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Mary Woodbridge viral for Mammut

Who would have thought using a little old English lady as part of a viral campaign for an outdoor sporting goods company would work as well as the Mary Woodbridge campaign has for Mammut. Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett in Zurich Switzerland is the agency behind the campaign which started as a viral in December of 2005. The center of the campaign is an 85-year old woman who had bought herself a Mammut jacket and suddenly found herself wanting to conquer Mount Everest with her dachshund Daisy.


72andSunny's Glenn Cole Directs Music Video for Junkie XL

Glenn Cole, creative director of Los Angeles ad shop 72andSunny, has teamed up with international electronic artist and producer Junkie XL on a promo for the track "Today," from the forthcoming album of the same name. Cole directed the video, which was conceived together with 72andSunny writer Jason Norcross.

This has proven to be a very hairy pairing .....


Cool Concept: bannerSites

Since the beginning of Internet time, banner ads have run atop and alongside destination websites. But recently, banner ads are evolving, and becoming actual
destinations for web surfers. Below is a unique campaign by AgencyNet, a niche interactive firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which illustrates the

"Footballers Wive$" is one of BBCA's hottest shows. After airing its first two seasons, the network wanted new viewers to tune-in to the show. They needed to
make potential new viewers feel like they "didn't miss too much" during the previous seasons to start watching. Before launching the third season on February
19th, the network looked to creative company AgencyNet to provide an interactive solution to drive tune-in.
Using a technology called PointRoll, AgencyNet was able to turn a standard banner ad into a fully interactive Web experience dubbed "bannerSites." By scrolling
over the ads, viewers were able to watch more than 11 minutes of customized video content on any of the six principal characters.

Check out the campaign at AgencyNet's own website..


Germs Attacks Sexist Holden Ad

From a story running in The Sydney Morning Herald:

THE feminist Germaine Greer is outraged by an ad Holden is running for its Four-Wheel Drive which depicts a woman asking her partner about his fantasies before he drifts off on a daydream about "doing daring things in a four-wheel drive" with another sheila by his side.

"Now my question to you women is why have you allowed this to happen?" she said at an International Women's Day function on the Gold Coast.

"Why haven't plate-glass windows in Holden showrooms been exploding all over Australia?

"How much humiliation are you women up for? I promise you, they wouldn't dare do it in Europe - they wouldn't dare."

Holden said they haven't been hit with any complaints . They say the offending ad. had been tested on a group of female Holden employees before going to air.

Geez...I dunno Germs...i think you've just handed Holden a whole heap of free publicity. And I can't see my countrywomen smashing plate-glass windows all over Australia - they're probably all down the beach. In their four-wheel drives. You're out of touch love - no-one gives a bugger about this.

TTR2 gets facelift!

The winner of the battle of the ad blogs category "best Viral Blog 2006" TTR2 has re-branded and rolled out a completely new site which now features iPod video downloads amongst it's new offerings.


Adidas Announced as Cannes 2006 Advertiser of the Year

Cannes is about 3 months away, but today they have annouced Advertiser of the Year.


Lowe Bull - Read, write, live

Did you know that one in three South Africans are is illiterate? The recent television campaign created for Project Literacy by advertising agency Lowe Bull, highlights the plight of illiterate South Africans. The ad makes use of rough, hand-drawn illustrations, accompanied by a stark soundtrack, which was donated by none other than Philip Glass.


Diesel Scorpion ad gets banned after no longer running

Diesel's Scoprion ad has been banned by the ASA after a run in The Sunday Times Style Magazine lead to complains.

The complainants objected that the position of the women's legs around the man's body overtly suggested sexual behaviour and was therefore offensive. They were also concerned that the image was unsuitable in a magazine that might be seen by children. One complainant, who believed the man in the ad was black, objected that the ad was racist.