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Advertisers line up for Super Bowl XL advertising

Adage has their preliminary list of who's advertising in Super Bowl XL up.

The Usual Suspects, back again:
Anheuser-Busch, with the largest number (as usual) of spots has 10 again this year throughout the game by a variety of agencies (again, as usual)
Last year's spots: Skydiver, Island Fantasy, Picture Phone, Donkey look what you started, Cockatoo, Heros Salute/Thank You, Pucker Up, and Cedric Designated Driver

Pepsi-Cola Co. has bought a total fo four 30-second spots, with at least one for Diet Pepsi. Ad agency for Diet Pepsi is DDB, New York
Last year's spots: Diet Pepsi Truck, Guy Watcher, Bottle Songs, and Rich Girl

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. is back with two 30-second spots by DDB, Los Angeles
Last year's spots: Robbery and Romantic Dinner/Cat


Malaysian Advertising gets ready for pitch fees

The Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) has submitted six points to be considered by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) in the latter’s implementation of pitch fees for advertisers.

MAA president Shahar Noor said, "We just want to make sure the implementation of the pitch fees is beneficial to both sides."

However, Shahar declined to reveal the six points submitted to 4As since they are still at a preliminary stage.


Windows Live Dance Troupe @ CES

Inside the Microsoft tent at the Consumer Electronics Show, there is a group rehearsing for what will no doubt go down as one of the more, um, eye-catching marketing stunts in company history.

Microsoft marketers worked with agency collaborators Wexley School for Girls and General Public to assemble this comedic dance squad to do its thing at the show, basically drawing attention to the new Windows Live brand while wearing shirts promoting the website URL: IDEAS.LIVE.COM

The dance troup will be performing randomly along the Vegas strip, and on the Microsoft stage throughout CES. If you spot them, be sure to pick up the killer tubesocks and headbands that they are handing out as shwag.

(read more to see dancers in action)


Bean in ads

Rowan Atkinson, better known to most as Mr. Bean or Blackadder, celebrates his 51st birthday today. We've dug up a few links to some of the ads he's appeared in.

Fujifilm (.wmv) as Mr Bean (aired Worldwide (excl. North America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand & Japan), 1999) - created by Wunderman GMBH

Nissan Timo (aired Japan, 1998), Nissan Martino and Stale Routine (both .mov) as Mr Bean (aired Japan, 1999)

Mars/M&M's Mr Bean (aired Worldwide, 1997)
Rema 1000 as Mr Bean (aird Norway, 1993)

Barclaycard (.wmv) as Richard Latham (aired UK, 1991 - 1996) (these spots inspired the creation of the film Johnny English) - created by BMP, London

Eagle Star (aired UK, 1985)
Kronenberg (aired UK, 1982)


"Men" is not a target group

Strategy Magzine is holding a conference in Toronto entitled "Understanding Men: Metro or Retro" with the aim to best learn how to drill down the target market that is men.

Ok...wait just one moment here. Does some researcher really think that they can make such broad types of claims about a gender group that can be so incredibly diverse? WTF?...argh.

I never understood the groupings of "men" and "women" in the way that it's done usually. Ok so men. Yeah. And sure you go further by narrowing down by age (although sometimes those groupings are ridiculously large too like 18-54...come on) but that still leaves out so many factors. It's so silly.

If any client or AE handed me a strategy with "Target: Men 18-54" and left it at that I think I'd find it hard not to laugh in their face. Sometimes mass media isn't the problem. Sometimes the problem begins much more closer to the beginning with strategies like that.


Benylin sponsors Cough Free train carriage

It's back to work for most of us and with the cold weather, commuting means back to the joy of sharing germs with other fellow passsenger. Cold medecine Benylin has jumped on the occasion to sponsor a cough free carriage on a British train company, where anyone who sniffles, sneezes, coughes... is banned (only from the Benelyn carriage though, not the whole train, they can happily spread their germs among the unlucky passengers who couldn't sit in the sponsored carriage).

See more in the Dailly Mail


Maxell brings back iconic "blown-away" guy

Maxell is bringing back the 'blown away guy' in a new campaign targeting the 18- to 30-year-olds, created by Manhattan Marketing Ensemble, New York.

"We are reviving an icon. It is timeless. And we are giving it the exposure it deserves," said Don Patrican, marketing and sales executive VP for Maxell, he added that the program will be "multimillion dollar campaign" but did not give the specific amount budgeted.

Currently the campaign will involve wild postings, print and an online component to be launched later this month at the company's website.

The original campaign began as a trade ad in 1978 and was made into TV spots in 1979 which ran through the 80s with the well associated music of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Walkyries,".