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Jeep - there is only.. two?

With the advent of google video, it was ripe to be a place for people to upload their spec work. Take for example this Jeep spot where Directors Casper Frank & Talia Raine seem to be under the impression that crap suspension is a selling point. Steve tipped us to the "sexist, mysogonistic and objectifying...but.." spot. Yes, some of you will find it funny - but I think we all agree it's not a good ad for Jeep. The tagline seems to be selling the other stars in the picture.


Promoters for Travelocity wear nothing but red hat

Over New Years, Travelocity ran their "Red Hat" Promotion, which rewarded folks for showing up at Times Square in Red Hats (like their spokegnome) or throwing their own Red Hat Party. Adage has a picture of their promotion team in nothing but their skivvies, or so it seems at a distance. A bit cold this year in NYC to really go out in the buff (although most likely the client wouldn't have approved nude folk handing out flyers, even if they could have evaded arrest by the cops.) It's just another attempt to get in on the trend of streakers in advertising.


Unfortunate moments in online advertising

BannerBlog has captured an example of when online advertising creative mixes with a news story in the worst possible context.

Click here to see screenshots of the incident.


Levi's to make iPodified jeans

Red Herring reports that Levi's will be making ipodified jeans - with special pockets for a docking cradle, a joystick remote control,


Toyota, Volkswagen & now Ikea

The same idea sells two different cars on two sides of the pond. American Toyota versus British Volkswagen - now updated with a cherry Canadian Ikea on top. Bo-yah!


You're gullible.....

If you, like me, have been increasingly agitated by James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" you can take a moment to vent your anger at a flash version of the song where you can toss therapeutic tomatoes on the singer. Yeay!


Ram head advertising implies success

Lambrini is no longer alone in being slapped on the wrist for "violating" rules banning links between alcohol and sexual success. A Young's Bitter billboard features a man with a ram's head - the brewery's symbol - standing by a swimming pool surrounded by attentive women in bikinis, and the ASA wants it withdrawn.