Cadence Films Adds Director Clayton Vomero To Its Paris Roster

New York and Paris-based production and management company Cadence Films is excited to announce that Clayton Vomero has joined the team of innovative... more
Internationally Acclaimed Framestore Joins Chicago Community

Oscar-winning Framestore is opening its third US location, and fifth globally, in Chicago’s West Loop May 1st.

Romania creates the world's first AI ambassador.

If you've ever wondered anything about Romania, but were all "Gee I don't want to go to Wikipedia today," you are in luck!

It's not only ex-BuzzFeed employees who need to get a life

Variety recently published an article called BuzzFeed’s latest viral craze: Ex-Staffers Bashing the... more
Jogger Adds Yoko Lytle as Senior Producer

Cut+Run’s sister company Jogger welcomes Yoko Lytle as Senior Producer.

Director David Karlak about directing "Alien: Covenant In Utero" VR experience

Picture this, you are in space. You slowly drop into the world which is inside of a human body.

Rainbow flag designer has been commemorated with a free font family

On 31 March, 2017, Gilbert Baker a designer by trade and the creator of the iconic Rainbow Flag passed away.

To fight airport harassment Amnesty International has created Skins of Peace

If you're traveling to America or Europe as a foreigner right now you might be getting mistreated at airports. Why? Because of your passport.

Greg Popp joins The Corner Store

Toronto-based production company The Corner Store has signed director Greg Popp for Canadian commercial... more
Reel FX, Creative Team from Moonbot Studios Launch Flight School

Reel FX Animation Studios’ VR/AR division and the creative leadership team from Moonbot Studios have taken flight to form a newly minted multi-platform content studio aptly named... more
Havaianas: Made of Brazilian summer

And when you think "Brazil," the words happiness, rhythm, energy, friendship, and spontaneity come to mind.

Big Block Welcomes Award-Winning Director Neil Abramson

Content studio Big Block welcomes director Neil Abramson to their expanding roster of talent.

Youtube to small creators: No money for you

Imagine if your Executive Creative Director pulled you into his office and said "Hey dude, we're only interested in making creative that gets a ton of views and earned media so from now on I'm...

Nivea get into trouble for “White Is Purity” ad that talks about a pure white robe

There's a lot of things that can go wrong when you translate a global or near global campaign, I've been there.