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Knife City (is back).

Decembers 3rds viral Knife City has reappeared on the web now that it has been officially launched. The film is part of a campaign for the Metropolitan police to reduce knife crime. You can now see the film here on it's own website: Itsnotagame.org.

The film is only a small part of the campaign, soon radio DJ's and street sampling teams will get involved as well, read more at the: Media Guardian.


A christmas Gory

After seeing Jack become a good father in the shining redux, and the dancing zombies of west side story courtesy ps260, we knew that christmas movies wouldn't be safe from the scissors this year....

VIA worldwide agency's holiday greeting card, is a remix of "A Christmas Story" into a horror film trailer "Christmas Gory."

Now I want to see "it's a wonderful life" re-edited as a musical.


King Kong VW Touareg ad filmed by same movie crew

As part of Volkswagen's partnership with NBC Universal for their release of King Kong ads ad were created with a strategy of remaining as close to the film as possible.

Volkswagen's agency Grabarz & Partner thus developed a campaign, which Universal offered to have produced by Peter Jackson's team in the King Kong setting. "This was an unique offer that we obviously happily accepted," says Jörn Hinrichs, head of marketing at Volkswagen.


He's Behind You

WWAV Rapp Collins have created a viral film highlighting the issue of animal cruelty at Christmas for the Scottish SPCA.


Slaves to Advertising?

Radio Netherlands and Amsterdam Forum took a look at the power of advertising and asked three panelists if we are slaves to advertising.
Panelists included Jean Kilbourne, an award-winning documentary maker, lecturer and author who has been campaigning against the negative impact of advertising in the US and around the world since the 1970s; Guy Hayward from the international advertising agency 180, Amsterdam; and Peter Nikken, head of the Dutch Youth and Media Expertise Centre which educates about the role of the media in children's lives.
See the link here for excerpts and to listen to the program (sadly only available in Real Player or Windows Media Player formats.)


Understand the target audience

A few words of wisdom on creating advertising that connects to your target consumer, from Business Week.

When an ad is about your company, you're essentially asking consumers to actively pay attention, process what you're telling them, and compare it to their current reality to see if it fits. On occasion you may hit someone who's in the purchase-decision mode and tell them exactly what they need to hear, but most of the time your ad will fall on deaf ears.

By contrast, if you begin with the target audience and understand what's on their minds and where they're coming from, you're much more likely to capture their attention. You'll get credit for understanding them, and they'll give you a chance to make a point that they can grasp. The key is to start from the customer's perspective, not the company's.


Men exposed to outdoor ads says Nielsen

From Promo Magazine: Nielsen Outdoor has created a rating system to determine exposure to outdoor ads. They found men have a higher exposure compared to women.

The study found that exposure to outdoor advertising peaked ruing the morning commute at 8 a.m. and again during the evening commute at 5 p.m. Of all demographic groups, men ages 35-54 have the highest exposure to outdoor ads, with an average of 54 exposures per day. Among women, 18 to 34 year olds led the group with 39 exposures per day.

The results, confined to the Chicago market, also showed that the average adult is exposed to 40 outdoor ad messages each day, substantial below the number of messages seen by electronic media. Nielsen said that means less clutter and more opportunity for consumers to see and absorb advertising messages.


New global ad campaign for Coca Cola

Coke has announced that their new global advertising campaign by W+K will feature a new tagline, "Welcome to the Coke Side of Life," in an "attempt to make the drink more relevant to customers".

Mary Minnick, Coke’s head of marketing, says, "We believe there are times or a moment in the day when only a Coke will do, and that is the framework for our advertising."

And according to Adage.com, the "tagline will be tailored to different varieties of the brand within the larger trademark, including 'Chill on the Coke side of life,' presumably for Coke Zero".