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Battle of the ad blogs winner will be announced on Sunday

I'm still getting a few people expressing concern about the voting here on the battle of the adblogs, the idea that someone, or a few, contenders are cheating is worrying some honest battlers. I must repeat though that the Adverka Russians and the Brainstorm9 Brazilians have an honest-to-god non-cheating advantage in the numbers of people who read these blogs. Don't assume that they are the cheaters beacuse of their high number of votes as they are battling each other to a pulp, I see no signs of foul play in their records in the log.

So here is the deal, while this is the very last day for you to vote - tomorrow the tenth is the end of the battle - I will take the logs home and pour through them with a fine toothed comb. If i find that:

1) One IP# actually has managed to vote more than once, it will be reduced to one vote as announced in the rules.
2) People have been using "anonymizers" (or other IP hiding software) to vote, these votes will be annulled.

Come sunday I'll show you the findings. Personally, I doubt people are cheating, but I think good of people naive that I am. ;9 This is supposed to be friendly and fun, but it's clear some players took the idea of "war" very seriously. hehe.

If you have one of those anonymizer software things installed and voted with that on, turn it off and make your vote count by voting for your favorites again. May the best blog win. Good luck to all! Battle Of The Ad blogs


Sounds like BMW

Shortly after the film "Transporter2" came out starring an Audi instead of a BMW, there was a lot of press coverage about what was construed to be the fact that BMW was abandoning "branded entertainment" as a marketing channel.
Obviously, you can watch cool films about cars in the cinema and on the Internet, but that's still far removed from the actual driving experience. The trick is getting the branded entertainment experience connected with an actual product experience…


Rogers suing Bell Canada over cartoon ad.

Rogers communications in Canada is suing their competitor Bell Canada over this cheetah ad because it and other Bell ads "disparage, denigrate, discredit, tarnish, diminish, and otherwise depreciate" its brand.

"Bell is disparaging our brand," John Boynton, chief marketing officer at Rogers Wireless, said in a phone interview. He later said: "The cheetah did not beat the rabbit in a race showing speed, the cheetah swallowed the rabbit and barfed it up."

more on the lawsuit here


The rest of the rest of the Super Bowl 2006 XL reviews

Previously third quarter 2006, now: Fourth Quarter:

Degree- "Stunt City" :30 Summary: Adaptation of the 2005 European commercial, set in a make-believe city whose only residents are stuntmen. Ad Agency: Lowe Worldwide, London
Not new, but hey. What can is say but FAB! (Fantastic advertising Baybeh). I love it, always have. But I want the long version. Stingy! And wow, did they do the extra obvious "no helmets" sign holding and pointing for the US market only? Still five though I hate this short edit.
Good ad, even though I've seen it before. ;) Perfect for the brand, and obviously has an international message.
Bastards gave us the short version for the Super Bowl!? What the...!?


The rest of the 2006 super bowl XL reviews

Third Quarter (previously - the 2nd quarter)

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. - "Turbulence" :30 Summary: Plane turbulence creates awkward situation. Ad Agency: DDB, Los Angeles
Hands up those who didn't see that gag coming! Oh. You didn't? Really? Does this stuff only happen to me when I fly?
Caff :
Less interesting of the two.
Very Three's Company, and in a good way.


SuperBowl XL - an XL disappointment

Super Bowl XL. Was it an XL disappointment?
Just like every year, the Super Bowl commercials this year were celebrity packed. Stars included with Fabio, Nimoy, P.Diddy, Jackie Chan, Jessica Simpson, lots of sports stars and many others. Even ABC's promos for Desparate Housewives went the celeb route. Then. of course, there's the chock-a-block use of animals, from chimps to horses, bears and felt frogs.

We saw a lot of tackles (from Michelob, Bud Light, AirTran's regional spot) too. But perhaps this was the year of "destruction" with Vault, Bud Light, Degree and Toyota Tacoma using this theme somewhere in their ads.

It was also a year of emotional advertising too, with ads from Dove, Toyota Camry, the Beer Institute, and Budweiser.

But as adgrunt Tlevitz so succinctly quipped "Verdict: The Super Bowl Commerical is a Victim of Its Own Legend "
Read on for the reviews and ratings from the core Adland posse.


Is pre-game press of Super Bowl commercials causing disappointment?

The Super Bowl ads. Many people I've spoken with have called this year disappointing. Actually they have thought the last few years have been. I think this all goes back to "nipplegate" as well as is apart of the higher expectations people have of a "Super Bowl Commercial".

It's not just the ad rags of the journalistic world that talk about upcoming Super Bowl ads. The mainstream press gets caught up in the hype of what will air as well. This spreads to the consumers/viewers and that hype could actually be hurting the resulting opinions of the ads.