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Shark Bait game from Moroch Partners for McD's

Dallas-based Moroch Partners launched a bilingual, interactive gaming site for McDonald's centering on the Filet-O-Fish and Double Filet-O-Fish sandwiches today.

The online game, titled "Shark Bait," is part of an integrated campaign to remind consumers about the year-round availability of the Filet-O-Fish Sandwich and the limited edition Double Filet-O-Fish Sandwich. The campaign includes Spanish and English language television and radio spots, rich-media banner ads, outdoor and point-of-purchase displays.


86 the onions hires fresh blood

Brand communications agency 86 the onions received a makeover this month after founder/creative director Chad Rea went on a post-Christmas shopping frenzy, bringing home new blood in the form of Hunter Fine, Steve Porcaro, Ely Kim, and Charlie Hilton. None are sure how they ended up at the Venice-based agency but one source believes the recruitment may have been alcohol-induced. (more inside)


Microsoft redesigns the ipod packaging

Well, they didn't really but the million papercuts film here is hee-larious to all who have ever experienced clients that dabble... a lot.


Microsoft Origami Project

Microsoft is back with another odd website, similar to some of the strange ones that lead to the launch of the XBox 360. This one is for The Origami Project, what seems to be a "ultra-portable Tablet". A rather lame "teaser" site promises more info March 2nd. There's more here, here, and here. Screenshots inside.


Bouncy breasts in ads, for good reason.

For once there's a good reason to have bouncy breasts in a campaign, as these guys sell sports bras, and the creatives wasted no time seizing the opportunity. Check out's bounce-o-meter, to understand how much better their sports bra is compared to regular bras.


German Engineering in da House - Ya!

Volkswagen produced two phat series of commercials promoting the new GTI Mk V.

One is based on "The Fast" - "Inside most, but not all of us there is a fast". watch to find out what "The Fast" really is. The four nice clips can be found here, and naturally here in the archive: Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Delivery, Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Problem, Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Hair, Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Light.

The second series is starring some cool guys with their pimped up cars. I really like their kind of humour and these clips are definitely worth a look. This series of clips can be found at YouTube and here in the commercial archive, clip links inside.

"The Fast comes standard Pre-tuned by german engineers."


Husbands and wives battle for your product

Seems that the "husband/wife competing for your product" concept has been done and done and done yet again. We found three, but there are sure to be even more of these out there. SuperAdgrunts, check out the similarities in these spots for Toyota Rav4, Mercury, and Kohler.