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Welcome Creative Circle members!

Adland welcomes all creative circle Denmark members, who have access to all of the 32223 currently live commercials in the commercial archive. That number keeps going up because we keep adding ads!
Creative circle has just launched their new and improved webpage, announcing the adland and creative circle marriage there as well. So welcome all Ditte Bodil and Dorte, all Rasmus, Jakob and Søren - have fun! Or as the danes say: Sjovt!
You'll soon see more Danish ads than you can shake a stick at around here, as Adland adds all Guldkorn winners of past years.


Racism poster with lego upsets Danes

The UN has created a poster against racism which manges to offend the Danes. The poster has been printed in many languages but the spokesperson José Luis Díaz says that "there are no hidden intentions with the poster".
Danish company Lego doesn't like the poster, or the idea that lego could be associated with racism or racists, according to the communications director Charlotte Simonsen. Read more to see ad that the UN now has decided to withdraw.


South African BMW ad plagiarizes artist's work

In South Africa last February, a newspaper ad for BMW by Ireland-Davenport (which won the account only months before) has been called plagiarism by artist Gerhard Marx and his representatives, Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art (you can see the artists work here). They want the campaign cancelled, an apology and are looking for financial compensation or else they will go ahead with a lawsuit.

They claim that the ad, which features a collage using a map and a line drawing depicting the back of a naked woman for the BMW Z4, uses a technique that is the innovation of Marx (“drawing” human forms using reconstituted map fragments.)

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the BMW ad online and I have not been able to find a website for Ireland-Davenport. There is a review of the ad here as well as some comments that claim that Mr. Ireland was seen at the grand opening of Marx's exhibit, and some other chatter about it here.


MTV Canada launches tonight

MTV Canada returns to the airwaves tonight at 6pm ET. The teaser campaign follows the idea of "the drought is over". Dishwasher, Sink, Sweat Sock, Wack Attack, and Waiting are five teaser/pre-launch ads that were created to start a buzz.


Pepsi Co takes Coca Cola to court over ad

Pepsi is taking Coca Cola to court over an ad campaign that it claims is false and deceptive which began airing last week during the NCAA men's basketball tournament in the US.

The controversial spot for Powerade Option shows two Amish farmers drag racing their horse-drawn carts filled with hay bales (one with 10 bales and the other with 50). The farmer with less bales easily cruises to victory, and touts that Powerade Option has 10 calories compared to Gatorade's 50 calories.

"In other words, Coca-Cola is telling consumers that Powerade Option's fewer calories literally make you go faster. However, Coca-Cola cannot possibly substantiate this overall superiority claim," the suit says.

Powerade Option, which contains "negligible" calories, cannot refuel athletes in a similar manner" as Gatorade, the court filing claims. The suit seeks a permanent injunction to bar Coke from running the ads.


new winterfresh campaign

It's viral, integrated, but most importantly, it just might make you laugh. Check out, the TV spots are on it too. And a song and other enjoyable things. We are in the process of adding more cool stuff.


Where the bloody hell are ya clothes luv?

Australia's 'Where the Bloody Hell are you?' which we're all bloody sick of hearing about, finally has something going for it. Boobies. That's right, we've got some tits. It turns out Lara Bingle, the 'star' of the ad did a topless shoot for Men's Magazine Zoo 6-months ago.

Was someone over at M&C Saatchi doing a talent search flicking through the pages of Zoo Magazine? We need a Royal Commission / Senate Enquiry!

Coverpage + Story can be viewed here


Quark revamps logo, again

About six months ago, Quark unveiled their new logo designed by SicolaMartin, a division of Young & Rubicam Brands. Almost immediately the design community and others posted on how similar it was to the Scottish Arts Coucil logo, among others.