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Assvertising reaches Italian behinds.

When assvertising first reared it's ugly bum I deliberately ignored it, because quite frankly shocking for attentions sake is nothing but a cheap trick. And an old one at that.
Amazingly enough, "assvertising" continued, appearing at some photography convention where long-legged models in miniskirts would bend over to reveal "KODAK" on their asses. Kodak moment indeed. Remind me to never buy their crap again. Well, we've just received a press release explaining that assvertising has finally reached Italy. This you have to read to believe.


The dreaded hallway test

Caffeinegoddess points us to this post on the The Advertising Hallway Test - where the bullshit observer describes it very well.


Ihaveanidea's Portfolio Night IV

This is an invitation for all advertising students and juniors to register for a night that could potentially change your entire career! is hosting its fourth annual portfolio night and this year we have expanded it into the United States. The event runs simultaneaously across 9 cities (San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Montreal, Boston, and Halifax) and is the largest simultaneous portfolio review in the history of advertising.

The top creative guru's from each city will be there to sit down with you one on one and review your portfolio and it's a great opportunity to network.


Ihaveanidea live from the Clios Judging Summit

Ihaveanidea has decided to ditch the cold in Toronto and make a trip to the sunny Parker Palm Springs Resort in California to cover the Clios judging for the 2006 awards in May.
Over the next few days we will be posting commentaries, video interviews and candid behind-the-scenes footage as some of the top creative giants of the world decide the fate of thousands and thousands of ads, of which only a few incredible ones will receive the coveted Clio.
So check it out and see and hear some of the top creatives in the world talk about what they're seeing, what they're looking for, and what you could be doing to earn yourself a Clio in the future! See it all here, The Clios Judging Summit


Full Frame Documentary Film Festival remakes films

McKinney Silver hired Kevin Donovan to re-film for their client the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. The result is some mad footage. Penguins attacking and a musical prison movie.


Dentyne spec ad rap.

Ben and Rich are a a junior creative team with too much time on their hands, a pile of stock photography books, some singing abilities and a love for creating ads, so they chopped together a spec ad for Dentyne and posted it to their site


Guerrilla advertising past and present: Talking with Miami

Despite having been around as long as advertising itself, guerrilla advertising and ambient ads seem to be a little like cinderella, the step child who only gets invited to the ball because the prince is desperate. Often it seems that the guerrilla stunts are haphazardly thrown together as an after thought within a branding campaign. So I called up Miami, the ad agency who's main business is guerrilla and unusual stunts to talk about the past, present and future of these ads outside of mainstream media.

(Photograph by Karim Hatoum )
Miami advertising are located in Gothenburg, Sweden and we've previously done a spotlight on Miami. They've worked for clients as varied as Ikea and the politicial conservative party, clients as large as Mitsubishi Motors as well as small like local Spanish tapas bars. If anyone knows what they're talking about it would be Fredrik Olsson, far right above. (more inside)


Suzuki spot amended for misheard swear word

A Suzuki spot by Nexus/H has been pulled in the UK. Viewers complained they heard a man say "I fucking love you" at the end of the spot. Nexus/H had amended the spot before the Broadcasting Advertising Clearance Centre reviewed the spot, which had replaced the speaking with laughter. The agency claims that at no point did they use the "F-word", and the sound viewers misheard was laughter. SuperAdgrunts, check out the ad below and see what you hear.