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The carrot and stick trick - twice.

How ironic it is that the ads for creative award shows should end up in Badland due to lack of creativity..... this is a pairing you must see!


Village Voice - something for everyone

A rather tame viral is being promoted all cloak and dagger style right now, dubbed real estate karate it's message is that the Village voice has something for everyone. Yeah, you can see the tired twist come charging at you.


Future Marketing Summit

Dear All

Just the latest update from Remote People in London who are busy closing the judging of the Future Marketing Awards having received some really amazing work from as far afield as Malaysia and Boston.


The sixteen fingered snack monster

Ok, this is just plain scary, the consumerist has photos of some ladies nails, all painted with snack and soft drink logos and turned into the most unappetising hands you've ever seen.


The Marketing Pop Talk Pop Quiz

No don't worry kids, it's not one of my difficult quizzes, but someone elses. ;) This one is created by Leslie Savan, author of "Slam Dunks and No-Brainers: Language in Your Life, the Media, Business, Politics, and, Like, Whatever"


Spot Runner, canned commercials served cold.

C|net reports on Spot Runner, a place where cookie-cutter commercials can be found for cheap, for as little as $500. "Spot Runner lets advertisers select a generic commercial from its library, personalize the ads and target customers by demographics, networks and neighborhoods."


Honda Civic's power of screams

Yesterday Wieden and Kennedy, London unleashed a new Honda ad on the world. In the 120 second ad a 60-person choir vocalises what it's like to drive a Honda.

super adgrunts see it here.

Kim Papworth, creative director at Wieden + Kennedy London explains the brief: "Honda’s new Civic is all about driving feeling. Music is all about feeling. So we thought having a choir "singing" driving could be amazingly powerful and emotional. The aim of the commercial was to find a way of expressing the human experience of driving - not just the big, fast, powerful sounds but also the more subtle sounds of driving - the sound of an electric window closing or a Biro rolling across the dashboard. The sort of moments that never get spoken about but that everyone feels."