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Window dressing ad advertising

In addition to the various other ways Spamalot has been advertising the musical, they have taken out a window of Macy's Department Store at Downtown Crossing in Boston, MA.


Laser hair removal campaign goes S&M

Distancing itself from the more barbaric forms of hair removal, Priciderm, with help from its Quebec ad agency Carte Blanche, has recently launched an S&M themed campaign to promote its seemingly less painful laser hair


Making the casket manufacturing business sexy

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman posing with some product for sale? A lot. For years, beautiful woman have been photographed posing with various products.

Calendars have been used to advertise products, and some of those calenders have included beautiful, scantily-clad, women with those advertised products.

What if you took the theme of the beautiful, scantily-clad, woman posing along-side a product, and you put that theme into an annual calendar to advertise your product? And what if the product you were selling was coffins? Yes, coffins.

One Italian casket making company has been doing just that since 2003. See March and April inside and the rest at


Kate Moss gets naked with Nikon

Kate Moss lobs herself right back in the center of all photographers lenses again (lets face it she never went away though, right?) by lending her sexy sleek image to Nikon's Coolpix S. David Simms shot the print ads that broke this wedensday (full ad inside) while Mark Romanek directed the upcoming TV&Cinema ads which will air in early May.
See more of campaign at


Firefox Flicks up for your voting

As we reported back in Decemeber, Firefox put together a contest asking its fans to create a broadcast quality :30 spot explaining why you should dump your old browser and get Firefox instead. Right now only 6 are live up on the site for viewing, rating and commenting on. So far, there's some decent ideas that stay on strategy. Although with a few, the production values leave something to be desired, if you're talking broadcast quality (like TV). Check them out here. Tomorrow is the last day for submitting entries. The one below is currently the highest rated.


Advertising is going to hell. Handbasket not included.

Not since that horrid Beverly Hills formula toothpaste ad with the peeping son and the nakid mum have we seen an ad go so horribly...horribly wrong.


Carlsberg combines pubs and footie legends

A new Carlsberg spot has broken featring Bobby Robson managing a pub football team filled with former England legends, including Bobby Charlton, Stuart Pearce and Chris


Assvertising reaches Italian behinds.

When assvertising first reared it's ugly bum I deliberately ignored it, because quite frankly shocking for attentions sake is nothing but a cheap trick. And an old one at that.
Amazingly enough, "assvertising" continued, appearing at some photography convention where long-legged models in miniskirts would bend over to reveal "KODAK" on their asses. Kodak moment indeed. Remind me to never buy their crap again. Well, we've just received a press release explaining that assvertising has finally reached Italy. This you have to read to believe.