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Your Future Of Marketing? On Flickr.

IF! is running a Flickr photo-pool where we're inviting marketing professionals to submit their ideas about the Future Of Marketing. Guys at Anomaly and Modernista have already been leaving their images.

Alex Bogusky will use some of these images in his opening speech at the Future Marketing Summit in New York.

Flickr Pool:


Worst ad placement 2006 - Gas company ad near Auschwitz

Seeing this I caught myself exclaiming "No effing way!" (Yeah, I even said "effing", sadly), but it seems to be the real deal, with real consequences and even a real apology from the paper where this mishap happened. I hereby nominate this to the worst ad placement of 2006.

E.ON extoiling their gas delivery skills, next to an article on Auschwitz. (Yes effing way!)
See the ad for yourself at Social Design Notes. "E.ON provides today for the gas of tomorrow!"

You can't make this stuff up. via Stay Free.


The millions of million pixel scams

I will not link your million pixel scam
I will not link them
Dabitch, I am

I will not link them here or there
I will not link them anywhere
I will not link the million pixel car
I will not link the million pixel bar

I will not link the million pixel room
I will not link your million pixel doom
Startup copycats, sitting on the pillion pixel tomb
Lagging behind, hoping for a million pixel boom

I would not link them, even when the pixels Alex&Trump mock
I would not link them, even the superbowl pixel schlock
I will not link your million pixel scam
I do not like your million pixel scam
Dabitch, I am

Million pixel scam
Million pixel scam
I won't link your Million pixel scam.


Words & Pictures do a Badlander

This week at Words & Pictures, Jamie and Graham find themselves pitching the "Grrr" ad for Tide.


Union Editorial Cuts Clorox "Machines" for Douglas Avery & DDB San Francisco

A new TV spot for Clorox looks at laundry washing through the ages. "Machines," cut by Union Editorial's Nicholas Wayman-Harris for director Douglas Avery and agency DDB San Francisco, employs clever use of a quick-cut editorial style to portray an overview of laundry through the ages.


This is your final warning. ;)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled posting of 80s gems and god-awful garbage ads from the UK to remind all super adgrunts - and those who wish to be - what we already alerted you to the 9th of Jan.


JWT heads to Afghanistan

The BBC reports that JWT is the first Western advertising agency to enter Afghanistan. Signing a joint venture with Kabul-based advertiser Altai Communication, JWT Worldwide chief executive Bob Jeffrey hopes to inspire other companies to join in investing in Afghanistan.

"After recovering from decades of conflict, Afghanistan needs economic support," said JWT Worldwide chief executive Bob Jeffrey. "We can contribute to the country's revitalization efforts and benefit from tapping into this nascent market."

Altai clients include Roshan, the country's leading mobile phone operator, Afghanistan International Bank, Afghan Telecom, Western Union, and the United Nations.


It's for toothpaste?

Well it's not exactly front page news, but I hoped Adlanders out there might enjoy counting the number of ways in which this ad is just...wrong. It was discovered in a magazine recently and has had jaws dropping all over my agency.

You have to see this to believe it.