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If you like to be surprised by the ads you see on February 7th during Super Bowl XLIV, close your eyes, hum a tune and click to read the next article. *Do not read on*. You have been warned.

With some of the usual suspects like FedEx, GM and Pepsi sitting on the sidelines for the first time in years, here's what and who you can expect to see during this year's Super Bowl. As more becomes available, we'll be updating this post.

First Half: will continue its ’Confidence’ campaign by DDB Chicago with one 60-second commercial that will air in the first half.

First Quarter: - 1 :30 in 1st Quarter featuring Danica Patrick done my GoDaddy Productions (in-house). One of the two spots is titled "Movies" and will feature Patrick in spoofs of movies from “Weird Science” to “Flashdance" with an internet extended version.
Bridgestone - 1 :30 in 1st Quarter by Richards Group, Dallas.

Second Quarter:
Dockers - 1 :30 in 2nd Quarter by DraftFCB
Careerbuilder - 1 spot in the 2nd Quarter. UGC part of a "Hire my TV ad" contest.
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - :30 in 2nd Quarter promoting Dr Pepper Cherry line with Gene Simmons and the rest of KISS. Agency is Deutsch, Los Angeles
Hyundai Motor - 1 :30 in 2nd Quarter by Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, CA for unknown car lines
TRUTV - :30 promoting the cable network with creative by Grey

Update It has been confirmed: CBS approved the script of the Tim Tebow commercial, despite their previous "No Advocacy in Advertising" policy.


CBS executives approved a script for a Super Bowl spot from evangelical group Focus on the Family, which suggests the ad will not carry a pro-life message -- at least an overt one.
The network has a policy of prohibiting advocacy ads, even ones that carry an "implicit" endorsement for a side in a public debate. A CBS spokesman did say the network will review the video version of the spot before giving it the final green light, but does not anticipate any hurdles.

"Audi of America today announced that it will advertise during Super Bowl XLIV, the brand’s third consecutive time in the Super Bowl. The spot will highlight the Audi A3 TDI, recently named by Green Car Journal as the 2010 “Green Car of the Year” and will have a fun, tongue-in-cheek environmental theme. Rock legends Cheap Trick will reinterpret one of their classic pieces as the soundtrack to the commercial."

- Audi and Cheap Trick? I can't wait to see this.

“Despite the difficulties the automotive industry has faced, our brand has continued to grow through this past year, introducing new and exciting models, and getting people talking about Audi,” said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer, Audi of America. “In short, the Super Bowl has worked. The brand has never been stronger, market share is increasing and we are setting the stage to increase our momentum in 2010 by letting more of America in on the great secret that is Audi TDI clean diesel technology.”

The advertising agency for Audi, San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners created the ad.

The 2009 effort featured actor Jason Statham in a series of high-speed chase scenes involving recent luxury models, sending the dual message that some things are best left in the past and luxury is evolving, with Audi at the forefront.
Audi - Chase in 2009 XLIII Super Bowl commercials

Returning to the Super Bowl after a nearly 20-year hiatus, the 2008 Super Bowl XLII commercial Audi spot delivered a parody of the movie “The Godfather” and signaled that the brand was ready to challenge the perceived luxury leaders.

This year, Audi will demonstrate its leadership position within the luxury segment with a brand spot that delivers the message that being environmentally conscious might not be easy, but the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel is now a proven environmental solution.

Back in September we announced that Doritos will air three user generated ads during the superbowl XLIV. Now we're one step closer to finding out which three. The Doritos brand has revealed six finalists selected from more than 4,000 entries in the fourth annual Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" challenge, the contestants are not only competing to have their self-made Doritos commercials aired during the Super Bowl XLIV broadcast, they also are shooting to make history by beating the ad pros and garnering the top three spots in USA TODAY’ s annual Ad Meter. (I personally don't know any pro who gives a flying toss about the USAToday ad meter, as it tends to favor horse fart jokes, but different strokes.)

Last year two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Indiana turned 2000 dollars into one million dollars with their nutbusting commercial.Now they have new jobs as commercial directors,

Here's a little taste of what the six finalists have brought to the table.

danica patrick

adweek spoke to Danica Patrick.

This year, Patrick will be back as GoDaddy has purchased two 30-second spots, created in-house, during Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7. Today, she announced a three-year deal with Andretti Autosport to remain with through 2012.

