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Amnesty International UK advertises AK47s for sale

Amnesty International UK today launches an awareness campaign about the need for an international arms trade treaty to create legally binding arms controls and to regulate the sale of guns.

The creative of the campaign, by Mother, spoofs the idea of a shopping company from the fake Teleshop company. Creative components include a models posing with machine guns and automatic pistols in a glossy mail order "small arms catalogue", an online component at ProtectTheHuman.com, a shopping channel spoof cinema advert and a guerilla marketing effort at shopping centres around the UK where fake salespeople will demonstrate the ease with which an AK47 machine gun can be assembled and fired. (read more to see the cinema advertisement)


Movers and Shakers in Hong Kong

Thierry Halbroth has joined McCann's creative ranks. Thierry takes up a newly created role as Senior Creative Director, Cathay Pacific Central Team, Worldwide from his previous role as Director of Integrated Services, M&C Saatchi Greater China.

He joins Carol Lam, Executive Creative Director and Vince Viola, Managing Director, Cathay Pacific Central Team to manage integrated solutions through the line for all Cathay Pacific brands. These range from global branding efforts for Cathay Pacific, Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles covering relationship marketing and digital solutions.


Adidas F50+

Adgrunt jbw7577 mistakingly submitted this to the ad links.


ideas on ideas

There are over 70 million blogs in the blogosphere. We figured that the world really needed one more. If you have a chance, please take a look.


The William Hung(s) of Dance

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"A windows media file hosted on the otherwise empty server at sevvkmuann.com. While the dancing is kinda funny, it's clearly an ad for Sprints GotHookedUp.com."


Absolutely not fabulous

After 25 years and more than 1500 print ads, Absolut enters the TV era.


Recommendation Rates Revisited

Pete Blackshaw of recently merged Intelliseek/Bzzmetrics asks today on ClickZ "Are You Asking the Ultimate Marketing Question?".

In some ways it came as a big relief to hear one of WOMMA’s founders talk about the use of Reicheld's Net Promoter Score (NPS) to actually predict business growth by measuring customer recommendation rates, particularly as WOMMA's WOM Unit metric was a little weak on the ROI front.

However, as Walker Information's Chief Research Methodologist Doug Grisaffe points out "there are several critical logical, conceptual and statistical problems with Reichheld's proposition" (read more)


Ad Free blog - no ads and proud

There's blogads, and adwords in blogs, and sponsored blogs and blogs that in fact are ads, not to mention the google ads that every damn blogger seem to have - but fear not we knew the backlash had to come sooner or later. Now there's Ad Free Blog, a cute banner all thee who do not carry ads or sponsored messages on your blog may proudly display. Spotted by Stay Free Magazine (a contender in the battle of the ad blogs you know, nudge nudge). Because weather you care to admit it or not, Adsense is The Electronic AE as Jim Hanas so eloquently put it.