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Levi's to make iPodified jeans

Red Herring reports that Levi's will be making ipodified jeans - with special pockets for a docking cradle, a joystick remote control,


Toyota, Volkswagen & now Ikea

The same idea sells two different cars on two sides of the pond. American Toyota versus British Volkswagen - now updated with a cherry Canadian Ikea on top. Bo-yah!


You're gullible.....

If you, like me, have been increasingly agitated by James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" you can take a moment to vent your anger at a flash version of the song where you can toss therapeutic tomatoes on the singer. Yeay!


Ram head advertising implies success

Lambrini is no longer alone in being slapped on the wrist for "violating" rules banning links between alcohol and sexual success. A Young's Bitter billboard features a man with a ram's head - the brewery's symbol - standing by a swimming pool surrounded by attentive women in bikinis, and the ASA wants it withdrawn.


FOX campaign driven by others creativity | 30 second Bunny movies

The sassy Volkswagen Fox campaign(s) seems to be firmly rooted in cult creativity for rent. First they built that interesting Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, where street artists were given all the paint they wanted and a room to do as they wished with. A deal serious cred street artist Huskmitnavn (remember my name) scoffed at. Now the highly popular bunny reenactment films from web fame have turned into Fox commercials, and even won bronze in the Eurobest 2005 award.

See the bunny films in their original glory here on AngryAliens website, or in the archive (links to commercials after the jump as they say).


Remember Segregation

DDB Seattle launches their annual (since 1992) MLK campaign today, highlighting the life and achievements of Dr. King. The muti-faceted campaign also aims to increase awareness and understanding of the Civil Rights movement and encourage people to think about January 16 as more than just a day off.


ErinMedia goes after Neilsen again

While most are talking about the death of television as effective media, Erin Media has filed a second lawsuit against Nielsen Media Research (NMR), a subsidiary of Netherlands-based VNU, for False Advertising and Unfair Trade Practices. The first pertains to an antitrust lawsuit.

This new filing is over a full page ad placed in the October 24, 2005 edition of Television Week, among others. In the full color advertisement, the bold print headlines claim: "Thousands of shows ...millions of different viewers ... Nielsen counts them all." The suit specifically requests, among other things, that the Court award relief to end Nielsen's false advertising practices; that Nielsen stop dissemination of this advertising and promotional material; that Nielsen publish corrective advertising; and that the Court award erinMedia punitive damages for Nielsen's intentional, willful, and malicious conduct.


Engage In-Game Advertising creates regional game ads

We've heard all about the trend towards ads in video games, and now an advertising agency has launched specifically to serve ads to this "media" on a regional and local level. Engage In-Game Advertising claims:

the first independent in-game media company to provide strategic planning and placement services targeted specifically for video game advertising. The company adds that it is pioneering localized in-game advertising programs in targeted markets for SUBWAY.

Read more to see a screen shot of their work for Subway.