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Intern bikes from L.A. to Seattle to fetch coffee

Steve Ounanian, a UCLA student and 86 the onion intern, is not above fetching a cuppa joe. In fact, he's going to ride his bike all the way from L.A. to Seattle armed with nothing but power bars and beer money. His progress is being documented on Ounanian seeks to get the heart of what it means to have and to live a daily ritual: "By sustaining my own ritual, and interviewing the people I meet along the way about theirs, I hope to understand what the daily ritual is at it's core." With his camera and minidisk recorder he'll make a short film about the adventure as well. For company and biking skills - we presume - Ouanioan is bringing along his friend Chris Jahn, an LA bike messenger on the ride.


Coke vs. Monroe College

Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong. Sing of good things, not badland!


PR equals action?

Media Guy Simon Dumenco at shares some comments on how in Bush's world, PR equals action.

PR only goes so far. Not only have we been parsing anew the limits of public relations, but the limits of people who have become perilously, mindlessly dependent on PR in place of action. Their leadership limits, their moral limits.


the Viral Awards Evolves

Last years Viral Awards created a lot of chatter, some positive, some not and quite a bit of it within this worthy rag.


To win more, is to fail more!

Often I will lay in bed at night unable to sleep wondering what I can do or say to help my staff be more effective. Well one of those late nights I felt I could not sleep until I sent out that email of those thoughts.

The difference between getting the results you want and being average is action. To win more, is to fail more. Failing with rejection creates education. The more action you take; the more money you make. When you are in motion, you will be happier, more productive and constantly learning. You can’t add or delete time. That’s why the term ‘time management’ is a misnomer. You can’t manage time; you can only take more action and better manage your actions in your time.


Logo Twins, Quarks new look is Scottish Arts Council's old look.

Uh-oh! Quark express has decided to get a new look - the only problem is that someone else is already wearing it, the Scottish Arts Council. They're total twins! I guess we know which designer made use of all that tracing paper that was on sale... ;)

Spotted by macworld poster, via Metafilter.


Are You the CEO of this Dealership?

I did a sales meeting this morning for one of our automotive clients and presented this question to the sales staff. "Are you the CEO of this Dealership"? Everyone answered "NO"...think again I said!.

I believe to be successful you must have a CEO mentality. All successful sales people view themselves as a business within a business. Never forget that the dealership writes and signs your check, but you fill in the numbers. Always take responsibility for everything.

You are the CEO!


RESFEST 2005: Keep it Curious

- an annual global film festival and multi-media event - launches a global multi-media ad campaign encouraging creative people, to continue to be curious with "interactive" communication created by agency 86 the onions.