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Adidas Impossible game commercial released

Adgrunts, we showed you the posters the other day when we wrote about the Adidas new campaign centers on impossible game, and now we're happy to show you the commercial too. The 60-second advert starring Ballack, Raúl, Defoe, Kaká and Saviola is available right here for super adgrunts. In it the footie heroes play on a field that is only the white lines on the grass, suspended in nothing. Step out of line and you fall off the map into the black void!


RSS feeds with ads in them are here to stay.

The New York Times has an article about ads in RSS, "Marketers See Opportunity as a Web Tool Gains Users" (printer friendly) which opens with the line "THE fledgling R.S.S. business is starting to attract some attention from those catering to Internet advertisers." (R.S.S? They mean RSS.)
Dammit, it's finally here - just as we''ve been chatting about it. We wondered How long will RSS be ad-free? back in Feb 2004, and saw inklings of RSS with ads? later that year where Wired reported on more feeds with ads and we found more bloggers dropping ad-filled-feeds. I and many other bloggers have been listing the pro's and con's on RSS and ads in them in the e-book that brags to be everything you wanted to know about RSS but were afraid to ask.. In April this year Google adsense finally started beta testing ads in RSS feeds, even though they kicked blogger Pentdego off their program for doing the exact same thing last year. With Google, Pheedo, Feedster and Yahoo offering ads for feeds I guess it's safe to say now that RSS ads are here to stay.
Now, who'll build the first RSS ad blocker? Any takers?


Link Lust: Mexican stamps. Climate change brief, death traps and the longest ad

SpeakUp speaks on the controversial stamps from Mexico showing the cartoon hero Memín Pinguín, which caused such an uproar in the United States and Canada in the post: "Viva la Political Correctness". A good read about designers responsibility, even though the discussion might be slipping into usual flamefest territory if they aren't careful.


Brand New EU logo looks like an old logo.

At BBC news we find another Badlander-logo pair. It's the brand new EU presidency logo that has swans flying in a V formation.. Which looks an awful lot like the Eurosceptic Bruges Group logo which has swans flying in a V-formation. The designer of the EU logo, Michael Jordan, sums it all up nicely: "The credit should surely go to mother nature"


GoGorilla advertise on homeless peoples signs.

Two years ago, Pizza Schmizza paid homeless street-kids to hold up pizza signs as advertising for their pizza-by-the-slice company in San Francisco. They paid the kids in pizza and a few bucks, and while some might have found it cynical to use street people as media space, others compared it to the old-fashioned sandwich board.

Just like the Sisterhood Augustinessen, who used the media space of bums backs with a twist. Mid-winter they gave out free warm overcoats to the street people with signs advertising Ben and Jerry's on the back.


Other Cinema DVD Releases The 70s Dimension

I recently produced a DVD that would be a great find for anyone with an interest in advertising from the 70s, our time-warped tribute to that delirious decade of polyester and smiley faces.

This playful yet pensive DVD consists of two programs.

Curated by Matt McCormick and Morgan Currie, "What the 70's Really Looked Like" is a media-archaeological treasure trove of 16mm commercials, PSA's, and TV ephemera.

From the classic iconography of the Marlboro Man to the absurd pitches for Jack LaLanne's "Glamour Stretchers", this outrageously retro review of funky, clunky clips offers more than campy fun. In fact, it allows us precious insight into a lost, impossibly innocent world of fondly remembered looks, styles, and attitudes, from way back in the good ol' 20th Century.

Curated by Craig Baldwin and Noel Lawrence, "70's Remix" is an amazingly display of "recombinant" editing and audio design. Six of today's savviest celluloid scavengers take disposable industrial and educational films, and recycle them into uncanny collages, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Watch Quicktime Trailer here.


Christian Slater flushed with success?

Christian Slater's career is in the toilet. Literally. He's signed up to advertise a toilet gel in the UK as a part of a public health campaign in the UK titled 'Germaphobia'.

A spokesperson for Domestos says: "We've hired Christian because we wanted to try and bring the germs to life in the advert, he's perfect because he's got this husky, slightly dark voice. And of course, there's a slightly dark side to him."

His recent bad boy actions, groping a woman on the street in NYC, landed him in court.
I wonder if that's what they mean by dark side.

Found via hecklerspray


Brazilians take the lead online

The International Herald Tribune takes a look at the reasons why Brazil has such strong hold online.

At Cannes, Brazilian ad agencies won 25 of 93 awards in the online advertising category, that's over 25%. And yet online or interactive advertising accounts for only only 2% of the total annual ad spend - approximately $3.6 billion - in Brazil.

According to MSN, Brazil's internet advertising is growing at an annual rate of more than 30 percent.