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Altoids is at it again... this time with an advergame!

Interesting advergame from Altoids -- a bend the contortionist game. Really, really nice and fits well to their campaign. Lot of cool stuff at that site.


Apple wants you to "Get a Mac"

Last night Apple unveiled a new ad campaign "Get a Mac" continuing on its course to get PC folk to make the switch.


Just a note to Adblock users

While last Fridays switch to our old domain took care of almost all adblocking problems on this site as seen by Norton Internet Security and adblock FiltersetG users - there's still a dark patch or two for you folks who drive around with adblockers on.

For example, I named a whole bunch of 80s adverts from the UK just that, "adverts". Truth in advertising you know ;) - see this search. FiltersetG blocks these commercials of course. Moral of the story, you should turn adblocking off when you surf Adland anyway. Hey we've done our best to make things easier by changing domains, and at least casual browsing for folks who may not have been here before is possible now, even though they might have adblockers on.


RAB touts radio in the UK with talking chip in press ad

The RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) in the UK is launching a similar campaign to what we saw earlier last month by the RAB in the US. JWT London has created a press ad for the group to tout the effectiveness of advertising on radio.

The ad will appear in Media Week today and will be placed in the centre pages of the magazine, which are blank.

When the pages are opened, the talking chip is activated with the message: "You are three times more likely to get your ad noticed on radio than you are in press. For more information contact the Radio Advertising Bureau at"

The timing of this ad ties into the release of their ad avoidance study, which you can download here.


One show naughty video

Those who fancy that green-hued film in the dark type dirty video might enjoy the demonstration by Jeff Kling of his "travel with your pencil workout program for rising executives."... Yes, it's strange.


The Attention Economy and Hoax Marketing

The information age has become an attention economy. Michael H. Goldhaber states: "If the Web and the Net can be viewed as spaces in which we will increasingly live our lives, the economic laws we will live under have to be natural to this new space.


FIAP winners 2006

On Friday the FIAP Awards (Festival of IberoAmerican Advertising) wrapped up in Argentina.

Grand Prix for Television went to Contrapunto, Spain for their "Transparente" spot for the Metro de Madrid. BBDO Chile took home a Grand Prix for Print with "Soldado" for Sony PS2. "Caido" for HSBC by JWT Curitiba, Brazil won the Grand Prix for Outdoor. Giovani FCB grabbed the Grand Prix for Radio with "Internet" for Kaiser. Diageo, Spain also took home a Grand Prix for Cacique/Ron Cacique for Interactive with their "escucha la llamada" site and banners. The Grand Prix for Innovation in Media went to IDB/FBC in Chile for "Grua" for LEGO.

Read on to check some of the ads.


23 pieces of advice on your job hunt

1. Be wary of agencies owned by a Holding Co. Be particularly wary of those Holding Companies whose stock price is either perpetually falling or precariously hanging around pre-pubescence.

2. If the Creative Director utters something like, "We really want to turn the work around. We feel we're poised to do just that. We're just a key player or two from making this happen. The clients are on board, too," immediately terminate the interview.

(more inside...)