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Caffeinegoddess speaks on the The David Lawrence Show

Our very own Caffeinegoddess was just on the The David Lawrence Show, which if you happened to miss it, will be available online soon. :)


Super Bowl XL ads are here!

Yes folks, like the virtual watercooler that we are we now have 33 years worth of Super Bowl ads, the twothousandsixes are just in.


Hart Larsson gets into the Super Bowl Spirit

Adgrunt, ghfuse alerts us to Hart Larsson's HL, XL. At the site you can watch Andrea watch the Superbowl live, rate ads, and view the halftime fashion show featuring Hart+Larsson's Purple '05 collection.


City of Toronto Cash for Guns Ad Campaign.

To combat one of the worst years of gun violence in the history of the city of Toronto, Canada, the Toronto Police Department's Crime Stoppers unveiled some PSA radio and print ads.

DDB Canada and an impressive list of 19 media and print production partners joined forces, donating resources and media space to make the campaign possible. The total estimated value to date of the PSA campaign is approximately $500,000.

The focus of the ad campaign, "Cash For Guns", is on those who have information about illegal or crime-related handguns and offers up to a $500 cash reward for information leading police to these guns.

The edgy out-of-home and print executions show a giant, over-sized handgun hiding between two mattresses, inside a dumpster and in a car trunk. The tagline,


The pre-game preview of films here at Adland.

Ok, if you want to reminisce, check the Super Bowl Archive for the previous 32 years of Super Bowls.

Super adgrunts, if you want a sneak peek check out these.

Sure - Stunt City :60


Battle of the Ad Blogs Portuguese print fame

Thanks to the Hidden Persuader we have these scans of the Battle of the ad blogs being mentioned in Portuguese tradepress.
I can sorta make out what is says - something like "root for your countrymen hidden persuader and TBWA blog". ;) Maybe.


Collection of *online* Super Bowl ads

I've assembled a first-of-its-kind collection of online Super Bowl ads, as opposed to Super Bowl commercials online, that might be of interest to those following the game from a marketer's perspective. It's a little rough around the edges, but please remember that it's a hobby site! Super Bowl ads

As you'll see, none of the campaigns that I've found even come close to the sophistication and quality of their television counterparts. Given the relative spend levels, I suppose that's to be expected!

Some advertisers seem to have put at least a little thought into what they were airing: (read more)


Buzzword Bingo: Super Bowl ad edition

There is only one problem with the Mapau Bingo's Buzzword Bingo Superbowl ads edition, and that is the word "monkeys".

Why, I haven't seen a monkey in a superbowl ad since... eh.. come to think of it I don't think I ever have. Don't make me watch all 32 years again!
But we see the tired idea acted out by great apes almost every year! /nitpick
Via Metafilter.