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Sex is dead. So stop fucking around.

Taking a moments break here from the awards to point y'all to an English post at Swedish ad-community written by Magnus Jakobsson a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Bad naked on the other hand, is when good naked is exploited. The self proclaimed master of bad naked is photographer Terry Richardsson, always trying to provoke us with his ever so boring Sisley-ads; advertising that tries so hard to provoke us it's bound to fail. Advertising that just screams: LOOK, A TEEN-RAPE IS BEING PORTRAYED HERE! ISN'T IT TERRIBLE!? Advertising that isn't actually advertising anything else but controversy itself.

Read the full article here at Bold. Article oiginally published in Showroom online magazine.


Obies Award - Best of Show

The OBIE Award is the oldest award for creative excellence in the world of outdoor advertising and brought to you by the Outdoor Advertising association of America (oaaa). The award itself is modeled after the obelisks of ancient Egypt, tall stone structures that were used to publicize laws and treaties. Some reckon that the obelisk is the first true form of outdoor advertising. Enough trivia, I know you are all dying to know - who won in 2006?

Best of show was bestowed (ironically) on Pedigree posters with oh-so-cute dogs. Read more to see them.


DMC helps reveal Weird Flatmates via Myspace

The 'Weird Flatmate' connected marketing campaign has just been launched for in the UK, Australia's leading property web site, and

Digital Media Communications (DMC) developed the basic concept of the campaign, which is to get everyone to share their weird flatmate experiences via an online blog (created by DMC and Webqem and run by blog editor Dave Watson). The blog also features some interesting results from an Australian and British survey about shared accommodation, and a fun video clip called 'Weirdo' created by cummins&partners.

"weird flatmates" in the commercial archive

One of the campaign's seed routes is the consumer-driven network, which is providing targeted features to UK, Australian and New Zealand users - a first for this kind of marketing campaign.

A PR campaign is included in the connected marketing activity, focusing on some of the surprising survey results, such as which celebrity flatmates Britons and Australians want to live with (shurely Bill Gates cannot be that popular??).

You can check out the weird stories, the clip and the survey results at


Andy Awards - Interactive and Integrated Winners

Interactive winners include a silver in the Government/Political category titled
"Girlpower" for Ministry of Health & Social Affairs by Forsman & Bodenfors Ab, Göteborg.
Check it out here.


2006 Andy Awards - Outdoor/Out of Home Winners

From stunts to billboards, the Andy Award winners in the Out of Home were found in unusual spots, as well as some traditional places. Read on to check them out.


2006 Andy Awards - Magazine and Newspaper Winners

Check out the winners for in the magazine and newspaper categories inside. Some you've seen before, as there are a few winners from Cannes and other award shows from last year's award season. But there are also some new work you might not have seen before.


2006 Andy Awards - Television/Cinema winners

Last night the Andy Awards were handed out in NYC. This year's GRANDY Award and winner of the $50,000 prize went to Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO for their "noitulovE" spot for Guinness. In addition it was awarded a Silver for Alcoholic Beverages.

The Richard T. O'Rielly Award went to Leo Burnett del Peru SSA, Lima for their "Magic 2" spot for Ponle Corazon - Peruvian Children Cancer Foundation. It also won Bronze for Music - Original Score, Silver for Public Service/Non-Profit and another Silver for Direction.


Ad placement of the week

I think this is great, atop the Spam folder in Gmail (still beta) sits a text-ad for Hormel Foods luncheon meat, a.k.a Spam!