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Gillette and Diamond Foods in for Super Bowl XL

Gillette will supposedly be advertising during Superbowl XL in February.

The rumor is that ads will run in tandem with the launch of their new Fusion razor and product line, which includes a battery-operated version of the six-blade razor and shaving creams. The spending on the rollout is estimated at $200 million - reportedly Gillette’s largest launch ever.


SOCOM 3 puts gamers through Navy SEAL Hell Week

Sony has put together a big budget reality series for the web. They put 16 guys through a Navy SEAL Hell Week simulation that's pretty unbelievable and hysterical.


Sony discovers giants for PlayStation game

There's a blog that's been collecting stories of giants being found around the earth. Turns out it's a big campaign viral for PlayStation's Shadow of the Colossus. There's several videos, photos and a number of fakes sites, plus user interaction and easter eggs hidden in source code. It's gotten a lot of people talking around the web about giants and internet hoaxes. Just do a search on Giantology and you'll see. There's similarities to ilovebees, but it's much bigger in scope and a lot more fun for the casual visitor. is the main central blog site, and it has links out to all the other sites and "evidence."

An online forum into ARGs (alternate reality games) has really gotten into it. The start of their months-long thread is here.


AdLand Advertising Roundup- The Ad Part

We started off with missed the Bestest and Mostest Lists (with list goodness including most watched and worst voted) and followed it up with the Roundup- Newsy Part (a look back at the year of advertising) and now it's time for the Best and Worst ads of the year.

Except this year with the increased number of ads to go through in the archive, and large number of so-so or just plain bad ads, it seemed better to stick with a list of the better ads of the year. Because really, are you going to look at the worst? Well, some might. But we figured it'd be better candy for you to have some good stuff to look at.

Read on to see the list of TV spots, Print ads, Virals, and much more. Enjoy!


Clemenger BBDo and JWT have same idea for AutoTrader

Last week we reported on JWT in London placing ads for their "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign in the UK's AutoTrader. Adgrunt Stealthman alerted us to the fact that Clememger BBDO in Wellington, NZ had done the same exact thing in 2001 for LTSA (Land Transport Safety Authority) which appeared in the NZ AutoTrader. The idea won a Clio and other NZ industry awards including ones for media.

Read more to see the ads.


FireFox Flicks Contest

In yet another example of brands getting consumers involved in advertising, the Get Firefox campaign steps it up as it announces the opening of the Firefox Flicks Ad Contest. They are calling upon professional, student and aspiring filmmakers to join the growing community of Firefox contributors to create innovative, broadcast-quality 30-second commercials for Firefox.

Ads will be judged by Firefox fans from across the creative industry -- including: Jim Denault, cinematographer (Six Feet Under, Carnivale, Maria Full of Grace), McG, director/producer (Charlie's Angels, The OC, Supernatural), Scott Goodson, CEO of Strawberry Frog ad agency (Old Navy, IKEA, MTV), Freddy Rodriguez, actor (Six Feet Under), Geo Santini, director (Partners), Ben Younger, director/writer (Prime, Boiler Room), and Warren Zide, producer (American Pie, Final Destination). More info can be found here.


Miami sends out Blue Santas for the people's wish lists

On the last Christmas shopping weekend, Sweden's Conservatives (the right wing party) showed up with their own version of Santa, as they pre-started the election year.