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Marcel does Opel Europe already in January

Account win: Marcel Paris won the pitch to work on the the Pan European Corsa Silverline limited Edition campaign, beating out other big name agencies like 180 Amsterdam and McCann Frankfurt.


Refused anti-Foie gras ads - too shocking says railway company

Down in Belgium the animal rights activist group GAIA has gotten their anti-Foie gras campaign banned, sorta. The railway company where the ads were meant to run won't have them because they find the images "too shocking".


Xmas gift tips: Urban Dictionary and getaway bag.

For the wordsmiths, linguists and poobleaters that need more ammo, the Urban Dictionary might be the perfect gift as it is now available as a real book : Urban Dictionary : Fularious Street Slang Defined. For all those with a flair for color, Pantone offers books, binders, clothes and fashion bags in the Pantone Universe , and the coolest ones are on sale. Who's stocking will you stuff? Hmm? I'm sure someone you know has been nice this year....


Knife City (is back).

Decembers 3rds viral Knife City has reappeared on the web now that it has been officially launched. The film is part of a campaign for the Metropolitan police to reduce knife crime.


A christmas Gory

After seeing Jack become a good father in the shining redux, and the dancing zombies of west side story courtesy ps260, we knew that christmas movies wouldn't be safe from the scissors this year....

VIA worldwide agency's holiday greeting card, is a remix of "A Christmas Story" into a horror film trailer "Christmas Gory."

Now I want to see "it's a wonderful life" re-edited as a musical.


King Kong VW Touareg ad filmed by same movie crew

As part of Volkswagen's partnership with NBC Universal for their release of King Kong ads ad were created with a strategy of remaining as close to the film as possible.

Volkswagen's agency Grabarz & Partner thus developed a campaign, which Universal offered to have produced by Peter Jackson's team in the King Kong setting. "This was an unique offer that we obviously happily accepted," says Jörn Hinrichs, head of marketing at Volkswagen.

He's Behind You

WWAV Rapp Collins have created a viral film highlighting the issue of animal cruelty at Christmas for the Scottish SPCA.


Slaves to Advertising?

Radio Netherlands and Amsterdam Forum took a look at the power of advertising and asked three panelists if we are slaves to advertising.