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smashLAB launches controversial ad campaign

Branding and advertising firm smashLAB launches an eyebrow-raising self promotional ad campaign featuring the less-glamorous byproducts of being a creative.
Initial reactions to ads have been strong - particularly to the one in the series titled "Toilet". The ad has raised a stink with some, with one respondent saying, " gross. In a really disgusting way." But it also managed to hit some fans, with another respondent saying, "The **** is my fave. Masterful."
Overall, the feedback has been positive, with shades of concern. smashLAB feels it is just what the doctor ordered: a highly visible campaign that targets a very particular crowd and gets people talking.


Ad campaign disparages real apples

A new Kelloggs ad campaign for Apple Jacks is getting a bum rap by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, a nonprofit education and marketing organization aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, whose members include produce growers, shippers and supermarkets, and the nonprofit nutrition and food-safety watchdog group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Why? Because they claim that the ads "disparages real apples as sour and as otherwise inferior to sugary breakfast cereal."


ASA wants proof prayer heals for SA church ad

The Solid Rock church in Johannesburg has been running ads claiming that "people are now getting healed of Aids or cancer, diabetics, broken bones, heart, back and many other problems are instantly healed in the name of Jesus Christ."

A complaint against unsubstantiated claims was brought to the ASA which has banned the ad until the church can produce irrefutable evidence to support those claims.

Solid Rock pastor Johan van Wyk said the advert was placed in a Johannesburg community newspaper after two people were carried into the church dying of Aids.

"They walked out of our church and walked back in the next week. The church presented sworn affidavits of healings, including a doctor's certificate in the case of a congregant who has been healed of Aids."


Kudawara pharmacy, sexy logo by mistake.

The whole planet might have laughed at this already as BoingBoing points to a very unfortunate logo in Japan, here's a flickr snapshot of the Kudawara pharmacy corporate identity.


Cry me an iRiver

As with the X/Xtreme/eXtreme x-fever the i-fever has run high for too long now. Please, someone make it stop!

Frome Apple alone there's iMacs,iPods, iChats, iMovies and so on. Outside of the Jobs-cult there's iRiver, iName, iNet, iBank, iBus, iListen and good old ITV which had it's name long before the iHype. Not forgotten is the iRabbit vibrator, not to be confused with the irabbit from i-mockery.

These i-names are becoming as dated as the X-names, soon they'll remind us of an era long gone like the K-names of the sixties, Kwik, Kleen, Krispy & "Kremy", Krunchy etc. Or the seventies era "2000" names on any and all household appliances, or the 50's fascination with "o-rama", as in bowl-o-rama and swing-o-matics. It was an era when the stuff in the tack-o-rama was cool rather than camp. iRestmycase.


This is a big ad. A very big ad.

Over at you can view one of the biggest ads of the year. If not the biggest ad in the world. Or the biggest ad ever. It is, mighty mighty big! (Warning the site does not deliver film when you surf it with firefox, so sly foxers open it with Safari)

What is the ad about? Follow me to see at or watch the Quicktime video in the archive.

Hat tip to Robert for sending me the link. Spoilers inside...


Kenyan MP's upset over raunchy condom adverts, consider new advertising bill.

"Condoms are inventions by mzungus (whites) and should therefore be banned! " the Kenyan MP Ramadhan Kajembe said Thursday according to Mail&Guardian South Africa.

He continued his rant with saying that condoms are also painful to put on and that he finds advertisements for condoms offensive. Gor Sungu, another MP joined in the hate-debate and said that Kenya's censorship law, dating from 1963, is outdated and does not address the ethically reprehensible nature of some advertisements. He said modern advertisements aired on television are corrupting the morals of Kenyans. Many MP's agreed and a motion for a regulatory body has been made.


Johan Camitz's killer finally in court.

Lil' Kim's ex boyfriend Damion World Hardy and members of his crew were indicted yesterday on federal charges of alleged drug dealing and murders. NY Daily News, and SOHH write:

Davis was shot twice in the back outside Club NV at Spring and Hudson Sts. in SoHo on Aug. 10, 2000. Davis, who later died from his wounds, tried to flee in a car, but lost control and killed an innocent bystander; Austrian filmmaker Jhoan Camitz.

It's been five years since we posted "Johan Camitz died yesterday, hit by a car after a shootout", telling the bizarre tale of the shootout which killed a driver of a Range Rover, which then ran over Johan.