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Toyota SPX ad directed by Olivier "Twist" Gondry

Los Angeles visual effects and design company A52 played weather gods and changed the skies from sunny to snowy seamlessly for Partizan director Olivier "Twist" Gondry, ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Toyota Tundra - "throw it in the tundra"

"This spot is deceptive. It looks simple, but was actually quite complex and the magic is always making complexity look effortless. A52 and Twist worked, both on location and in post, to create the various intense weather conditions that show the Tundra’s durability season after season. And they did a great job. Attention to detail is what sets a spot like this apart and A52 and Twist nailed it."
said Kevin Murphy, Saatchi & Saatchi's project creative director and art director.

Boutique Agency Sheds Creative-Only Stereotype by beefing Up Strategy

Hell, it's the wise thing to do, after beefing up their creative talent area 86 the onions are beefing up on their management team and have nabbed strategist Keith Skelton as managing director. Skelton's focus will be to expand the agency's client base, develop strategies for the agency and clients, and form new product ventures that emerge from the 86'creative bull pit.
Skelton previously ran marketing communications and strategy for Moses Anshell and managed client engagements for America West Airlines, Nintendo, Shutters on the Beach hotel, Taco Time, Arizona Department of Health Services and Zila pharmaceuticals.


What you are watching, is history in the making man.

Postproduction house PS260 who did the Shining Redux last year have been toppled off their slick cutting throne by a band of hooligans called addictive TV who upped the ante and edited both film and sound to create Take the lead addictive TV Remix out of the new Antonio Banderas movie. Who knew that the sound of a movie could make a kick-ass dance track? Well, they knew, obviously.

Take the Lead remix in the commercial archive

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Montana Meth Project

Those who don't frighten easily head over to the Montana Meth Project for some really scary PSA's created by San Franciscos's Venables Bell & Partners.


Danke schoen leroidelacapote.

le Roi de la Capote has launched this film, to advertise how much fun one can have with all the products they sell, which happens to be condoms, condoms and more condoms.


Free films on adcritic!

Ha! Gotcha, it's not free access to the delish archives of commercials, but to celebrate Creativity Magazine's 20th anniversary they've made a new video series, Face2Face, available to all net heads on adcritic.

For a new video feature, Creativity assembled two storied creative leaders, Lee Clow and Alex Bogusky. Their mandate—ask each other the hard questions on the business, their agencies, life and art.


HYPtv's answer jam mocks mohammed

The Answer Jam is a viral for HYPtv, the newish bite-sized channel for creatives in short films animation etc, where a not-so sweet vegetable cracks old jokes.


Procrastinates rejoice, Crystal Holidays brings penguin pacman

We should have mentioned it in our official viral tutorial, that if you want to make it a viral game, you score extra points if you do a pacman style game, use penguins, and/or involve yetis!