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Pirelli and Leo Burnett create "The Call"

Advertising agency Leo Burnett Italy has created a film for Pirelli Tyres titled "The Call" featuring John Malkovich as a priest from the Vatican and Naomi Campbell as a seductive demon.


Convert Directs Stop-Motion Promo for BBC America's "The Underground"

Los Angeles directorial collective Convert (part of prodco The Ebeling Group) has wrapped a surreal little :30 promo/show open for the new BBC America programming block "The Underground."


NASCAR - the other white meat

Can you Taste The Excitement? Do you want to?

"My smoked sausage tastes like motor oil!"

"Oh yeah? My bologna tastes like Dale Jr!"

(hat tip to Claymore)


MSN Search preps for April Fool's

Sure it might be 2 days (or 1 depending on your time zone) until April Fool's, but that hasn't stopped MSN from beginning to promote their microsite in honor of the day with banner ads.

MSN Search Spoof "celebrates April Fool's with the return of Spoof, the parody tool that uses fake (but hilariously accurate) search results to gently mock friends, bosses, or people who just need to be teased."

Although they aren't the only Search to do something for April Fool's. There is also Google April Fool's Search page.


William Lawson taking the goat by the horns

Here is a « never seen » version of a William Lawson's Blended Scotch Whisky TVC from a few years back. In fact, the client asked the agency to change the end for a more “politically correct” one. Anyway, go check out the spot with the original ending on Youtube.


Sketch-it for a Buck

I found Sketch-it on Digg and yes, I dig it. Send them a photo of what you want their stable of artists to sketch, pay them a lousy buck via PayPal and back comes a sketch.
What a great idea! I've got them working on a storyboard for a Viral I've scripted - at more than a dollar. But you can have them do you a sketch for a buck like these below -

Brilliant eh? Tell me that's not worth a buck.


Face2Face part two is out.

Creativity Magazine new episode of their video series, Face2Face, available to all net heads on adcritic. In this episode, Bogusky reveals that he doesn't go more than 30 mintues into the future because he can't predict any farther than that.


Alka Seltzer attempts to set Guinness World Record

This morning at 11am in Las Vegas at the classic Las Vegas Hilton, Alka Seltzer will celebrate its 75th year with an event they hope will make the Guinness Book of World Re