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Niel French apologises - kinda

niel french
Niel French apologises, maybe, for all that kerfluffle after his talk "A night with Neil French" arranged by in Toronto, Canada last October

He says that french maid was as big of a surprise to him as it was to the audience, and:

"However to be a Creative Director in advertising requires a special kind of lunacy. A Creative Director is in charge of the welfare of the entire company, keeping wildly talented (but often weird) producers of work involved, dedicated, and willing to sweat
and strain over long hours and stupid deadlines for the good of the client and the firm. And these absurd conditions occur as unpredictably as earthquakes and tsunamis but more frequently.

To walk away from that responsibility would be utterly unprofessional and immediately disqualify anyone from holding the position."

I'd like to introduce French to many of my past Creative Directors, all men, who left work at 5:15 to pick up their kids from school and daycare, leaving me at the office burning the midnight oil as usual. But since that would take up too much of my precious time, I'll be content with reminding him that it's only advertising after all.


Ad free? No, pro ad!

We told you about the Ad free blog owl earlier this week. Well it didn't take too long for the opposite to appear. The Pro Ad Blog bunny allows you to show the world that you dig ads on blogs.


You Are Germany! Du Bist Deutschland!

Du Bist Deutschland...Sig Heil!

The blogging world is all excited by the latest slogan for promoting Germany - "Du Bist Deutschland" ("You Are Germany"). Which unfortunately was also a Nazi propaganda slogan. The genius behind it, Jean-Remy von Matt, heads up a P.R./Marketing mob called Jung Von Matt. Here's a translation of what he said to explain himself and why the bloggers are pissed off.


Troika Design Group Rebrands Great American Country Network (GAC)

Troika Design Group have created a complete rebranding campaign for Great American Country network (GAC) that highlights the growing diversity of the country music genre.

The redesign takes inspiration from the colorful patchwork look of quilts and the rugged feel of honky-tonk bar signage. Colorful, down-home, yet sophisticated--the IDs, bumpers, promo toolkits, and redesigned logo are currently airing on GAC.


PETA's latest: Milk Gone Wild

PETA lets us know that their latest effort to convince people that milk doesn't do a body good is a spoof of all those girls gone wild videos. This time with real udders.

But not only that, PETA’s "Milk Gone Wild" 30-second TV ad has been rejected by ABC executives, who turned down the $2.2 million PETA was prepared to pay to run the spot during Super Bowl XL. ABC rejected the ad on the grounds that it "falls outside the boundaries of good taste". Because everything else about the superbowl is just oh-so classy and risque jokes have never ever been shown. No chimps hitting on their owners dates, and no fire farts, to name but two. Rrright.


Creatives own TV channel? (Flash 8 req.) is a new show and site where creatives from all walks of life can strut their stuff.

They are currently looking for submissions from pros, students and the gifted - commercials, VJ videos, short films and animation etc.


Coke Ad Ticks Off American Trucking Association

You might be surprised to hear who's unhappy about Coca Cola's Full Throttle pre-game ad. No it's not Red Bull, who the ad goes after (literally). The president of American Trucking Associations has written the chairman and chief executive officer of Coca-Cola expressing the ATA’s concern over the spot where a loaded Full Throttle semi-tractor trailer forces a much smaller passenger (Red Bull) vehicle off the road.


Super Bowl XL Advertising Bonanza Spoiler

Just over a week until the Super Bowl XL. We've assembled all the dirt on what you can expect to see. As always, there are probably a good number of secrets yet. But it seems this year, many advertisers are using the pre-game time to use the press to give some extra PR to their spots.

Here is an UPDATED list of the spots broken down by air time (if we know it) that you can expect to see this year.

If you prefer to be surprised, don't read for more. ;)