A (almost strip-)teasing Danica Patrick seems to be working for them, as they stick with their 'sexy' ideas despite ending up up on the top five worst super bowl ads of all time with that über-bad ad "Marketing" in 2007. That same year GoDaddy's ad agency Shine washed their hands of Godaddy and walked away so the crud they do now is all in-house.

In other words, expect more of this: GoDaddy - Shower, Enhanced hearing, GoDaddy White Light, Godaddy Spot on, proceedings and so on.

When Danica isn't looking hot for GoDaddy she competes in the Indy 500. Now that's hot, I remember when Janet Guthrie was the first woman to earn a starting place in the Indie 500, as I was her biggest fan back in 1977, even had red toy car with the number 68 on it since mom couldn't find any lunchboxes (that was the year of the horrible horrible Osmonds lunchbox, I'm still traumatized, Marie's teeth haunt my nightmares). Danica tells adweek she'd like to do ads for other brands as well, and name drops Pepsi, not fearing the curse. I have another suggestion: how about Dr Pepper?

The holidays are upon us...which means Super Bowl XLIV is not far away. We've started to gather the info on the ads you can expect to see air on Feb 7, 2010. Check back for updates as we get closer and more brands give up the facts. (And if you've got a scoop, let us know or post it yourself!)

With about 90% of the ad time bought up for in-game ads, we expect to find out more in the next month or so. But here is a preliminary list of brands you should expect to see:

CBS has already sold 65% of the slots for the super bowl bonanza next year, which is rather impressive considering the dire economic times we're in. At this time last year NBC had sold 85% of the slots, but they didn't have to battle the financial crisis that has made a lot of brands wary of splurging on expensive media slots. One great ad during the bowl gets repeated views all over the web for days, even years later. Lets hope that our 37 years of super bowl commercials collection gets a good year when we add year 38.
People we're rather dissapointed with last years crop, as there were so many movie trailers in it, though some gems shone through. My personal favorite is Alec in Huluwood while other popular commercials were Monster, Moose, Miller High Life's one second campaign, bridgestone moon riders, overall a fair mix of action with Audi - Chase and some quirky with David Abernathy, while pretty much everyone hated Vizio - at least here on Adland (judging by the votes).

Prices haven't gone down much either, it's $2.7 million-$2.8 million per spot, and sources are saying that CBS is telling potential customers that leadoff spots in pods are already fully booked through the first half of the game. Wow!

McKenzie Schwefel told viewers that when she grew up she wanted to have a "brown nose." But at age 7, she didn't know what she was saying.

"I probably didn't know what that line meant until, like, three years later," says Schwefel, now 17 and a high school senior in Minnetonka, Minn.

Schwefel made her experience filming the spot and other ads a focus of her college application essays. "I even sent my clip from to schools," she said. "I think it made a really big difference. It was nice to be able to show people that I had this thing that made me unique." - When I grow up - (1999) 0:30 (USA)

It's official, the Doritos ad with the most votes in USA TODAY's Super Bowl Ad Meter was the "Crystal ball" Doritos ad reports USAToday.

Gee, if I had only known that a ballbusting groin-shot joke could garner me a million dollars! I've done that! As usual though, way too early, my kick in the balls was created 1995. I feel cheated now. *pout*

Seriously though, this quote should be a nice piece of flamebait:

Rick Condos of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the agency that helped launch the Super Bowl contest and its website, said the winning Doritos ad shows how content created by consumers has come into its own.

"We actually saw this year how technology is helping consumers create things to the point you don't know what's consumer-generated and what's not," says Condos."

The jammy bastards who won the million are not forgetting their homies.

They're also going to give some cash to the ad's cast and crew, who got only free food for the day-long shoot.

Aw. That's right guys, remember who helped you get there.

Bless the New York Times ten times over - not only for doing a great flash lineup of two decades of super bowl commercials using us as their source (though we're still a tad sad that they cropped our watermark from each ad even though they promised that they would not), but because they keep doing these amazingly geeky & cool flash graphics for all adgrunts enjoyment.

This year they've gone all out and listed Twitter chatter during the Super Bowl where you can check which brand names were mentioned at what time all across America. Pull the slider this way or that way and watch the words change, I love this. The Hulu evil plot to take over the world reigned in comments at the end of game, as they should because lets face it folks, how many brands can get away with that tagline? I bet half of those tweets were saying "wth? did I really just hear them say that?"

We were of course tweeting through the game as well. Adland is our site tweeting (where even your front page post could be announced) , while I am at Dabitch