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Adland crew choice of the worst of 2005

Oh no, I'm so not done yet - there is always yet another list to be made at the end of the year. We've done the easy readable recap of 2005 with The Newsy Stuff, and our own lists of bestest and mostest here at Adland, and then we listed the choice best ads and campaigns of 2005 before showing the adgrunts own ratings; best, worst.
Now for what the Adland crew here considers to be the worst ads of the year - read on if you dare.


The Ratings - what you adgrunts voted down down down in 2005

Like the earlier post: The Ratings - what you adgrunts voted up in 2005, this is your raw ratings of what the collective opinion of Adland adgrunts thought was the worst of 2005. Check out the worst news and worst adverts as adgrunts have voted it.
One of your posts or commercials might even be on this list....


The Ratings - what you adgrunts voted up in 2005

What exactly does that rating-widget do? Well, what you vote up and down ends up on the roundup page and in our annual recount of what happened last year. But the creme doesn't float on top unless a lot of adgrunts rate a lot of things. In the interest of satisfying my need for big long lists here is the 400 odd best articles and adverts as rated by you adgrunts in 2005.

As you can see, in the films it starts getting interesting around 4.75 average rating - those with a single 5 rating could be a D&AD or dud depending on taste. What we need is more people rating. :)


The ad trivia viral winners - and quiz answers.

Like it's predecessor, the Ad Trivia Quiz (a.k.a the very difficult ad quiz) it turned out that the Ad Quiz the Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth edition was harder than it looked. Beats me why, as I thought it was dead easy, and so did the following winners - h.surfa , Tarbos, MeMyselfAndI, aDude, and the first one to score a perfect ten opinion-leading. These clever adgrunts all win a signed personal copy of the book Connected Marketing by Justin Kirby and Paul Marsden. Read on to see what the right answers were and more.....


IF ad blog review.

Ever caustic George Parker from AdScam rants rabidly and with extra zing over at IF on the topic of ad blogs; IF Ad Blog Review (or: Why Most Ad blogs Suck!!!). With the ever growing hive of adblogs (194 at last count here) someone has to check the crowd and point out the gems. We're pleased as punch that he went easy on us. ;) Didya know that Creativity magazine called me caustic once. I guess I've gotten mellow in my old age. Go fig.


Fuzzy flashbacks from days of yore - the 80s.

Superadgrunts, Adland has a special treat for you to wrap up 2005. Strangely enough, it involves going back to the early 80s - back when Saturday mornings meant something, dammit.

Click for more to discover a mess o' commercials from back in the day, all in Superadgrunt Quicktimey goodness.


Michael Vale, aka Fred The Baker, dies

Michael Vale, known to many as Fred The Baker died at the age of 83 on Saturday.


Women's legs banned from outdoor ads in Moldovan capital

In the Moldovan captial, Chisinau, authorities have ordered billboards using the image of a woman's legs to advertising pantyhose to be removed.

Acting mayor Vasily Ursu said earlier that showing women’s legs on billboards was contrary to the standards of ethics and advised designers to look for a more creative solution than just capturing bare legs.
Ursu, however, said: "If you show me similar billboards in other cities, I may let them be used again."

You can see the image of the "offensive" legs at the link above.