggy wants veggies, arguments ensue until Jessica saves the day by suggesting the 4forALL option. Jessica then blows Kermit a kiss that provokes Miss Piggy to yell into a bullhorn, "STEP AWAY FROM THE FROG!"

old gags never die. Maybe they bought the pizza with their mastercards?

update: Miss Piggy and Jessica Simpson interviewed. hat tip Claymore.


Twenty-seven years of superbowl commercials.

The (outstanding) Claymore Project is getting bigger - we've got the superbowl commercials from 1969, the superbowl commercials from 1979 to 2003, and have just added all the superbowl commercials from 1975.

Extravagant, glorious, funny, tacky, old and brand spanking new - The Claymore Project will not stop growing despite being the largest superbowl archive on the web to date. We will also add the 2004 superbowl commercials after February One when they have aired - one stop shopping for superbowl ad research. Like Coke used to say, Enjoy!