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Sedgwick Rd. XMas film

Sedgwick Rd. has created a video greeting for the holidays. They inform us "at their site, you'll find a "case study" on how Sedgwick Rd. is making this the greatest Christmas ever."


IPA's Christmas Card

The IPA has sent out their christmas greetings today. Created by OgilvyOne, the aim of Dance Mat Santa is to get him grooving in order to get points. You can also get your whole agency to play and take on the rest of the ad world.


The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial- Part 4: Holiday Ads

While sugar plum fairies dance in your head (or is that just a hangover from all the holiay parties this time of year?) we've been working on the next installment of the Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial. So far we've covered radio, viral, and art direction. This time around we've decided to take the Tutorial for a topical spin. 'Tis the season to create helpful and unhelpful advice on how to advertise during the holidays.

The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part 4: Holiday Ads

Professors: Brent Hahn, John Backman, Åsk Dabitch Wäppling, Jane Goldman, Clayton T. Claymore, and Alex Stone (in no particular order.)


The bestest and mostest - here comes the AdLand roundup!

Oh yes, it's the season for lists, lists and yet more lists. Our roundup tends to get longer every year....and since we hate to break a tradition we've promptly lost our red editing pen. To chop it up into smaller, easier digestible parts, I'll start with our adland-centric bestest and mostest title-winners. Read more, you might be mentioned.


Adland Viral Quiz Extended until after Xmas. Everyone wins an upgrade now!

Remember the viral quiz where you could win a book?
Oh you poor sods. I don't know how I manage but it seems that when I aim for 'tricky' I accidently make the quizzes 'bloody hard' or something. Only one single person has scored a perfect ten in the Adland Viral Quiz so far - adgrunt opinion-leading. That's one single signed Connected Marketing book that has a new home, but what about the other nine? Give us a break here, I barely have room in my bookshelf for my collection of national lampoon as it is, these books must find a new home!

So that's why I'm extending the Adland Viral Quiz. Every single adgrunt who braved it and tried to score a perfect ten so far, got a +35 days of commercial watching super adgruntness added to their accounts just for effort. I can't blame it on the eggnog this year, I'm just a sentimental sap and luv you all to bits. Read more to see who scored.

Adland: : a new viral video by Nokia (France)

Nokia has just launched a new viral video to promote its Nokia 6600 phone towards teenagers and students on the French market. is a humorous parody of the popular MTV show "Pimp my ride". In this show, selected teenagers get their old crappy car tuned and optimized by Xzibit and its team of talented technicians.

Instead of old cars tuning, the video (created by Culture-buzz, a European buzz and viral marketing agency) is this time all about phone tuning here.


Lynx Body language

For this lynxmas, daredigital brings us Lynx body language - or at least the alphabet. Just write a message and watch it being spelt out by the lovely Emma and Paulina.