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Google Pontiac and get a lot of blogs banter.

An interesting shift is going on at the end of commercials - Pontiac is asking people to "google pontiac", see
LocalZing - Local Internet Marketing

"GM seems to think that associating with such a trusted and generally unbiased brand that some of that might rub off on GM/Pontiac."

Oh so THAT'S Why they were all saying "AOL KEYWORD = X" in ads these past hundred internet years. To have a great brand to rub off on their own brand? Naaaaaah. ;)

In any case it'll be interesting to see if people will try to googlebomb the word Pontiac so that it leads to another Pontiac than the car brand Pontiac GM expects you to find when you google Pontiac.


Ad Free blog ring = No ads ring

Previously we wrote about the Ad Free Blog banner a that we had found at Stay Free Magazine, where we also spotted the No Ads Ring. The writer and friends of utopianhell have thought long and hard about the business of being ad free.


Upper arm for sale, Actor for sale.

I know it hasn't been a week yet but here we go, the eBay silliness. With a twist of charity.
A man sells his arm on eBay as - yeah you guessed it - advertising space. "Your Logo tattooed on my upper arm". Upper arm? That is way too easy to hide with a sleeve, take it from someone who knows. We need something daring like foreheads! Still, the bid is currently at 49 999,00 SKR which ain't chicken shit. The seller promises to donate 50% of the proceeds to the Swedish Children's Cancer Foundation - because his mother died of Cancer. (We presume that she was an adult at the time).

A SAG actor is selling himself on eBay, and donates proceeds to charity. David Chiu is the method actor for you if you fancy this sort of thing.


10 dumbest moments in business of 2005

niel frenchLeslie from Burnsautoparts tips us to the CNN Money: 10 dumbest moments in Marketing, advertising PR and business list.
Mr French made the list under the heading: Men, on the other hand, have a charming self-destructive quality.

The marketing moment teaches us that the Spanish word cajeta is "little box", and it's so bad, you'd think it's a urban legend says Leslie and we can only agree while trying not to laugh too hard.


Scott Toilet Paper pokes fun at the Half Time Flush

SCOTT as created a Halftime Flush website built in response to the legend of the Halftime Flush - 90 million toilets will be flushed during halftime of the Super Bowl, creating enough water to flow over Niagara Falls for seven minutes.

The site provides information regarding the Halftime Flush, Clog prevention tips and the top 10 uses for the plunger that you no longer need, as well as the Know your Flushes game and a parody video public service announcement with Mike Ditka on toilet blockage prevention.


Possible Anheuser Busch Super Bowl spots

As usual, Anheuser Busch has a wide selection of ads to pick from for their Super Bowl spots. Typically they end up waiting until closer to game time to make their final decision on what will make it to the airwaves. This year they have bought 10 spots for their various brands.

Some possibilities:

For instance, one Bud Light commercial, which shows the unintended consequences of stocking a "secret" refrigerator with Bud Light, has a clever premise and a hilarious punch line. The spot is created by DDB Worldwide, part of the Omnicom Group.

A commercial being considered for Budweiser Select is sophisticated enough to show a couple playing chess, a pursuit that rarely if ever has made its way into a Super Bowl spot. That commercial is being created by Peterson Milla Hooks, an agency best known for its glossy, offbeat campaigns for Target; it is the agency's first work for the brand and for Anheuser-Busch.

A possible Budweiser spot tugs at the heart strings rather than hammering at the funny bone. That spot, by DDB, shows a junior Clydesdale getting some uncredited help from its parents.


Amnesty International UK advertises AK47s for sale

Amnesty International UK today launches an awareness campaign about the need for an international arms trade treaty to create legally binding arms controls and to regulate the sale of guns.

The creative of the campaign, by Mother, spoofs the idea of a shopping company from the fake Teleshop company. Creative components include a models posing with machine guns and automatic pistols in a glossy mail order "small arms catalogue", an online component at ProtectTheHuman.com, a shopping channel spoof cinema advert and a guerilla marketing effort at shopping centres around the UK where fake salespeople will demonstrate the ease with which an AK47 machine gun can be assembled and fired. (read more to see the cinema advertisement)