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Volkswagen fast GTI "collectible" already on eBay

Say what you want about crispin' but they sure seem to follow the motto "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Yet again, one of their 'quirky' little commercial characters has shown up on eBay right about the time that the ads air. This time it's the little "fast" thingie from the Volkswagen GTI commercials. Check out the eBay search for Volkswagen GTI fast collectible.

The ads by the way, are here, naturally.


Groovecutters accuse French Connection/BMB of ripping off video

Oh no, not again! It seems that the band Groovecutters, is accusing French Connection and its advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay of 'ripping off' their music video for their Kung-fu lesbian TV/Cinema ad that starting airing in the UK on Sunday and made headlines because of the number of complaints it had received.

Kev Keane, one of Groovecutters, said: "It's such a rip-off. I am not even sure if FCUK know how much of a copy it is. Would they have approved it if they knew it was not specially created for them to spearhead their £2m campaign.

"It just makes me laugh that something that was created for our track has been changed into something that symbolizes French Connection's latest corporate message."


A new look for Mr. Peanut?

Planters is celebrating it's centennial. They are looking to give Mr. Peanut a new look. The original Mr. Peanut was created by an 14-year-old in 1916 as part of a contest. The monocle, top hat, cane and spats have been added over the years.

Unforunately, Planters is only looking to add some rather bland and boring (and probably unnoticable to the majority of people) accessories. They are asking for "the people" to vote for what you'd like to see on Mr. Peanut starting in 2007. Your options? Cuff links, bow tie or pocket watch. How dull.


Oh yes, it's another award show!

Because there is a lack of award shows, or some reasoning that still isn't quite clear, Mike Weber has decided to create the American Advertising Festival, which he hopes will become the next Cannes. Instead of a Lion the award is an Eagle. From the press release:

"I saw a void in the national award landscape" Weber says. "We're going to focus a lot of attention on the creative talent." In fact the tag line for the show is "Honoring the best advertising in America, and those who create it." Planned is a television show about select winning creative teams, a DVD compilation, as well as hosting mini sites for winning creative teams. Smaller details include even notifying the winner's local press. "An award is worth more to you if more people know you won it."

One unique twist to the competition is that it's online and all entrants participate in judging during the inital phase.


Apple Jack cereal has to drop the "bad apples"

Last July we reported on a stink being made over Kellogg's Apple Jack ads disparaging real apples. Today Adage reports that the ad industry’s own self-regulatory arm, Center for Science in the Public Interest and Produce for Better Health Foundation, issued a decision today telling the company to quit calling apples “bad.”


The Swedish chef cooks for Ikea

The real Swedish chef was a young cook who messed up while on live TV in the states back in the seventies. Caught in a sudden stagefright he began mumbling to himself in Swedish. The audience were mighty amused and years later, the Muppet show asked if they could base a muppet on the real Swedish chef's live TV cockup. This story isn't enterily unknown, I've even made of note of that dalmål legend in my ascii log, so it seems only fitting that the chef is now used to shill Ikeas foods!


Belgian campaign revives old look for one second.

When I spotted (bad pun intended) Duval Guillaume's new campaign for one second breath mint I was instantly reminded of the Badlander Pore Bore back in 2k. But hey it's been six years I s'pose that now is as good a time as any to revive an old look and call it a "clearly differentiating visual style...." as CD/AD Dirk Domen said to Creativity magazine, even though it isn't. Read more to see the ads and a few more 50's cartoon style ads.

Previous hype on "one second", the world first one second advert, which wasn't the worlds first one-second advert at all.


A check or a fish? Depends on how you see it.

Another set on our little list of twin logos. One mans cheap printing is another mans shopping center located at the harbour where the fish mongers used to be. Just proof that when you simplify things enough, it could be anything really. ;)

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