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GE goes for heart-strings instead of funny during Super Bowl

Our sources tell us GE plans to air two 45-second documentary-style spots during this year’s game featuring real American workers talking about their contributions to the American manufacturing industry. No word yet when these will run or if they are running in local markets only.


The VW super bowl ad has the Star Wars cantina tacked on to the end.

At first you might think that VW has done the right thing and skipped trying for a sequel to last years ad, the Darth Vader kid, as we all know that sequels suck. Even Stuart Elliot warned against a sequel. Personally I'm simply tired of borrowing Star Wars interest in ads. But then, this film starts off with a Lassie-like, rather rotund, dog....

The overweight dog finds he can't chase the cars like he used to, so he does everything his doggy-body can to get back into fit form. It's pretty cute, the song is right and the message positive even though it really isn't branding Volkswagen more than any other car.


Hulu comes back with Will Arnett teaser for Super Bowl XLVI

Well, at least he's in the teaser. Either way, it looks like we're due for some more TV stars trying to rot Earthling brains along with Alec Baldwin (who starred in the first Super Bowl spot 3 years ago and which was probably one of the best ads that year), Seth MacFarlane, Denis Leary and Eliza Dushku.


Coca-Cola Super bowl Spot: "Catch"

Between the cute endangered species rooting for the Super Bowl and the beverage itself, we needed to brush our teeth after viewing.

Frustrated Polar Bear can’t bear (geddit, har har) to watch his team not doing well. So he steps out for a breather. His mate throws him a Coke and he almost drops it. What follows is Disney-like animated orchestration of a slip and slide until he lands, with Coke carefully still in paws.


Audi 2012 Super Bowl Commercial - Vampire Party

The Super Bowls ads in 2012 are appropriating pop culture with wild abandon. Audi is no exception, using “Twilight,” and Echo & The Bunnymen to sell the All New Audi S7.

Vampires climbing up trees in a direct lift from the hottest movie franchise since Harry Potter? Yup. Impossibly good-looking hipsters drinking blood in Capri Sun packets? Yup. Special effects for fun, retractable fangs? You betcha.
Really bad dialogue? “Party’s arrived.”


SUPERBOWL SPOT: 2012 Honda CR-V: "Matthew's Day Off" Extended.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and drive an affordable crossover sedan, you miss it."

Welcome to cynical Advertising 101. Pander to GEN X by stoking the nostalgia flames. Too bad the car doesn't fit the demographic. How is living a little akin to driving around in a glorified minivan?


Toyota reinvents everything, except the gratuitous bikini-girls in super bowl ads

Toyota Camry reinvents everything with a sneaky smirk. The reinvented baby doesn't poop. The reinvented plant fights crime. The reinvented rain makes you skinny. The reinvented curtains are made out of pizza. The reinvented blender plays Lionel Ritchie (warning, I might commit suicide with that which would get very messy)... and the reinvented couch is a bunch of bikini-clad babes. Oh but wait, it also "comes in male" which is greeted by a shrug from the apartment owner. Nothing makes gratuitous bikini-gals go down as easy as gratuitous bikini-guys. Wait, that came out wrong. Errr....


David Beckham for H&M Super bowl ad

Look, David Beckham is a pretty man, but even I got bored watching the slow pans across his heavily inked body. Not one single proper package shot (pun) made it to the end edit either. Once the camera teasingly pans down it reveals that the briefs he is wearing wears his name. That's great if you're David Beckham or a ten year old kid at summer camp, I guess. I'm not expecting much, certainly not in the way of a concept, since this is an H&M ad. I guess I just expected it to be more modern and less of a nod to the Calvin Klein ads of yore. Usually H&M's in-house crew are very good at pegging the trends & music just right.

This ad will air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl game on Sunday. It's the first time H&M has invested this heavily in TV advertising in the US.


"Transactions" Extended version. Seinfeld for Acura NSX Super Bowl ad.

What’s the deal with Seinfeld and cars? Jason Alexander sold Chrysler with Lee Iacocca pretendeding George Steinbrenner 7 years ago. And why does the Seinfeld udder keep getting wrung? The thing’s been dry for ages.

This kitchen sink extended spot for Acura features everything. Try: The Soup Nazi, a munchkin, a jet pack flying squirrel suit, sock puppets, zip lines, aliens, boats, the warmed over observational shtick that was funny back in 1996, and a nemesis named Jay Leno. While the Leno tie in makes sense, as both he and Seinfeld are car aficionados, Newman would have been funnier for the end joke.


The cheating Coke guy is back for Pepsi Max in the super bowl ads

See that face? See that "Oh RLY?" Yeah, that's what I'm thinking right about now. Really? We're doing the cheating Coke guy again?

Look, we've loved the cheating Coke guy, almost as much as I'm sure the actor has, his steady boomerang-gig always returning when there's a super bowl and someone insists to go back to the ads of yore*. Super bowl 1996 when he was caught on CCTV sneaking a Pepsi was unexpected and pretty hilarious. And unlike the big boombastic ads it was competing with, it was a very simple idea, making it memorable. Not memorable in the Gatorade Dog "huh?" way though.(In hindsight, that dog ad should have made it bigger than it did, as it was a total zig-zag. Shame. But I digress.)

Back to the cheating Coke guy. And Regis Philbin. Who is "back". Like cockroaches after the last H-bomb this guy will never go away will he? Cheating Coke guy is in the supermarket buying himself a Pepsi Maxx instead of Coke Zero and as it turns out, he is the X-thousand customer, granting him Pepsi Maxx for life. Yes, it is that unfunny.