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Correction Fluid ads that never were, never seen again

We've obliged the ad agency involved and removed the spec ads for a brand of correction fluid which initially were sent in and posted as live work. Despite clearly marking the ads as spec and pixelllating away the trademark and removing the correction fluids brand name everywhere, the client and ad agency felt that the whole thing needed to be removed, the whole post and all the comments.

The posts have been edited thusly:
The original post - Correction Fluid Print no longer contains the images.


Penny Marshall puts Felicity Huffman into shows of yore

Dove has launched a new microsite for their Calming Night Body Wash, Soap and Lotions. Felicity Huffman stars in three webisodes directed by Penny Marshall. All films start with Huffman complaining about her kids, taking a relaxing shower and slipping off to dreamland. Here she encounters the mom's of TV land, as she ends up in The Brady Bunch, The Munsters and Leave It To Beaver.
Screenshots inside. (hat tip to adcritic email)


Shed your shame with AXE

If you've had a questionable hook up, AXE wants to help by having you join the Order Of The Serpentine. The group is, supposedly, a sacred brotherhood dedicated to helping guys move beyond the shame of a questional hook up.


Adidas a3 Gigaride- similar ads to Puma?

It's definitely not a case of badland, but when I first saw Adidas' new spots for their a3 Gigaride I did experience a bit of deja vu. I instantly thought of Gyro's GBH's Puma campaign from the beginning of last year. In one way it's a bit odd as these ads are not your usual Adidas fare. A tiny bit of digging, and I found that both Adidas and Puma are owned by brothers but not by the same parent company. So perhaps that's it. Could it be some subliminal way to tell the world they are linked? Nah.

More spots inside for you SuperAdgrunt folk.

Adidas a3 Gigaride - Rhinos


Staples "The Wall" viral

With the help of Eyewonder , McCann Erickson and Staples have unleashed a micro site for the brand. The Wall includes a commercial, game, and fortune cookies, as well as a behind the scenes section.


Listerine goes after Crest for false claims

Yesterday the makers of Listerine sued the makers of Crest Pro Health mouthwash for false claims. They might not have put words in their mouths, but according to the lawsuit between Pfizer and P&G, the 269 dentists who partook in a survey for P&Gs Crest Pro Health which resulted in the claim that claim that four out of five dentists would recommend the product were paid $75 for participating.

"P&G's false and misleading claims concerning Crest Pro-Health cause a substantial number of consumers to believe that this product is recommended by the vast majority of dentists - which is false - and that these dentists are recommending it for specific product-related reasons - which also is false," the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, said.

Pfizer is seeking all of P&G's profits made from the advertising claim.
Superadgrunts, check out the ad inside.


Taxi and Reginald Pike tickle funny bones

A new campaign created by Taxi toronto and shot by Brian Lee Hughes of Reginald Pike takes a serious look at comedy films for the The World of Comedy International Film Festival. (links inside)


Blogs are like soap bubbles - Kom Nærmare TDC (Danish)

Blogs are like soap bubbles.
In the TDC magazine "Kom nærmare" there is a long feature about blogs and in it, yours truly is quoted - my quote even gets the big blue font signed "Åsk Wäppling".
Useless trivia: the baby in the bottom right bubble is my daughter. ;)

Select bits translated: Q: How do you see the future of weblogs?