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Olympus banned ad becomes Olympus Viral Campaign

Monday may 23 went up and had a few films on it. A week later it was taken down...Fortunately it was up long enough for people to download the films..... ;)


AdFormatie - Dutch Tradepress 2005

A very Painful rendition of Donna Summer's hit is what we called the self-promo video from Mindshare ....and Adformatie in Holland felt obliged to quote us on that. :)

"A really embarrassing rendition of Donna Summer's hit "She works hard for her money". The judgement from ad-addicts-pump Adland ( on the promotional film from Mindshare is rock-hard."


Czech Dream

Built it and they will come. And come they did. But they left as an angry, blood-thirsty mob!

Click here to see what happens when two Czech guys create a fictional hypermarket, promote the hell out of it and tape the entire con job.


Puma Summer 2005 eCatalog

Get your hands on Puma's 2005 eCatalog. It's a really creative execution of a would-be boring online catalog. A real page turner.


Marketing Sherpa's 2nd Ad-Blog survey

Holy Cow! AdLand has again ended up on Marketing Sherpa's Readers Choice Awards list for ad blogs!

They've grouped their readers' fave blogs and they are ready to be rated by you! This year's winner takes home fame, glory and a Marketing Sherpa coffee mug! Take a minute and vote for your faves.


Keep The Can Cool

A new Heineken commercial and online game, using oldskool pixel images.

game: by Qi

Canny- Keep the Can Cool by TBWA


FCC member asks agency to investigate stealth advertising

The LATimes(reg. req.) reports that Johnathan S. Adelstein, a member of the Federal Communications Commission, has asked the agency to investigate hidden advertising also commonly known as product placements.

Adelstein criticized specific on-air personalities touting products without divulging that they are paid endorsers as well as criticizing the lack of full disclosure in the pay-for-plugs proliferating in scripted and reality TV.


Advertising: Get the Message

Clay pointed out that National Advertising Board is launching "Advertising: Get the Message" campaign.

In an effort to raise the individual American's awareness of and interest in advertising, the National Advertising Board launched a $32-million "Advertising: Get The Message!" campaign in major markets across the country Monday.
"From lifesaving drugs to new diet beverages, advertising keeps you informed about the products and services you want to buy," a spokeswoman said in a 30-second spot titled "Keep An Eye Out For Ads." "But advertising can't work for you if you don't pay attention!"
The commercials, in heavy rotation on network and cable television, end with a helpful tip for viewers: "To get messages from advertisers in your area, open up your local newspaper, turn on your radio, or continue to watch this channel."