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Lightning Audio launches global ad campaign, poster-art for audiofiles

The car audio market is getting bland so lightning audio decided to live up to their name and called in 86 the onions to shake things up a little. The result: A global brand campaign worthy of an auto-enthusiast's wall. Check out all the fancy inside.

In an advertising category where competitors traditionally show models posing in front of show cars, Lightning Audio has always stood out, building it's reputation on shock value: a metal logo, for instance, being embedded in a performance artist’s chest (much like those brass knuckle implants sported by the women under that link.). But to the growing mainstream audience, that's a bit much - not to mention irrelevant to car audio.


Goodyear, Gripping Ad

Check out this great new ad for Goodyear:"It grips where other tires won't"

Credit is for McCann-Erickson Belgium
AD: Laurie Lacourt
Copy: Grégory Defay
photographer: Bernard Bertrand


Katjes - no, no, no!

In Denmark the candy-brand Katjes have been slapped with an ad ban. The german brand Katjes have been selling their winegums with a false promise, and a top model named Heidi Klum. In one of the ads (screenshots below) Heidi talks to the camera about inner beauty, and that red noses and big ears don't matter "'s just more to bite into" she giggles as she devours a winegum. The end tagline says "Katjes - yes yes yes!" and promises that their winegums only have 0.3% fat.


Australia asks "Where the bloody hell are you?"

Today Australia launches a new AUD$180-million international advertising campaign to promote itself as a tourist destination.

Apparently the use of "bloody hell" has sparked some controversy (is anyone surprised?) but has been defended by Tourism Australia (who also spent AUD$6.2mill testing the ads on focus groups worldwide).

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Scott Morrison described the slogan as a "uniquely Australian invitation" whilst Tourism Minister Bailey on The World Today programme referred to the expletive as "the great Australian adjective".

Check out the ad here.


A+ logo duplication

What do a Romanian pharmaceutical company and a private luxury jet arm of United Airlines have in common? Their logo. Dada dada tips us off to these logo twins. The Avolar logo (on the right) was created in 2001 by Landor while Antibiotice's logo (on the left) was created in 2005 by Grapefruit. My guess is that this is not an instance of stealing, but more along the lines of brainsync just due to the numbers of "A+" logos out there, not to mention that probably 80% of those come from companies with names like "A+ Window Cleaning", etc.


The Pixel Game NaveXXX

After sale Pixel, the new fashion is to play the game of the space! Viral marketing of the game that makes a success and has video =)

New website, clean and style. Enjoy!


Save the HOODIE!

Lady Sovereign has launched a site and even started a petition in order to "Save the Hoodie" - that is prevent the hoodie item of clothing from being banned. Yes, that's right someone has had the absurd idea of banning an item of clothing. If we're gonna do that could we ban socks with sandals first, please?

Interestingly, when you pop onto the site you'll hear our petite lady singing "Fling on an Adidas hoodie and just boogie woogie with me, or you can just put on your dancing shoes and get loose can you, get loose can you...". Score for Adidas, might just help them save face after their olympic sized blunder earlier this week. ;)


Teach them what not to hit

The folks at Tool of North America and McCann Erickson SF have put together a PSA targeted at getting fathers more involved with raising their sons and influencing their treatment of women. The ad for the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the Ad Council uses the sports analogy, showing fathers teaching how to hit the home run, hit the nine iron and hit the open man. But then asks the million dollar question, "How much time have you spent teaching him what not to hit?"

Superadgrunts, check out the spot here: